9 Best FREE social media Management Tools (2023)

Big or small firms use social media management tools to gain a competitive edge and improve audience engagement. But for small businesses with fewer employees and limited funds, managing multiple accounts and the hefty cost of premium tools may become a nightmare. Hence, many resorts to free social media management tools that automate this tedious and frustrating process.

We have researched over 50+ tools and handpicked 9 best social media management tools offering the best features for free without compromising quality.

Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Name Compatible Apps Social Networks Supported Free Trial Link
Hootsuite Canva, Adview, Dropbox, Mailchimp, OneDrive, etc. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and Reddit. 30-day Trial Learn More
Circleboom Social Blade, Canva, Crello, Adobe Spark, Pixlr, Social Auditor, etc. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. Basic free version Learn More
Buffer Wufoo, Crate, Mailchimp, 123FormBuilder, Mention, Feedly, Zapier, Trello, WordPress, etc. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. 14-day trial Learn More
Crowdfire Gmail, Google Drive, Tumblr, Airtable, CoSchedule, Shopify, Evernote, Mailchimp, etc. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Medium, and Vimeo. Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
SocialOomph Shopify, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn 30-day trial Learn More
Expert Advice:

β€œ Choosing the best free social media management tool is kind of a challenge. Not only are you tempted to save a few bucks by choosing free tools, but also you hope to have maximum available features.

However, if you aim to scale your businesses, you should go for the premium tools. Pick prudently and focus on the reliability of the tool rather than the expense.”

1) Hootsuite – The Ultimate Social Media Planner

Hootsuite is a free social media planner tool that enables users to run marketing campaigns, explore and grow their audience, and sends targeted messages across various channels. It is a platform for managing different social media accounts, scheduling posts, syndicating, and organizing social media updates.

It also provides features for automatic monitoring, website analytics, performance reporting, and social media marketing. In addition, Hootsuite also provides some of the most extensive analytics and social media monitoring solutions, such as customizable reports and team productivity statistics.

Who should use: Freelancers, small businesses & enterprises



  • Facebook Ads moderation and Brand tracking
  • Hootsuite has an excellent bookmark plug-in, Hootlet, that makes it simple to share things from the internet with your following.
  • Keyword filtering & customer engagement
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Improve your social media reach and visibility using Hootsuite’s free social media planner. There are no audience demographics or psychographics available.
You can easily connect to 20 different social profiles. Free plan allows users to link only two social media accounts and schedule only five posts simultaneously.
Multi-account management and multi-user collaboration

Compatible Apps: Canva, Adview, Dropbox, Mailchimp, OneDrive, RSS AutoPublisher, WordPress, Zendesk, Talkwalker, Brandwatch, BrandMaxima Analytics
Social Networks Supported: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $49 per month.
Free Plan Info: 1 user, 3 social profiles, 30 scheduled messages, 2 RSS feed integrations, Publishing calendar, Content apps in free 30-day Trial

Link: https://www.hootsuite.com/

2) Circleboom – Best Twitter Management Tool

Circleboom’s built-in capabilities let users clean up their Twitter accounts by removing tweets, retweets, favorites, or the whole Twitter history. It provides tools that users may utilize to enhance and expand their social media presence and offer solutions for managing them. You can create, prepare, automate, and post your material on time using Circleboom Publish.

Circleboom’s follower metrics analytics make it simple to get daily/weekly/monthly/yearly follower statistics. The daily change graph would demonstrate how your following has evolved over time.

Who should use: Freelancers, small businesses & big enterprises.



  • Automatic Electronic Publishing & social media strategy
  • Schedule Posts Management
  • Library of Content Management
  • Offers best user analytics tools
  • Link RSS feeds to social networks
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Offers Twitter account statistics, follower insights, spam detection tools, etc. Users are prompted to upgrade to access other social media platforms.
Video downloader and free social media scheduler available with a powerful analytics dashboard. It is a twitter-centric tool with a limited free trial period.
Use Circleboom Publish to schedule Twitter threads or publish from RSS.

