7 BEST Voice Changer App During Phone Calls (Android & iOS)

Voice-changing software allows users to change their sounds through advanced algorithms. It adds desired levels of distortion, adjusts pitch, and changes the tone of your voice. Poor voice changers may have unnatural sounds, lag, and lack the variety of voices. Moreover, these apps might not have proper safety and privacy features. You must choose from the best apps for professional and personal usage.

After countless hours reviewing usage, capabilities, and potential, we have listed seven apps that change your voice. We have compared these voice changer apps on the quality of sound, Connectivity performance issues, and privacy concerns. Our aim is completely based on providing users with an overall next-to-ideal experience based on our expertise.
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Top Pick
Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the advanced voice changing and editing software that can fix any type of noise in audio from the audio recorder. This phone call voice changer app can import/export metadata of audio files for single tracks or various multimedia files.

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Best Voice Changer Apps for Phone Calls (Android & iOS)

App Name Voice Quality Noise Removal Supported Platform Link
👍 Adobe Audition High Yes iOS and Android, Windows and macOS Learn More
👍 MagicMic Real-time Voice Changer High Yes Windows, macOS, iOS and Android Learn More
Voice changer with effects High Yes iOS and Android Learn More
PrankDial Intermediate No iOS and Android Learn More
Voicemod Intermediate Yes Android, Windows, and iOS. Learn More

1) Adobe Audition

Best for its advanced voice editing features

Adobe Audition is one of the advanced voice changing and editing software that can fix any type of noise in audio from the audio recorder. Its built-in dashboard adds special effects and manages audio levels efficiently for quick results.

This phone call voice changer app can import/export metadata of audio files for single tracks or various multimedia files. Send your edited files directly to Adobe Media Encoder without opening other Adobe apps like After Effects.

#1 Top Pick
Adobe Audition

Self-activating loudness-adjusting feature

Voice Quality: High

Noise Removal: Yes

Free Trial: 7-Days Free Trial

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  • Audio Adjustment: This app has a self-activating loudness-adjusting feature. It automatically checks for peak amplitude levels like EBU R128, PRSS, and BS1770.
  • Multitrack Mode: You can edit, mix, and enhance several tracks simultaneously using its Multitrack mode.
  • Record: It allows you to record, mix, and enhance various audio and voice channels with live narration and edit dynamically.
  • Editing: Users can edit other designers’ files or create new markers with the timecodes feature. Its Media Encoder is ideal for integration with other software for changing your recorded voice.
  • Synthesized speech: Create a clean track quickly by specifying language, gender, and vocal cords.
  • SFD: Use the built-in Spectral Frequency Display for ringing phones and removing other background noise in your audio file.


  • Learn all Audition features and its user interface, with multitrack sessions for free.
  • Automatic Pitch Correction helps users adjust sensitivity and variation.
  • This software supports VST plugins online and third-party 64-bit audio plugins.


  • This software is costly for most casual users.


The Subscription plans for Adobe Audition are as follows:

Plan Type Price (per month)
Individuals $20.99
Business $35.99
Students & Teachers $19.99

Free Trial: Yes 7 Days

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7-Days Free Trial

2) MagicMic Real-time Voice Changer

Best voice changer app during call

MagicMic is one of the most used apps to change voice during calls, which can do real-time communication and voice change over phone calls and meetings. It supports 250+ real-time audio recording formats and 800+ sounds for a unique voice-changing experience.

It is best for real-time voice call changer filters and sound effects to help you make your phone call more entertaining. Users can use it for entertainment to create the most popular, latest, and scariest voice-changing sound effects.


Voice Custom for Unique Voice Making in 1 Click

Voice Quality: High

Noise Removal: Yes

Free Trial: Download for Free

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  • Voiceover: Support editing voices and making your dubbing work more straightforward and efficient.
  • Sound Customization: It allows you to DIY AI-generated unique voices, which makes your voice more convincing and hard to detect.
  • Configure: This software can be configured for usage in various popular programs and games like Discord, PUBG, OBG, and Vellorant.
  • Noise: This app eliminates background sounds and lets you do new pranks on your streaming channels.
  • Live Streaming: High-quality voice makes live streaming on video platforms more effective.
  • Audio: It provides over 225 AI-driven audio filters, 600+ voice effects, along with 200 memes to help you change your voice.
  • Online education: Various voice effects allow you to play roles and create suitable training courses.
  • Games: Use voice-changing and magical sound effects, along with BGM, while playing and chatting in games with MagicMic.
  • Change Your Voice: This software helps you create custom voice adjustment parameters. It is ideal for fine-tuning audio to your needs.


  • This software is available in 200+ countries and regions worldwide.
  • Free lifetime updates with new and improved features and various license types.
  • Robust noise reduction technology for precise and high-quality voice output.


  • The sound change effect will be delayed.


