30 Best ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Tools List 2022

ALM is also known as Application Lifecycle Management helps developers & project managers to manage and track Application development process. There are plenty of tools available for this purpose. Application Lifecycle Management tools help organizations to manage Project management, Requirements management, Development, Testing, Quality assurance (QA), Customer support, and IT service delivery.

Here is the list of top ALM tools & software with key features and download links for Free trial. This ALM tools list contains both free (open-source) and commercial (paid) software.

Top ALM Tools & Software List: [Free/Paid]

1) Visure

Visure ALM

Visure Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of requirements management too suites offering a comprehensive collaborative ALM platform. Visure’s value proposition is nothing less than the total innovative technology in key functions, system performance, standard compliance and solution economics for engineering requirements of safety-critical and business-critical systems.


  • Visure offers specialized, innovative Requirement ALM platform to implement efficient requirements lifecycle management aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality in the development of our clients’ systems and services.
  • Support of various Standard Templates such as ISO26262, IEC62304, IEC61508, CENELEC50128, DO178/C, FMEA, SPICE, CMMI, etc.
  • Unrivaled system economics that guarantees the highest quality and drastically reduce total life cycle costs.
  • Configuration Management, Baselining, History Tracking, Requirements Versioning (comparing requirement versions and rolling them back)
  • Report Management: Dashboard and Report Customization,
  • Users utilize advanced functionality by leveraging modern best of breed technologies coupled with other tools such as DOORS, Jama, Siemens Polarion, PTC, Perforce, JIRA, Enterprise Architect, HP ALM, Microfocus ALM, PTC, TFS, Word, Excel, Test RT, RTRT, VectorCAST, LDRA and other tools

2) Jama Software

Jama Software

Jama Software provides the leading platform for requirements, risk, and test management. With Jama Connect and industry-focused services, teams building complex products, systems, and software improve cycle times, increase quality, reduce rework, and minimize effort proving compliance.


  • Accurately?capture and?communicate requirements, goals, progress, and interdependencies throughout the development process??
  • End-to-end?live traceability of people, data, and processes?
  • Real-time impact analysis showing the effect of changes related to upstream and downstream requirements?
  • Integrate with ALM, PLM, QA, MBSE?
  • Define, organize, and execute requirements-based test plans and test cases
  • Reuse validated requirements to quickly replicate features across products?

3) SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam is Inflectra’s award-winning ALM solution for agile teams of all sizes. SpiraTeam helps teams manage their program’s requirements, releases, iterations, tasks, defects, and code in one environment, with complete traceability.



  • End-to-end project requirements and test case management with fully customizable workflows
  • Support for project portfolio management and program planning
  • Baseline management with robust configuration management and version control for artifacts
  • Bug, issue, and task tracking
  • Electronic signatures and document collaboration
  • Support for agile (Scrum, XP, DSDM, etc.) and hybrid methodologies
  • Integrated web-based document management system with version control
  • Dashboard home-page that summarizes the overall status of the project
  • Instant messaging and work collaboration.

4) CodeBeamer


CodeBeamer is a powerful ALM Tool. It can associate with source code, tasks, bugs, tests, releases and all other artifacts. This free ALM tool offers gapless traceability across the entire lifecycle.


  • Integrations with MS Office, JIRA, IBM DOORS, Enterprise Architect using a REST API
  • Advanced Requirement Workflows & Process Enforcement
  • Efficient collaboration using documents management features
  • Agile Planning Board enables the convenient planning and management of releases
  • Release and Devops support.
  • End to End Demand Management and Compliance support

Download link: https://intland.com/codebeamer/download/

5) Kovair ALM Studio

Kovair ALM Studio

Kovair ALM Studio is most the comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management product. It can handle end to end development lifecycle stages from Requirements to Release.


  • Adopt 100% web-based solution with no client-side software for reducing support burden
  • Practice any of the development methodologies waterfall, agile or hybrid
  • Implement configurable task based workflow engine for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Get real-time notifications at every actionable stage
  • Complete coverage of development about every step, enabling compliance with standards.
  • Allow real-time viewing of artifacts status which increases transparency and releases predictability.

Download link: https://www.kovair.com/alm-studio/

6) SwiftALM


SwiftALM is an ALM tool for managing IT and software projects in the Global Delivery Model. It offers unique features to manage traditional and agile projects.


  • Setup the resources, processes, and projects, control access to plans and reports
  • Integrated Process Governance supports, Agile, waterfall and plenty of other processes
  • Highly configurable and flexible Application Architecture to support thousands of users
  • Advanced Search and Analytics technologies to increase Productivity, Quality and Delivery performance.

Download link: https://www.digite.com/free-demo-request/

7) VersionOne


VersionOne simplifies product planning with easy backlog management. It is built for DevOps and provides end to end continuous delivery. It has a drag-and-drop interface.