Compatible Apps: Social Blade, Canva, Crello, Adobe Spark, Pixlr, Social Auditor, Crowdy, Keyhole.co, RocketLink, Grytics
Social Networks Supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.
Free Trial: Forever free plan available (with limitations)
Pricing: Plan starting at $17.99 per month.
Free Plan Info: 4+ social profiles, free content & marketing integrations like Canva, Unsplash, etc., RSS feed integrations, hashtag generator, post scheduler

Visit Circleboom >>

3) Buffer – All-in-one Content Scheduler

Buffer suggests the ideal time to publish content based on its followers’ activity tracker tool. It automates mundane tasks with its “Buffer Publish” and “Buffer Analyze” features. It also produces a single “template” post for all platforms at once by creating “Groups” on social media accounts.

Buffer customizes each platform’s language, links, pictures, and hashtags before posting or scheduling, with lots of room for customization for all social media platforms. This versatility allows for simple, streamlined publishing for all social media management platforms.

Who should use: Publishers, early-stage startups, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, e-commerce, solopreneurs, and businesses.



  • Enables you to queue and schedule social media updates across your channels.
  • You can gather and examine in-depth data on your social platform’s efforts using Buffer Analyze.
  • View, monitor, and recycle your most successful postings.
  • Examine and contrast your most crucial metrics.
  • Add an RSS feed directly to Buffer.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Track your top-performing content and recycle them with ease. It does not support hashtags, GIFs, or uploading multiple pictures.
Adjustable cross-platform distribution for greater reach. Advanced features like social interaction and in-depth analytics are exclusive to paid plans.
Hassle-free Access to analytics data and important metrics from multiple social media platforms.

Compatible Apps: Wufoo, Crate, 123FormBuilder, Mention, Feedly, Zapier, Trello, Yammer, WordPress, Sniply, Slack, Typeform, Azendoo, Scoop.it, Rebrandly, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Bottlenose, Cyfe, Evernote, and Microsoft Teams
Social Networks Supported: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $5 per month.14-day free paid plan trial
Free Plan Info: 3 social profiles, 1 user, 10 scheduled social media posts per profile, planning & publishing tools, Analytics & engagement tools, Post scheduler, link shortener tool

Link: https://buffer.com/

4) Crowdfire – Social Media Presence Booster

Crowdfire is one of the best social media management tools that offer social media scheduling, engagement, analytics, social listening, and CRM services. It automates the social media efforts of creating unique content for your social media pages. Crowdfire offers a DM marketing function to produce original multimedia assets and marketing templates. It mainly benefits solitary users of social media who wish to be active across several networks without investing a lot of time.

Who should use: Social Media Managers, Small businesses, brands, and individuals.



  • From a single dashboard, respond to your social media mentions.
  • Explore Advanced Analytics in-depth and obtain stunning reports that are ready to display.
  • Generate unique reports and schedule their export.
  • You can create your entries and publish them at a later time.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Automated tips for scheduling and customizing posts for each platform in a single view. Connecting social profiles is time-consuming and can sometimes become a lengthy process.
Get Access to various social media-specific post suggestions tailored just to you. Only the Premium and VIP Subscriptions have the ability to schedule posts
You get several chances to improve your suggestions for articles and images.

Compatible Apps: Gmail, Google Drive, Tumblr, Airtable, CoSchedule, Shopify, Evernote, Mailchimp, Crowdcast, Etsy, etc.
Social Networks Supported: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Medium, Vimeo.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $7.48 per month.
Free Plan Info: Custom post scheduler, auto-tailored posts, hashtag recommendations, 10 scheduled social media posts per account.

