How to Setup a Professional Email Address with BlueHost

What is Professional Email Address?

Professional email addresses use the domain name of your company instead of a generic yahoo account or Gmail account, for example,

Most owners, while commencing their business use free email accounts with no custom domain name, which does not look professional. For example: or

Since anyone can create these types of email accounts, it becomes difficult for other small businesses and customers to trust such email addresses as legitimate mail accounts.

Why You Need a Professional Email Address?

Here are the important reasons for using the Professional email address:

  • It is a custom business email address and thereby is more professional.
  • Business email address is short and can be remembered easily.
  • You can ensure that every email you send has a standard format and therefore maintain consistency.
  • Sending emails with a business name enables you to promote your brand.
  • Professional email addresses are less unlikely to be marked as spam by customers.

How to Make a Free Professional Email Address Using BlueHost

Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting providers. It offers a wide range of plans and is an excellent choice for making professional business email. Like other web hosting providers, Bluehost offers you to email address that can be easily personalized.

Following are the steps to make a free business email address using Bluehost.

Step 1) Goto this link and select the basic plan.

Starting out we recommend to subscribe to the basic plan. This plan includes 5 email addresses even though it’s not mentioned in the pricing table. Please do not get confused with the Microsoft office email that BlueHost is advertising. It is the premium service, and you can switch to MS email once your business picks up. Bluehost will assist you for email migration.

Step 2) You can host your existing domain at Bluehost. If not already registered, Bluehost allows you to search your desired custom email domain.

  1. Enter domain name of your choice.
  2. Click on “Next” button to check availability.

Many a times, your desired domain may not be available. You can use domain name generator tools to come up with unique domain name ideas.

Step 3) Enter your business information.

  1. Enter personal information.
  2. Enter any current email address. This could be a free email address like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

It is important that you select a 12-month plan. By default, 36 months is selected. There is no harm in selecting 36 months, but initially, it’s a good practice to keep things agile and minimize cost.

Uncheck the following checkboxes:

  1. Domain Privacy + Protection
  2. Codegaurd Basic
  3. SiteLock Security Essential

Step 4) Enter the payment information and click on the submit button.

Step 5) Click on Create your account button.

Create your password for login, agree to T&C, and click on the Create Account button.

Step 6) Create your Business Email.

At the Bluehost login link, Enter domain name and password, then click on Log In button

Perform the following steps to create your email:

  1. Go to Advanced and click on the Email Accounts link and Click Create.
  2. Enter the desired username. Choose the prefix you have to use with your new business email, the part before @. You can also use underscore (_) and period (.). If you have more than one Bluehost domain, you need to use a drop-down menu to select the account.
  3. Go down the page. You need to create a password. You can either use your own password or ask Bluehost to generate a new one for you.
  4. At the bottom of the page, Bluehost will ask you to determine the determine the mailbox size and webmail client. It is general advice to keep default settings. Click on Create button.
  5. Mailbox is created! Click on check mail. You can use Roundcube, Squirrel, or Horde to access the mailboxes. Don’t be scared. They are simply front-end to access the contents of your mailbox. You can ignore the technical details and just chose Roundcude (best amongst the three) and move ahead.

Step 7) Write and send a test mail to newly created business email.

Go to business email inbox to check the mail.

Tip: You can create unlimited number of email accounts using the same process above for all employees of your organization. You should pick business names that are very easy to remember like:

Moreover, you can set up additional security options like SpamAssassin to catch spam in your mail account and prevent future data breaches.

How to Access Bluehost Webmail

Goto on Webmail Login. Enter the newly created Email id and Password.

Click on Log In. You will be taken to the inbox.

Connecting your new email into Outlook or Any Mobile Device

Step 1) In Microsoft Outlook, Enter the email address. Once you click “Connect” the processing will take minimum 2-3 minutes, please be patient.

Auto Discovery: Outlook 2010 for Windows automatically detects this email account’s settings. Many a times, auto-configuration fails, so we need to set up the account using the manual settings. We will do a manual setting in this guide.

Step 2) Click on IMAP.

Step 3) In your Blue host email account, click on CONECT DEVICES and find the details of mail client manual settings

Step 4) Go to Outlook and enter IMAP account setting details incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, and their port number identified in Step 4. Click on the Next button.

Step 5) Enter your password and click on Connect button.

The following screen will be displayed, click on Done button.

Step 6) The following inbox will be displayed. Now you can easily use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails from the newly created professional email address.

NOTE: Microsoft will send a test email to check the connection settings.

You can use the same process to connect your Android, iOS devices to your email account.

