ISTQB Certification Exam: Online Mock Test – 2

This ISTQB certification exam practice test contains 40 ISTQB questions and answers with 1 mark each. You can only select one answer to a question. You need minimum 20 marks in order to pass this free online ISTQB quiz.

These ISTQB MCQ questions will help you with self-assessment and preparation for the ISTQB certification exam. Take this free ISTQB online mock test to test your knowledge.

What is ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?

The ISTQB foundation level certification forms the basis of the ISTQB certified tester program. It provides qualifications for anyone who needs basic knowledge of software testing and wants to demonstrate their practical knowledge of software testing fundamentals. This certification is suitable for Testers, Test analysts, Test engineers, Test consultants, Test managers, Software developers as well as business analysts, IT directors and management consultants.

How to prepare for the ISTQB Certification Exam?

Below are the steps for the preparation for ISTQB certification exam:

  • Do self-study as well as group study
  • Refer textbooks and syllabus both
  • Refer the glossary for various terminologies
  • Closely understand the exam structure
  • Revise and improve on your mistakes via self-assessment
  • Take online Mock tests to enhance your knowledge

Moreover, you can refer to the complete exam study material for ISTQB certification exam.

Tips for the preparation of ISTQB Online Test

Tip 1 – You want to Excel in the ISTQB the single most important thing you need to focus on is, PRACTICE. Observe the following chart-.

At guru99, we provide three ISTQB mock tests, which usually students take one after the other. As you may observe from “Test 1” to “Test 3” passing percentage increased from 23% to 43%. As the adage goes “Practice makes a man Perfect.” Also, the number of test takers decreased progressively from Test 1 to Test 3 indicating that not many people are taking all the tests.

Tip 2 – You find a particular question challenging, do not waste time on it. Skip, it and try to answer it at the end of the paper.

Tip 3 – You are not sure of the answer, use the process of elimination of options to arrive at the correct answer

Tip 4 – You are On exam day, do relax and trust whatever who have studied, stay away from other’s confusing statements.

Advantages of our ISTQB Online MCQ Test

Following are the advantages of the ISTQB foundation level mock test for exam preparation:

  • It enhances your basic as well as advanced knowledge
  • It contains ISTQB sample questions which are likely to be asked in the exam
  • This ISTQB mock test helps you with self-study and self-assessment
  • It helps you to revise all the syllabus you have referred
  • This ISTQB multiple choice questions help you check your knowledge and assess your mistakes while taking the exam
  • It helps you complete all the questions in time by practicing
  • It enhances your confidence during the exam