30 Best ITSM (Service Management Software) Tools in Jan 2022

IT Service Management, which is popularly known (ITSM) aims to align the delivery of information technology services with the needs of the enterprise. The focus of ITSM tools is to deliver satisfactory service to the end user.

There are many ITSM tools available in the market. Following is a curated list of Top handpicked ITSM software with popular features and latest download links. This comparison ITSM tools list contains open source as well as commercial tools.

Top ITSM Toolset (Open Source & Paid)

Name Free Trial Link
ServiceDesk Plus ✔️ Learn More
InvGate Service Desk ✔️ Learn More
Service Desk ✔️ Learn More
FreshService ✔️ Learn More
ServiceNow Learn More

Best ITSM Tools and IT Service Management Software

Here is our list of the best ITSM tools and IT Service Management software:

1) ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is the full-stack ITSM suite from ManageEngine’s Broad spectrum of enterprise IT management applications.


  • ServiceDesk Plus, with its advanced yet easy-to-use ITSM functionalities, helps IT and enterprise support teams deliver world-class IT services to end users with efficiency and reduced complexity.
  • The service desk comes in three editions – Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, and is available in 37 different languages.
  • ServiceDesk Plus is positioned as a niche layer in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT service management tools.

ServiceDesk Plus

2) InvGate Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk is a web-based ITIL ready solution that helps organizations of all sizes manage, analyze and automate their IT services.

InvGate Service Desk


  • Visual ticket management tool, with one-click actions and resolutions
  • Customizable dashboard and multi-level reports
  • ITIL ready: Problem Management, Change Management, Incident Management and Request Fulfilment.
  • Self-service portal with service catalog, knowledge base and ticket follow up.
  • Available on the cloud and on-premises

InvGate Service Desk

3) Service Desk

Service Desk

Service Desk is ITSM tool that helps you to monitor and assess current trends and processes of IT.  The software provides solutions to employee support services.


  • You can manage and prioritizes incoming tickets.
  • It can standardize the employee request process.
  • The application can compile hardware and software.
  • It provides a single place to submit tickets.
  • You can resolve IT problems and improve organization productivity.

Service Desk

4) FreshService

FreshService is an ITIL-ready cloud service desk platform. The tool is capable of offering a range of ITSM support at any scale to businesses of any type or size. The tool is available for free for a 21-day trial.



  • Availability of mobile apps
  • Features for root cause analysis of incidents
  • Problem, Project and Configuration management
  • Offers Self Service Portal

Download link: https://freshservice.com/

5) ServiceNow


ServiceNow IT Service Management tool. This ITSM tool helps you to aggregate IT Services into a single cloud-based platform. It offers easy Interaction with legacy apps.


  • Offers Benchmark performance against peers
  • Helps you to transform the speed and delivery of IT
  • Deliver a next-gen employee experience

Download link: https://www.servicenow.com/products/it-service-management.html

6) Samanage


Samanage is a cloud-based ITSM solution. It allows you to submit your tickets through either email or the self-service portal. It will enable you to move the ticket requests through the “Lifecycle of problems, changes, and releases.


  • Offers a long free trial
  • Connects multiple services from across the business, which helps you to increases visibility for all users.
  • Provide solutions as quickly as possible so employees can get back to business.
  • Easy and effective IT asset management

Download link: https://www.samanage.com/

7) Cherwell


Cherwell ITSM is a versatile feature-laden ITSM system. It helps organizations to enhance their service and automate workflows into their organizations.


  • Allows you to submit requests for goods and services, report issues, and check status
  • Helps you to track and manage the life cycle of hardware and software assets supported by the service desk
  • Simplify configuration and improve the experience
  • Improve ITSM processes by centrally managing configuration items, by utilizing associated information, and visualizing relationships.

Download link: https://www.cherwell.com/

8) Spiceworks


Spiceworks offers software for help desk, Inventory, and network monitoring for IT departments. It is one of the best open source ITSM tools that offers an ad-supported free version that is perfect for a trial run and annual pricing to remove the ads.


