SAP SD: Create Material Master Data

Purpose: This procedure is used to manually create material master for different view. Here sales view is used –

Step 1)

In T-Code MM01 “Create Material”

  1. Enter industry sector and material type.
  2. Click on Select View(s) Button. A pop window appears. In pop window, select view for which material to be created and click on check button.

Step 2)

Now a screen appear for all view(w) in Tab screen.

  1. Select Basic Data1 tab.
  2. Enter material description.
  3. Enter Base Unite of Measure.
  4. Enter material group.
  5. Enter division.

Step 3)

  1. Select Sales org 1 Tab screen.
  2. Base unit of measure will display.
  3. Enter Sales unit.
  4. A pop window appear for Conv. factors,enter Conv. factors.
  5. Material group is displayed.

Step 4)

  1. Select Sales General / Plant tab screen.
  2. Enter Transporter group.
  3. Enter Loading group.

Step 5)

click on tab list Icon.

a list of all tab appear ,select costing tab2 from list.

1. Enter valuation class for material by selection view.

Step 6)

Click on save button. A message “Material 9554 Created”.