Visit Crowdfire >>

5) SocialOomph – Social Network Analyser

Socialoomph is one of the few social media management tools that seamlessly tracks your social media profile performance. The majority of its user interface is text-based. You can effortlessly link RSS feeds and publish content by outsourcing. SocialOomph can also delete emails from a user’s inbox after a certain period and transform emails into social media updates.

They can filter profiles, keep track of new followers, and even publish group tweets.

Who should use: Freelancers and Small Businesses.



  • Schedule posts of your preference and enable post-flood configuration for different social media platforms.
  • Automatically feed your blogs and social media channels based on predetermined or flexible timetables and customizable seasonal periods.
  • Set up keyword searches to look for high-influencing social accounts.
  • Gain audience insight using CRM integrations, ads, and advanced social media marketing features.
  • Automatic content generator for blog posts from apps or services like ifttt.com.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Numerous integrations and cutting-edge features for usage after publication. No option to connect to Instagram.
Post Flood Control function stops you from posting too often. It does not assist with social listening, engagement, or any reports or data analysis information.
The “self-destructing posts” feature inhibits the republishing of old content.

Compatible Apps: Shopify, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.
Social Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Plurk, and LinkedIn
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $15 per month.7-day free paid plan trial. 10% discounts on annual billing.
Free Plan Info: 1 social profile, Access to a personal area only, posting features accesses, Unlimited scheduled posts, Maximum 3 posts/hour.

Visit SocialOomph >>

6) CoSchedule – Content Optimization Tool

CoSchedule is a free social media management tool that helps you easily schedule social media content across multiple profiles. It is packed with optimization tools that help you in SEO and boost your online presence. It assists you in organizing your social media profiles and blog postings at the most fundamental level.

Thousands of marketers have used CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to improve their headlines and increase clickthrough rates. You may use it to optimize your headlines inside a WordPress article and give your content an edge over the competitors.

Who should use: Professional marketers, marketing teams, and marketing agencies.



  • Centralized view for tailoring customized posts to multiple social networks.
  • Offers comprehensive monitoring tools like Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact.
  • Customised reports for Social Interaction, Social Promotions, and Top Messages are available.
  • Provides Requeue, automatically enabling you to pick optimal times to post and insert your best posts.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Centralized calendar and dashboard. Task templates that have been altered are not retroactive.
Simple collaborative ventures like a social media campaign for clients and teams. The admin interface is not very user-friendly.
Advanced tools for project management and development.

Compatible Apps: Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign.
Social Networks Supported: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $29 per month.
Free Plan Info: 2 social profiles, 1 max user, Personal Project & Task Management, Unlimited Marketing Projects and Content, Marketing & Project Management Integrations.

Visit CoSchedule >>

7) Later – Free Social Media Platforms Tool

Marketing professionals may plan content postings across several social media platforms with Later, a robust social media management software. It is brimming with easy-to-use features and quick insights to help you increase your reach and ROI. Later is mainly focused on Instagram in comparison to other social media profiles. Later’s “Linkin. bio” feature transforms Instagram and TikTok profiles into little web pages, which increases your content or ad’s clickthrough rate(CTR).

Who should use: Freelancers and Small Businesses.



  • Information on the number of followers, impressions, interactions, and growth rate % of social media profiles.
  • Engagement, demographics, geography, and significant writing language are all covered by social media analytics.
  • Access specific, per-post statistics that include data on reach, impressions, likes, and comments of your social media network.
  • Includes social media marketing tools for hashtag research, analyzer, and content curation.
  • Comprehensive platform analytics
  • Offers suggestive hashtags
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Plan social media posts and comment on them with its floating dashboard. Only 30 postings on one social media page are free each month.
A visual calendar that you may use to monitor your upcoming postings. Analytics is limited in the Free version and available only in paid plans.
User-friendly interface with comprehensive reporting.

Compatible Apps: DropBox, Google Docs, Instagram, Meta for Business.
Social Networks Supported: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $18 per month. 14-day free paid plan trial
Free Plan Info: 3 social profiles in one place, 30 scheduled messages, RSS feed integrations, and 1 user account.