  • Helps you to manage Inventory
  • Single spot to manage all your devices
  • Spiceworks automatically updates all your software. Detect unwanted or troublesome software on any Windows and Mac workstations and servers.
  • This open source ITSM software helps you to set your Inventory scans when you want them with the on-premises automated scanner
  • You can customize Spiceworks according to the need of your organization.

Download link: https://www.spiceworks.com/

9) Rescue Assist

Rescue Assist

RescueAssist is ITSM software that offers a robust support platform to cover the gamut of ITSM needs. The tool provides the most comprehensive, efficient support for your PC and mobile devices.


  • Offers Multi-monitor supports
  • Provides secure support with optimized security features
  • Create a centralized support process with APIs, SDKs, and other integrations.
  • You can remotely guide end users through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup, etc.

Download link: https://get.gotoassist.com/en-in

10) SysAid


SysAid ITSM is a useful ITSM tool which includes everything you need for capable IT service management. It is one of the best ITSM tool that includes a powerful incident and service request management module.


  • Helps you to automate your service desk processes, from logging incidents through to resolution
  • Helps you to systemize problem management and workflow
  • Allows you to create and manage service level targets and service level agreements.
  • Helps users to reset their domain passwords and unlock their accounts securely.
  • You can customize SysAid ITSM to meet your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Download link: https://www.sysaid.com/

11) BMC Software

BMC Software

BMC Remedy is a digital enterprise management software built specifically for mobile devices. The application is available on-premise or a cloud-hosted service.


  • Remedy helps you to transform notifications to work orders and assign to your respective team members.
  • Offers detailed customization capability to fit the exact needs of the organization.
  • You can integrate change orders from all organization departments and facilitates the scheduling process of project managers.
  • It can offer cloud-based service, where you do not require to worry about server maintenance or database backup.

Download link: https://www.bmc.com/it-solutions/remedy-itsm.html

12) iSupport


iSupport tool allows you to manage Incidents, Problems, Changes, CMDB, Assets, Knowledge, Workflows, etc. Support Software two editions (Incident Management and Service Desk). It is one of the best ITSM solutions which offers power and flexibility to meet your company’s needs.


  • iSupport helps you to define rules that can be grouped together to form workflows for frequently used processes
  • Helps you to make informed decisions about your existing assets is critical to providing better service and reducing your costs.
  • Helps you to capture your company’s intellectual property with iSupport’s Knowledge functionality.
  • iSupport helps you to integrates with third-party applications for data import and synchronization.
  • Offers many options for communication between support team members and customers

Download link: https://www.isupport.com/

13) Smart Service Desk

Smart Service Desk

Smart Service Desk is easy to use and flexible ITSM solution that can be deployed via Purchased On-Premise, Subscription. You can subtribe for this tool for on-premise access and Cloud Subscription.


  • Ease of Customization and Administration without a need of programmers
  • Comprehensive Service Catalog which supports Incident or Request Models
  • Single and Multi-Tier Account Management support
  • Automatic Ticket Dispatch with Business Workflow
  • Billing Customization as per client requirement
  • Automatic email to ticket conversion

Download link: https://www.smartservicedesk.com/

14) CA Service Desk Manager

CA Service Desk Manager

CA Service Desk Manager is a specially designed IT service management tool. It helps you to make every moment count through a dynamic experience. This allows you to offer good customer service without a need to worry about overbearing processes or metrics.


  • It helps business users a simple way to connect with IT
  • Offers analysts contextual information to understand the complete state of their environment
  • It helps IT teams a productive approach to managing services in the connected world.

Download link: https://www.broadcom.com/info/clarity-sm/service-desk-manager

15) NetZoom


NetZoom focuses on providing software solutions for data center professionals. It helps them to model, monitor, manage, access and control Physical, Virtual, and Cloud IT Infrastructure.


  • Analytics-driven Insight
  • Superior Visualization
  • Integration Versatility
  • Phased Implementation

Download link: https://netzoom.com/

16) Marval MSM

Marval MSM

Marval MSM is an integrated, multi-level IT service management (ITSM) software solution. It offers a secure, reliable, scalable solution that supports IT business services and growth strategies of your organization.


