6 Best AI Voice Cloning Software (2024)

Best AI Voice Cloning Software

AI voice cloning software or apps, also known as AI cloning or deepfake, are mainly used for entertainment like films and TV, content creation, virtual assistants, avatars, personalized business content, education, and more. There are a lot of AI voice cloning providers present in the market but not all can offer the quality that you are looking for. Poor AI voice cloning products often generate unnatural sounds with a lack of expression and inaccurate pronunciation. They also provide limited language and accent choices and may risk your privacy.

Hence, we have spent almost 120 hours trying different voice cloning software to curate this list of the best AI voice cloning software and tools. We aim to offer our readers only a transparent overview after a thorough first-hand review. This article consists of their features, pros and cons, and pricing. You can now go through the list and make the right decision hassle-free.
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Top Pick

PlayHT is one of the best AI voice cloner that has custom pronunciation software that helps with correct diction. You can also create and publish content using PlayHT to iTunes, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

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Best AI Voice Cloning Tools (Free & Paid)

Tool Name Multiple languages Platforms Supported Free version Link
PlayHT 130+ languages iOS, Android, macOS, extensions for Safari and Google Chrome Yes Learn More
Voice AI 28 languages Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Learn More
Listnr 142+ languages iOS, Android Yes Learn More
Murf.AI 120 + languages Windows, Linux and macOS, Android, iOS and browser extension Yes Learn More
LOVO 100+ languages macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS Yes Learn More

1) PlayHT

PlayHT voice cloning software lets you clone high-quality voices with 99% accuracy. It is ideal for content creators’ businesses that want to add a personal touch to audio and podcasters.

You can also create and publish content using PlayHT to iTunes, Google Podcast, and Spotify. It simplifies creating voice cloning with a text-to-speech editor that lets you type words and create speech content.



  • Ultra-realistic: Audios created by PlayHT offer ultra-realistic human voices. It is built using next-gen AI technology that can imitate emotions in speech to sound more human-like.
  • Text-to-speech: With 130+ languages and accents, this voice cloning app can create natural-sounding voices. Furthermore, its library contains 800 AI voices that can speak in all the languages and accents mentioned.
  • Voice customization: It lets you modify your projects as you like. Be it the tone, style, or speed of the speech, you can make your own changes and produce your desired outcome.
  • Custom pronunciations: PlayHT is one of the best AI voice cloner that has custom pronunciation software that helps with correct diction. You can use this deep learning technology for brand names, niche terminologies, and acronyms.
  • Collaboration: It offers team access for easy collaboration on audio creation. You can scale your audio creation effectively with global settings and also get easy character credit management.
  • Support: Their support replied to my queries via live chat and website form. You can also access its help guides for your general doubts.


  • You get up to 3 million characters for AI voice clone.
  • This voice cloning tool offers unlimited regenerations.
  • It is one of the best AI voice cloning tools which offers access to all voices and languages in all plans.


  • You cannot record AI voices for commercial use in a free plan.
  • Priority support is available only in its highest plan.


PlayHT has a lifetime free plan and three paid plans.

Unlimited Creator Enterprise
$29 $31.20 Custom

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2) Voice AI

Voice AI offers voice cloning software with high-quality audio. It gives gamers an immersive experience and can be used for live streaming, chatting, and gaming.

This AI-voice cloning software uses a speech-to-speech engine. It supports Windows and mobile apps and 28 different languages. Voice AI brings you a huge collection of voices, and most importantly, its technology can help retain emotions.

Voice AI


  • Ever-growing library: You get realistic voice impressions using Voice AI. It helps you transform your voice into a target voice such as your favorite celebrity or appear scarier, funnier, older, younger, etc. Voice AI’s library of voices continues to grow, offering you more variety and quality.
  • Game and apps supported: It supports apps like Discord, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet and more. You can use it with games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, WOW, Minecraft, and more.
  • Custom Voice integration: Trained using over 15 million unique speakers, it helps deliver the perfect voice for your needs. This Voice AI SDK provides an in-game RPG and voice chat experience.
  • Echo remover: With Voice AI, you can remove disturbances like echo from your projects. You can simply upload your choice of file and receive crystal clear results.
  • Reverb remover: It removes any kind of background noises and focuses only on the main recorded speech. This voice replication AI can be used online, where you only have to upload your audio and follow a few steps for the result.
  • Safety: Voice AI offers 100% safety, and they make sure to send their app to antivirus companies regularly. It is certified by leading companies such as Google, McAfee and Avast.
  • Support: I was able to get quick support from this custom voice cloner using Discord. Users can also use knowledgebase and FAQs for quick support.


  • It has 15,000 user-generated custom voices available for everyone.
  • Voice AI can modulate and make corrections in voices before real-time impressions.
  • This best voice cloning software helps create short audio clips for soundboards.


  • This best free voice cloning software doesn’t offer an instant support channel.
  • The free version supports only short messages for cloning.