Manage Your Business Email Addresses

Bluehost offers an easy way to manage your business email address. You can do that by going to Advanced and Email Accounts link in the Bluehost account. Click on Manage link to manage your email account.

It will display all the options that are used to your email account. For example, you can use it to send automated responses, manage email filters, update your account and change password. You can also free up your mail storage allocate new storage space to account under this option.


👉 Can I use mobile email apps and desktop with a custom email address?

Yes, you can use a custom business email address with any mobile email apps or desktop. Many apps can automatically figure out mail settings.

🏅 Can I switch my free business email account to another provider if needed?

Yes, you need to first setup a professional email account using the steps mentioned above. Then you can use email forwarding to auto-forward any incoming emails to your Gmail, Yahoo, or other free email accounts to your newly created custom domain email address.

You can then use the new business email to correspond with clients while ensuring that any messages to your old email account are also received in the new account.

❓ How to select a business email provider?

Here is the top selection criteria’s to check when you select any email provider:

  • Reputation: Your business email service provider should have a good reputation. A business email address is one of the first aspects that your clients see.
  • Archive Capabilities: Good business email providers enable you to save, store, archive, and search your messages.
  • Security: You should look for strong security measures while choosing a business email provider. It helps you to keep your message safe and protects from unauthorized access to email account.
  • Integration: Some email services work fine with other business tools like productivity suites and calendars. If your business depends on such tools, you should go for the email package that integrates them.
  • Spam Filter: Spam messages waste your time, and you do not want to read them. Thereby, you need email service having a system to detect and filter out spam messages.
  • Reliability: Your business email service provider should be running when you actually need it. The downtime of Email can result in unhappy or lost customers.
  • Storage: Storage is one of the important aspects When selecting an email service provider. It would help if you kept in mind that the amount of enough storage space included with your account.
  • Ease of Use: Your staff member needs to create and use email account as your business grows. You have to look for the email service provider, which is easy to use, so it reduces staff training time.
  • Advanced Features: Advanced features like the ability to schedule tasks or recall messages depending on your unique business need.

⚡ Is it possible to create a free business email address without developing any website?

Yes, you can create a free email address without developing any website. However, you will still have to pay for domain name registration. Domain name registration and email hosting service come free with a web hosting package. You need to sign up on the website of the hosting service provider, and then simply create your email address.

🚀 What is the storage space of email?

Email storage space is the total amount of data, in megabytes, that your email messages occupy on the server. Each character written in your email message is equal to one byte of space. The size of your email attachments like PDF, images, slides, etc. are also included while calculating the storage space used.

All professional email providers have a fixed storage space that they allocate to each email account. Once this limit is breached, all incoming emails will bounce. Also, you will not be able to send any new emails. Hence, it is important to monitor the current storage space consumed by your email account to prevent the loss of important incoming client emails.

❓ What are SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records?

  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a protocol for validating email, which is designed to find and block email spoofing.
  • DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is a method for authenticating email. It enables a receiver to know that email was sent and authorized by the domain author.
  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a protocol for email authentication. It is specifically designed to give email owners the ability to safeguard their domain from unauthorized use.It is important to set SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for your email accounts to avoid spoofing and spam.

💥 Can you create a free business email without domain registration?

No, you cannot create a free business email without domain registration. If you don’t want to register a domain, you can create a free account with Yahoo and Gmail. It will not have your business name. Therefore, it can’t be considered as a business email address by other businesses and customers.

💻 How to find an available domain name?

Ideally, your domain name is your business name with the domain name extension .com. Though, it can be hard to get the desired domain name as a majority of common names are already taken. You can try prefixes or suffixes or adding keywords to your business name in order to find an alternate domain name that is available.

❓ Do you need to get a .com domain?

The .com domain extension is the most common choice among businesses. However, due to vast popularity, it is hard to find available .com domain. You can other domain extensions like .co, .org, which are well suited for business use.

⚡ How can you achieve a subject line which is spam-free?

You can achieve a subject line which is spam free by considering the following points:

  • Avoid overused words.
  • Include localization/personalization when possible, for example, first name, city, etc.
  • Write a short subject line below 50 characters.
  • Avoid exclamation marks, all caps, and other special characters like @, #, and %.

🚀 What is a good way to structure a professional email signature?

Your email structure includes the basic elements like first and last name, title, email address, phone number, company, and a link to your website.

❗ What are MX records?

MX (Mail Exchange) records are DNS records which are needed for delivering email to your address. It is used to know which email servers accept incoming mails for your domain name and where they should route to.