Normally all Sales activities (leaving out the activities undertaken by Marketing function) can be broadly categorized into pre sales and post sales activities. Pre Sales activity is a process which happen before product is sold to customer.

 Pre Sales Documents

They are of 2 types 1) Inquiries and 2) Quotation:

Inquiries :Inquiry documents are customer request for information about product.(e.g. Is product is available, product cost,delivery date etc). T-code for Inquiries is -

  • VA11 - Create Inquiry
  • VA12 - Change Inquiry
  • VA13-  Display Inquiry

Quotes: This is a legally binding document to the customer, for delivering product or service to customer T-code for Quotes is -

  • VA21 - Create Quotation
  • VA22 - Change Quotation
  • VA23-  Display Quotation

Pre Sales Support

 It defines  tracking of customer contacts by sales visits, phone calls, letters and direct mailings.

  • Customer Tracking : Sales personnel track customer.
  • Mailing Campaigns: Sales personnel or company arrange a mailing campaigns to reach customers.
  • Customer telephone Queries: Sales support  personnel  answer  Customer queries.

Post Sales activities

These activities include  Farming, Relationship Management and Support.