  • It helps you to to get reliable IT and service infrastructure, which allows you to increased productivity and adaptability in service provision
  • Best of breed reporting and management dashboards
  • Helps you to drag and drop process workflow and configuration creation and views
  • Built-in support for all ITIL processes
  • Easy integration with other third-party business apps
  • Extensive knowledge and configuration management

Download link: https://www.marval.co.uk/itsm-software

17) Incident management system

Incident management system

An incident management system is a tool which combines equipment, personnel, procedures, and communications. These all work together to provide most effective Information technology management solutions.


  • Rave Mobile Safety offers a powerful suite of robust data and communication tools to save time and save lives
  • Effective Communication in an Emergency Situation
  • Personal Safety in Multiple Use Cases

Download link: https://www.ravemobilesafety.com/products/

18) Data service management tool

Data service management tool

Nlyte ITSM tool helps you to connect the workflow across various environments. The tool allows you to keep ITSM information accurate, streamline processes, better measure efficiency, and costs.


  • Connect to major ITSM solutions from Service Now, BMC, HPE, and others
  • Offers comprehensive API’s to which allows you to extend out of box functionality to meet specific business needs
  • Extend the value and reach to your service desk change management solution
  • Allows faster moves, adds and changes by pre-planning for asset lifecycle management

Download link: https://www.nlyte.com/solutions/data-center-service-management/

19) Cockpit


Cockpit IT Service Manager is an ITSM service for IT teams. It helps you to cover all areas of IT system management. The tool was designed in line with ITIL recommendations.


  • Simplified service desk incident and problem requests and changes
  • Offers features like application and hardware monitoring
  • Knowledgebase Search engine Classification and sharing
  • Allows you to generate Daily operating report and SAP technical reports

Download link: https://www.cockpit-itsm.com/

20) iET-itsm


iET Solutions provides the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive, out-of-the-box business solutions. It is a fully integrated, highly configurable ITSM tool.


  • Allows you to log and manage incidents.
  • Helps you to detect and solve your problems permanently before it affects your users.
  • Offer support for manage and change request.
  • Allows you to ensure constant and accurate control of your IT infrastructure.
  • Helps you to administrate all of your planned and operational services.
  • Ensure trouble-free execution of releases.

Download link: https://www.iet-solutions.com/products/iet-itsm/

21) Alvao


Alvao service desk system is a user-friendly IT service management solution integrated into Microsoft technologies. It allows you to change and select which ITIL process to implement.


  • Helps you launch a prosperous IT department
  • Increase your level of IT Governance
  • Helps IT department to provide quality of services
  • Offers Hardware Asset management

Download link: https://www.alvao.com/en/service-desk

22) Anakage


Anakage is an end User Support Automation platform. This IT service management tool offers a multi-pronged approach to reduce support tickets at source, and proactive resolution of tickets.


  • Helps you to maintain compliance and automate your high volume processes.
  • Allows users to solve complex machine and application issues with the click of a button
  • Helps you to remove IT issues automatically whenever they occur
  • Acts proactively when any they notice any issue

Download link: https://www.anakage.in/

23) Managed workplace

Managed workplace

Managed Workplace is the first RMM tool to include a built-in security assessment. It is one of the best ITSM ticketing tools that reduces technicians’ time spent on routine tasks with standardized service plans.


  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, such as VMware and HyperV,
  • Real-time Monitoring & Alerting
  • Remote IT Support

Download link: https://barracudamsp.com/product-details/barracuda-rmm-remote-monitoring-management/

24) Bigpanda


BigPanda is another use IT service management platform. This tool helps IT operations and DevOps teams to detect, investigate, and resolve IT incidents faster and more and easiest way.


  • Easy Access To Actionable Insights
  • Offers Visibility Into Operational KPI’s
  • Configurable Autonomy for Higher Productivity
  • You can start using BigPanda in production in just a few weeks.

Download link: https://www.bigpanda.io/

25) Service manager

Service manager

Hornbill’s Service Manager is a full-featured ITSM tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps you to implement service management processes across your entire organization.

Download link:

  • Offers a collaborative way of working into your workplace
  • Easy to use a simple interface
  • Share the document and upload for team members.
  • Make sure your projects in time and within budget.