Link: https://later.com/

8) Followerwonk – Graphical Analytics Tool

Another Twitter-specific free social media management tool is Followerwonk. It is a useful analytics tool that helps grow your Twitter following, lead your existing followers, andβ€”most notably- acquire targeted Twitter followers.

Its data insight tool allows users to find brand influencers, increase reach, and improve follower engagement. Twitter users may be found using keywords, and their results can be compared to metrics like reach, impact, age, following, etc. The data visualizations better analyze Twitter profiles, followers, and commercial prospects than other tools.

Who should use: Freelancers.



  • To identify overlaps and locate new influencers, compares Twitter accounts.
  • Sort your followers by their location, bios, people they follow, and more.
  • Compare and contrast your interactions with friends and competitors.
  • Follow and unfollow in-app.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Data Visualization, Customer Segmentation, Visual Analytics with graphically displayed data. It doesn’t support any social media profiles except Twitter.
Twitter division with Performance Metrics, Analytics Reporting, and Engagement Tracking. Lacks e-commerce integrations
Identify any Twitter accounts using a search tool using specific phrases.

Compatible Apps: ChatBot, Easyship, and Woopra.
Social Networks Supported: Twitter
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $29 per month.
Free Plan Info: 1 social profile, 50 searches, 100 results per search, account analyzer for followers <20000.

Link: https://followerwonk.com/

9) Planoly – Social Media Accounts Analyser

Planoly is another social media management tool that helps users modify their posts or content before publishing anything on Instagram. Users may drag and drop their photographs and videos around the simple design to see how they will appear on their Instagram account feed. It has a free social media scheduler using which users can control multiple social profiles from a single dashboard.

Who should use: All-size companies that post on Instagram and Pinterest.



  • Personalize and share your Instagram content on multiple social media management platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Upload, edit, and schedule your creations directly from Canva without leaving the platform.
  • Save frequently used hashtags and populate within seconds.
  • Use a free stock images library as the source of the photography.
  • Offers Instagram Reels Planner and integrated social calendar
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Automatically schedules all your posts for when your Instagram followers are active. Reels and carousels are not automatically scheduled to upload.
It connects to Canva-one of the best content curation tools. Only Instagram allows for connectivity with Facebook and Twitter.
Several pre-made templates are available for quick content production across social media sites.

Compatible Apps: Linkit, Sellit, etc.
Social Networks Supported: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Plan starting at $11.25 per month. 7-day free paid plan trial
Free Plan Info: 10 profiles, on-page SEO, keyword tool, position tracking, social media scheduler.

Link: https://www.planoly.com/


Hootsuite and Buffer are our top two free social media management tools recommendations. Out of all other tools, these two provide the most comparable reporting features for engagement and performance.

Buffer has a simple user interface that emphasizes producing your content, making it ideal for a fledgling company with few resources to engage in social networking. It is perfect for small companies as it is less priced.

Hootsuite offers more functionalities at each service tier. It is more feature-rich and provides various tools for scalability in larger enterprises. When it comes to monitoring your social media feeds.

Hootsuite is the most acceptable option, while Buffer is suitable for posting to your channels. The best tool for you or your business will depend on your preferences and objectives for social media.


❓ Is there any free content curation tool?

There are two social media management tools

integrated with free content curation platform. You can find, curate, and share the most creative content on your social platforms. Using these tools, you can remove watermarks and convert photos into videos to create an artistic showcase.

⚑ Is there a free social media manager?

Here are the five free social media management tools that boost social presence and streamline the contents of each profile:

πŸš€ How can I Manage all my social media in one place?

You can use free social media management tools

like Hootsuite, Buffer, CoSchedule, and Later to manage all your social media in one place. These tools frequently provide functionality like monitoring social media comments and messaging, scheduling postings, and tracking social media @-mentions.