Some of the plans for MagicMic Real-time Voice Changer are:

Duration Price
Monthly $9.99
Yearly $29.99
Lifetime $49.99

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Available on: Android | iOS

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Lifetime Free Basic Plan

3) Voice Changer With Effects

Best for the “speed of your voice” feature

Voice Changer With Effects is among the top picks for Android voice-changing apps, allowing you to share your modified voices. Users can combine a recording with an image to create a video with this app.

It is age-protected with restrictions for 12+ years and includes the prohibition of using fear themes while using the app. This software supports family and group sharing for in-app purchases, including subscriptions.

Voice changer with effects


  • Voice Effects: This app offers voice-changing effects with over 40 different effects. It provides a built-in recorder to record your customized voice tracks.
  • Languages: It is available in 10+ languages, including English, German, and French.
  • Import: Users can also import any sound in your device, including previously saved recordings. This software will enable you to set the recording as a ringtone or notification sound.
  • Customer Support: You can seek support by contacting the tech team through their email.


  • Users can select their tracking preferences for advertising tools with its opt-out feature.
  • Free lifetime updates with improved features
  • Completely safe-to-use application with no viruses or malware.


  • The fairly basic tools are unsuitable for advanced use cases and professional edits.

Pricing: $2.99 for removing adds

Free Trial: Free to Download

Available on: iOS | Android

Link: https://baviux.com/app/voice-changer-with-effects/

4) PrankDial

Best to make prank calls by changing your voice

PrankDial is one of the best mobile voice changer apps with built-in call technology to change voice during calls. It provides you with a comment on your favorite calls feature. Users can search for audio with PrankDial and save it to prank their friends.

It offers free tokens to users by filling out the survey forms and answering the questions on the product website for your prank calls. You can use its 150+ audios to prank your friends with voices like “You Hit My Car” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend.”



  • Comment and rate: Write comments on different pranks available and get rated on the website for your comments.
  • Voice: Various voice filters quickly change your natural voice in AI-generated voice with no technical knowledge required.
  • Support: It can availed of by contacting the tech team through their email on the product website.
  • Languages: PrankDial supports all popular languages like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


  • Users can block their numbers themselves and protect them from getting pranked.
  • Select from 9 countries where you want to see Prank, and it will show the latest prank calls.
  • Clean and robust interface with improved design for a good user experience.


  • This app is sometimes prone to crash during the voice change process.


Plan Type (No of Tokens) Price
2 $0.99
4 $1.99
8 $2.99

Available on:  Android | iOS

Link: https://www.prankdial.com/

5) Voicemod

Best for real-time pitch shifting

Voicemod is one the best easy-to-use voice-changing software with a wide range of voice-changing and audio effects. Users can use its AR and face filters, providing complete creative freedom to build their new vocal identity.

This voice-changing app can play the perfect sound effects at the ideal time while chatting with friends and in meeting calls with Voicemod. It creates your voices and adds sound clips to the soundboard with multiple voice-changing tools in its interface.



  • Integration: Users can directly integrate the Voicemod emulator into games and other streaming software.
  • Performance: Voicemod is designed to be efficient and has minimum resource consumption, ensuring optimal performance on your device.
  • Integration: You can express yourself with an AI voice changer to change your voice for platforms like OBS.
  • Voice Changer: This software helps you make voice changing phone calls and meetings in real-time without delay, requiring no recordings.
  • Languages: It supports 10 popular languages worldwide, including German, French and English.


  • Fantastic voices with over 90 different voices and effects
  • Users can set the voice modulator up in a few minutes for quick use.
  • Clean, Intuitive, and user-friendly interface.


  • This app does not work appropriately with poor network speed and slow servers.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.voicemod.net/

6) Voice Changer Plus

Best for playing user voice backward

Voice Changer Plus is one of the market leaders among Voice Changing apps, which can play the voice and tracks in backward motion. This app can sync recordings from tracks in the device’s local storage or convert voice in real time when someone uses it.

Users can explore this live voice changer for built-in sound effects and 55 voices and reload saved recordings to layer on even more effects. This software can trim, save, and share your recordings to your iCloud backup account and sync them with Voice Changer Plus for easy usage.

Voice Changer Plus


  • Languages: This app is available in 12 popular languages, including the most used worldwide, like English and German.
  • Control: Users can open saved recordings to add more audio layer effects to your saved audio, giving granular control over recordings.
  • Premium Mode: You can avail of features like no ads, your own iPhone ringtones, and custom photos with its premium mode.
  • Ringtones: Support of AirPlay helps you create and manage iPhone ringtones and install them using your computer.
  • Support: The support team can be contacted through their official email.


  • Lifetime free update services from the developer.
  • This app has a child protection age rating of 4+ to protect children against mischief.
  • Robust built-in Full VoiceOver support, making it accessible to everyone


  • No app is available for Android.