Pricing: Voice AI is free to download and charges $2.99 as a starting fee for its paid services.

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3) Listnr

Listnr helps create realistic voices with 900+ voices in 142+ languages. You can either download the voice clone audio files in MP3 or WAV formats. This AI voice cloning software can turn your entire blog into an AI voice audio and upload it on Spotify.

It lets you create voice clones in just three simple steps, and you can start by pasting any text, blog URL, or written text. Once you submit the text, the AI voice generator will convert it to audio and prepare it for distribution, once ready, you can use it as per your purpose.



  • Text-to-speech editor: It is powered by some of the world’s largest speech synthesis engines. You get the best voices from Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and Google. It lets you modify the speeches by allowing you to add pauses, styles, and more.
  • TTS API: You can start using TTS API in just seconds by getting your API key from its dashboard. This unified API for all cloud providers lets you access all its 900+ voices and 10+ different speaking styles.
  • Customizable audio widgets: Listnr offers a customizable and responsive audio widget. It includes a podcast player, a minimal player, and a medium player.
  • AI Voice Podcast: You can host unlimited podcasts with all its paid plans with this best AI voice generator. It also simplifies sending your podcast to Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, and eight other platforms with its easy podcast distribution feature.
  • Support: Listnr offered me their support through email. I also used their knowledge base for my general queries.


  • It lets you host podcasts in just a single click.
  • You get unlimited downloads and export.
  • Listnr’s full version is available for free trial without credit card details.


  • There are no audio embeds in its free plan.
  • You can only make 20 downloads and exports in its free version per month.


Listnr has a lifetime free version and different paid plans. Here are some of its paid plans.

Student Individual One-time fee
$9 monthly $19 monthly $29

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4) Murf.AI

Murf.AI offers diverse voices that go up to 120+ text-to-speech voices. It can generate these AI voices in 20 different languages and accents, and male and female voices with different age groups. You can sync any image, video, and music with perfect pitch, emphasis, and punctuation.

It helps create videos such as e-learning, advertisement and product demos, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. This deepfake voice generator includes products like text-to-speech, voice cloning, Voice over Video, and much more.



  • Real life-like voices: Be it a human voice, animal, nature, or other objects, Murf.AI can clone it effortlessly. It clones them with high-quality audio and perfection, so you get the same voice that you want to add to your projects without the actual sound of a person or an object.
  • Pitch Perfect: You can create accurate cloned voices by customizing them. It lets you adjust pitch, speed, and tone that suit your requirements to give more life to the AI voice.
  • Edit on the fly: Murf.AI lets you edit while you are working on your project. You can add changes to the script and let AI generate the voices without needing the real voice source.
  • Secure and safe: It offers secure access to your team with the help of 2FA authentication. The AI models and voice data are stored in AWS, making them compliant with SOC, SOC 1 and 2, PCI, GDRP, HIPAA/HITECH, and more. Furthermore, it has TLS connections and allows safe data transfer over HTTPS with SHA-2-compliant cipher suites.
  • Dedicated account manager: I was assisted by a dedicated account manager regarding the user cycle. They also help with voice quality assurance, troubleshooting, onboarding, and more.


  • You can try all its 120+ voices even in a free plan.
  • This voice cloning technology helps you add up to 25 users.
  • You get 8000+ licensed soundtracks.


  • The free plan doesn’t allow you to download your creations.
  • Unlimited voice generation is offered only in the highest plan, as per our review.


Murf.AI offers a completely free version and paid plans. Here are the per-month plans that are billed annually.

Basic Pro Enterprise
$19 $26 $75

Visit Murf.AI >>


LOVO is an AI voice cloning software mainly built for professionals. It is capable of creating high-quality custom content as it brings you only premium-sounding AI-generated voice clones.

Its AI voice cloner, also known as Genny, can generate unique voices within a few seconds. You do not have to spend on any expensive equipment, all you need to do is record your own voice and allow it to produce cloned audio. LOVO has an easy drag-and-drop functionality, so you can simply choose a file and drop it into the app for processing.



  • Quick and simple: Genny requires only one minute of data to create AI voice clones. You can either directly upload a person’s voice or record yours in the app.
  • Unlimited voices: LOVO lets you create as many cloned voices as you want without limits. You can then create a library of all your cloned voices to access them easily.
  • Text-to-speech: It offers text to text-to-speech feature that lets you explore 30+ emotions. You can emphasize, pause, and edit the speech by typing as per your requirement.
  • Use cases: LOVO AI voice generator can be used for advertisements, education, explainers, YouTube, and social media. You can also use it for corporate training, audiobooks, podcasts, customer service IVR and product demos.
  • Support: I used this AI voice cloning software’s chatbot for quick help. Additionally, I received human support via their website form.


  • Genny lets you add images, sound effects, videos, and subtitles to the cloned voice.
  • It can produce personalized, empathetic voices to assist business clients.
  • You can collaborate with your team.