Download link: https://www.hornbill.com/appstore/service-manager

26) Intasoft

Intasoft is configuration management and IT serviemenat management tool. It provides your best in class change and configuration management requirements.


  • Automate change and release management
  • Helps you to Prioritise and schedule workflow
  • Offers parallel development
  • Full audit trails from audit compliance
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized changes

Download link: https://www.intasoft.net/

27) iTwiz


iTwiz is a cloud-based Analytical software for Information Technology Service Management. It offers flexibility to leverage the existing Business Intelligence Platform or utilize the inbuilt cloud platform.


  • Give the power of data to your team to provide better support for your business.
  • It helps you to identify gaps and act on them faster.
  • Track and measure individual or group goals.
  • Measure efficiency and productivity.

Download link: http://snuviktechnologies.com/itsm-analytics-solution-itwiz/

28) Nilex


Nilex tool offers fully customizable, web, and mobile responsive ISMT solutions. It allows complete control over business processes.


  • Allows you to effectively handle your cases created from different channels such as self-service, email, phone, chat, etc.
  • Manage projects and tasks for your employees and allows you to keep track work steps and used the time for implementation.
  • Collect all contracts into one place allows you to control access, monitor, and get automatic to renew and reminders.
  • Negotiate expectations between the support team and customers
  • Improve user experience and maximize the effect of collecting data from social media channels.

Download link: https://en.nilex.se/products

29) Valuemation


Valuations is an effective ITSM tool which helps the IT service desk control and carry out all support activities with ITIL based processes. With the help of this tool, you can efficiently analyze and process IT tickets.


  • Entry of incident reports, general inquiries or service requests
  • Allows you to create a ticket by self-service, SMS, e-mail, event monitoring or interface
  • Helps you to automate the classification and routing of tickets
  • Allows you to resolve tickets based on theconcluded service level agreements

Download link: https://www.valuemation.com/en/it-service-management-itsm-tool/it-help-desk-software/

30) Wolken IT Service Management

Wolken IT Service Management

Wolken, service management tool, helps you to achieves more and improves efficiency in your business. The tool helps you to ensure that customer requests are raised and tracked effectively.


  • Offers n IVR capabilities, enhanced call management and efficient agent management.
  • Helps you to monitor agent performance and SLA completion, and reconfigure rules dynamically.
  • Allows you to take control of your IT environment by linking assets and service requests with comprehensive monitoring.
  • Improve resolution, monitor and classify issues

Download link: http://www.wolkensoftware.com/


❓ What is ITSM?

ITSM aims to align the delivery of IT services with the needs of the enterprise. The full form of ITSM is IT Service Management.

💻 Which are the Best ITSM Tools?

Below are some of the best ITSM tools:

❗ What is an ITSM tool?

ITSM tools are the software programs that help organizations to manage their IT services both internally and externally. These tools facilitate various tasks and services to better manage and deliver quality IT services within an organization. The main focus of ITSM tools is to deliver satisfactory service to the end-users.

⚡ What is the difference between ITSM and ITIL?

ITSM is a combination of defined policies, processes, and methods for delivering IT products and services, while ITIL is a set of well-defined guidelines that helps Software professionals to deliver the best IT services.

ITSM tools improve and support customer-centric IT services, whereas the ITIL tools help an organization manage risk, establish cost-effective practices, and strengthen customer relations.

👉 What is the Purpose of an ITSM Tool?

The main purpose of an ITSM tool is to help businesses to regulate how IT services are delivered within the organization based on budget, processes, and people. ITSM tools are mainly used to deliver satisfactory services to the end-user.

❗ Why use ITSM tools?

ITSM tools help you to regulate how IT services delivered in any organization depend on budget, process, outcome, people, etc. The focus of ITSM tools is to deliver satisfactory service to the end-user.

⭐ What are the common features of ITSM?

The common features of ITSM are:

  • It helps you to improve ITSM processes.
  • Easy and effective IT asset management
  • Enables you to showcase the IT services offered to users from your different accounts.
  • Simplify configuration and improve the experience.