Plan Type Price
VIP Pass $1.99
Mega Pack $1.99
Starter Pack $0.00 (free)

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Available on iOS

Link: http://arfsoftware.com/

7) MagicCall

Best for its AI genrated voice

MagicCall is one of the best Android call voice changers, allowing users to change their voice in real time. It has different voice modes, like female voice and kid voice changer for phone calls, making it easy to switch between voices.

This app has a built-in Auto Adjust feature that automatically detects voice and allows you to change it accordingly. This app is preloaded with 30+ categories of voices like Happy Birthday Rain and Traffic to choose from while calling.



  • Switch: Its switch-between-calls feature helps users to change their voice between calls.
  • Audio Sync: The user’s voice stays in sync with the app database, matching perfectly with your words, even if you talk fast or slow.
  • Background Mode: You can play background music on your calls to give an impression of being in a different place.
  • Unlimited Credits: This app provides unlimited credits while registering to make real-time calls.
  • Secure Anonymous Calls: With MagicCall, users can make anonymous calls to protect their caller ID from spam callers.


  • The user interface is light, user-friendly, and loads faster, enabling users to use it smoothly.
  • This app is age-protected, with restrictions for users under 9.
  • Provides sound emoticons like kiss, clap, and various other sounds.


  • It is only available in the English language.


The membership plans for MagicCall are as follows:

Plan Type Pricing
Magiccall weekly offer $0.99
Magiccall free trial weekly $1.99
Super Pack $2.99

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Available on:  Android | iOS

Link: https://www.magiccall.co/

How to choose the best Voice Changer App?

To choose the best voice changer app, you should consider the following necessary key features:

  • Compatibility: The app should support Android, and iOS is recommended for use over diverse tasks.
  • Privacy and Security: Privacy and security standards must be considered when you record your voice.
  • Voice Effects: It should have a diverse range of sound effects, such as funny voices for pranks, celebrity voices, voice changer presets, and more.
  • Recording: Choose apps that allow you to record audio with different voices in real-time, helping you create content.
  • Real-Time Modulation: Voice changers offering real-time voice-changing capabilities give a more idealistic experience.

Why people are looking for the Voice Changer Apps

There may be many reasons for people looking for the best voice changer app during a call.

  • Privacy: To maintain privacy in phone calls or online meetings, especially when users want to hide or protect their identity.
  • Entertainment: The best Android voice changer for calls is ideal for making prank calls or creating funny voiceovers for social media videos.
  • Voice Changeover: Experiment with different audio styles, effects, and voices. It helps to find a unique voice to build a solid social media presence and user following.
  • Medical Reasons: It allows medically and physically challenged people to communicate and share their thoughts.
  • Live Streaming: Streamers, YouTubers, and content creators who want to create unique content.


Voice Changer is an application that allows users to change their voice during calls and meetings. It uses multiple in-built voice effects and filters to change the user’s voice in real time. Creates sounds like game creatures, machine voices, celebrities, or fictional characters.

Using a Voice changer app during a call should be an essential concern. Sometimes, apps may require access to your device’s microphone and other permissions, raising privacy issues. So, reviewing the app’s privacy policy and user reviews is recommended. to ensure complete compliance with privacy laws.

Features Text-to-Speech(TTS) Voice Changing Effect
Definition Text-to-speech is an assistive technology that allows you to read digital text aloud. Voice Changer With Effect is, in general, an entertaining sound effects tool that lets you change your natural voice.
Working The voice in TTS is AI-generated, which can be increased or slowed down as needed. It works on complex algorithms that modify the voice by changing the amplitude, pitch, and tone.

Here are the steps to change voice during a call using a voice changer for the phone:

Step 1) First step to changing voice during a call is to download and launch the desired application.

Step 2) Set up the application and allow the necessary permissions required for the application to function.

Step 3) Third step is to select the Change the Voice during call feature and choose the voice and sound effects you want to use.

The Verdict

Our review shortlisted 7 of the best apps to change your voice. All apps are among the best and the most advanced in the market. They can change user voices in real time, edit them, and perform all significant voice-changing functions. But based on the different user needs and types of applications, some voice-changing apps might be better than others.

  • MagicMic is perfect for its zero latency voice-changing technology and user-friendly interface.
  • If you want advanced voice changing and editing features with audio encoding plugins, Adobe Audition is a great option.
  • Based on our review, Voice Changer With Effects is the best choice for its various customer-centric features.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Phone Calls (Android & iOS)

App Name Voice Quality Noise Removal Supported Platform Link
👍 Adobe Audition High Yes iOS and Android, Windows and macOS Learn More
👍 MagicMic Real-time Voice Changer High Yes Windows, macOS, iOS and Android Learn More
Voice changer with effects High Yes iOS and Android Learn More
PrankDial Intermediate No iOS and Android Learn More
Voicemod Intermediate Yes Android, Windows, and iOS. Learn More