  • It doesn’t allow you to download the generated voice clones in its free version.
  • You can invite members only on higher plans.


LOVO offers a completely free version that also provides a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. Here are the pricing of paid plans per user and month.

Basic Pro Pro+
$29 $39 $75

Visit LOVO >>

6) Resemble.AI

Resemble AI uses cutting-edge technology for voice cloning. It can capture human emotion in great detail and lets you gain control over synthetic speech.

All it requires is 3 minutes of human voice data or just a recording of 25 sentences. It is best for audiobooks, call centers, conversational AI bots, entertainment, and advertisement.



  • Low Latency API: Resemble. AI offers direct sync and streaming API. Thus, you can scale voice AI content speedily without any speech synthesis slowing you down.
  • Self-service: Its self-service solution allows you to quickly add human-quality voices to your priority projects. It is also an intuitive tool that lets you record short voice data with just 25 sentences to generate your own AI voice clone.
  • Speech-to-speech: One of the best abilities of Resemble.AI is its real-time speech-to-speech AI voice conversion. This engine is a great option for gaming, IVR, film, and other purposes that require real-time voice cloning.
  • Reach a Global audience: You can dub your native language into 100 different languages to reach a global audience. It lets you localize the speed simultaneously with the development cycle for a faster time to market.
  • White Glove service: It offers a dedicated team for providing a white glove service to create an AI voice clone in just days. In this service, you receive the most advanced AI voice cloning model.
  • Support: I used their website form to receive direct support. You can also use their knowledge base, and FAQs for finding answers for your queries.


  • It can capture every subtle sound with its ability to capture nuances in the speech.
  • Its APT works with any dialogue engine.
  • You get a real-time audio deep-fake detector to detect fraud.


  • You do not get text translation in its basic plan, according to our review.
  • Sometimes, it may take too long to generate the desired result.


Here are the two pricing plans of Resemble.AI

Basic (Pay as you go) Pro
$0.006 per second Contact sales

Link: https://www.resemble.ai/cloned/

How does AI voice cloning work?

AI voice cloning works by collecting voice data and processing it. This technology applies neural networks, which is an advanced intelligence framework that uses the voice samples collected from various sources through a web recorder audio. Its process includes Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) that are made of generator and discriminator components.

The generator uses the intricate insights gathered from the human voice while the discriminator judges what is human voice is and what an artificial intelligence is. These two components then create an uncanny resemblance to a particular subject’s voice. Finally, its tools not only replicate the voice but also the tone, style, and emotion to produce an authentic human-like speech.

How to choose a good AI voice changer app?

Here are the major factors that you need to consider while choosing a good AI voice changer:

  • Voice quality: There is no point in selecting a tool that only claims to produce a human-like voice but does not deliver it. Hence, contact the provider for a demo or try their free trial or free version to see their natural language processing output before committing to their paid plan.
  • Speech data input: The amount of audio data requirement varies from application to application. The larger the speech input requirement, the better will be your outcome.
  • Time taken to produce: Some of the AI voice matcher software requires only a few minutes to generate AI voices, while some may take days or even weeks.
  • Cost: Some of the tools may offer the same quality and features at a much lower price than what you are shortlisting hence, research properly before purchase. Most of these tools also offer lifetime free versions with limited features.

What are the benefits of AI voice cloning?

AI voice cloning offers several benefits that traditional audio sample fails to do. Here are some of the AI voice platform advantages:

  • It needs less manual effort and can generate realistic human-like voices in just minutes.
  • Unlike traditional audio recordings, it can capture languages with native-like accents.
  • Most of the AI voice cloning apps offer avatars that can imitate an individual’s vocal expressions.
  • You can use it for audiobooks, customer services, video games, movies, and much more with minimum effort.


AI voice cloning technology has become highly advanced, while it does produce human-like voices, it cannot completely replace a voice actor. Some parts of the artificial intelligence audio may sound robotic, lacking the required emotion and tone which is not acceptable in most of the fields that rely heavily on voice talents.

However, depending on the purpose, like virtual assistants, chatbots, or certain tutorials, it can be of great help.

Yes, in most of the cases, it is absolutely legal to use AI voices. However, if it is used to impersonate someone to deceive and commit fraudulent activities, it becomes an illegal act.

Hence, make sure to comply with the rules and regulations that come with using AI voices, including privacy and copyright laws, to stay out of trouble.


All the above AI voice cloning applications mentioned in this article offer reliable speech quality. However, our verdict goes to the following top three tools, and here’s why:

  • Voice.AI: It is a 100% safe application that can remove background noises and help in creating a truly authentic human-like voice.
  • Murf.AI: You can use this AI voice cloning tool to easily edit on the fly and receive pitch-perfect results.
  • PlayHT: With support for over 130 different languages, PlayHT vouches 99% accuracy for its clone voices.