  • It allows users to prioritize stories and defects using the drag-and-drop function.
  • Manage Business Initiatives with Portfolio Items
  • Allows to group Items by theme
  • Provide result according to Business Goal
  • Capturing all Feature Requests in One Place
  • Helps users to ensure alignment between corporate objectives and product deliverables
  • It provides a forum for engaging with other customers to learn from peers.
  • Provides management with insights and end to end visibility.

Download link: https://www.collab.net/products/versionone

8) Aldon

Rocket Aldon

Rocket Aldon is an ALM software that simplifies and automates every aspect of the software delivery process. It also ensures that change procedures are predictable, scalable, and repeatable.


  • Automate IT and DevOps workflow
  • Helps to reduce software errors and avoid production outages
  • Streamlined change management that scales
  • Allows to resolved deployment issues remotely
  • Simple build integration on any version control application
  • Allows single-click code promotion
  • Automatic inventory of builds and packaging
  • Role-based and individual permission definitions
  • Control and management of all servers from single console

Download link: https://www.rocketsoftware.com/products/rocket-aldon/alm-software

9) Helix ALM

Helix ALM

Helix ALM solution help companies to manage any kind of complex ALM process. It is one of the best ALM software tools that allow users to centralize and manage requirements, test cases, and issues.


  • Limit the Risk of Product Development
  • Increase Visibility into Project Health
  • It reduces product development risk by allowing collaboration across teams and departments
  • Streamline Development and QA Processes
  • It allows traceability across all work Items and Data
  • Deep integration with Source Control Systems.

Download link: https://www.perforce.com/products

10) ConnectALL

ConnectALL connects Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. It synchronizes data, workflow, and requirements automatically.


  • Unify teams, processes, and an enterprise-class solution that accelerates software development and collaboration
  • Real-time synchronization helps all team members to see the same data
  • Customizable one to many and many to many field mapping between other ALM tools

Download link: https://www.connectall.com/integration/

11) Devsuite


DevSuite is a fully integrated ALM solution. It allows developers and QA managers to monitor and control all processes of Application life cycle management.


  • Increase the overall quality of product with full traceability from each requirement
  • Workflow Automation & Standardization
  • Manage test cases, plan for test coverage, and control test execution
  • Unrivalled scalability and performance
  • It offers personalized user experience
  • Simplify product planning with the help of a centralized view
  • Get live project updates, manage tasks, directly from phone or tablet

Download link: https://www.techexcel.com/eval-devsuite/

12) Silkroad ALM

Silkroad ALM

Silkroad is a high-reliability ALM. It has interlinking routes for the various legacy management system. It is a multi-purpose software which can act as requirement and test management tool.


  • Provide support for Version Control & Comparison of Requirements Documents
  • Requirements Impact Analysis
  • Data Integration between Task, Issue and Test System
  • Manage Requirements including Images, Tables & Equations
  • Upstream or Downstream Traceability Management
  • Change History Management
  • Widely used ALM in mission critical Aerospace and Defence industries.

Download link: http://www.silkroadalm.com/main.do

13) Polarion


Polarion is an integrated ALM platform. It facilitates organizations to automate and optimize the development processes across various projects. It gathers, approves and manages requirements for complex systems during the project lifecycle.


  • All the requirement display to all other stakeholders for review, approval or development
  • Easily import existing assets with the help of the rule-based Import Wizard
  • Support for offline collaboration so that changes made outside of Polarion can be imported seamlessly
  • Invite stakeholders to sign the specific documents as reviewed or approved electronically
  • It supports development processes across various development operations like Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid.
  • Polarion supports innovative problem-solving techniques for distributed teams.
  • Unified solution for building test cases in parallel with requirements

Download link: https://polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com/try-polarion-alm-qa-requirements

14) ALM Complete

ALM Complete

ALM Complete manages requirements, tracks project tasks, and lists issues/defects. It helps to manage all aspects of development life cycle. It also allows to define requirements, create test cases and track defects during test execution.


  • Delivers live updating of project plans and development status.
  • Link requirements to other use cases and store related documents in the same place.
  • Test Case Management feature organize test cases by groups, folders and custom fields.
  • Integrates with automated and manual test cases to deliver test coverage reports.
  • Easy Integration with common source code control tools
  • Creates custom lists to track use cases, tasks, test environments.
  • Supports escalation rules and reporting triggers

Download link: https://www.testmanagement.com/almcomplete

15) MicroFocus ALM

MicroFocus ALM

Microfocus ALM is Lean, Agile and DevOps software and solutions help organizations to release software faster. This tool allows team of all sizes to deliver high-quality apps with greater speed. The tool was orginally developer by Mercury, later acquired by HP and finally taken over by MicroFocus.


  • Deliver Apps with Speed, Quality, and Scale
  • It allows stakeholders to interact and coordinate, to achieve the project goals.
  • It provides robust tracking & reporting and seamless integration of various project related tasks
  • It allows detailed project analysis and effective management.
  • ALM can connect to email systems and send emails about any changes to all desired team members

Download link: https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/alm-quality-center/overview

16) Rational Solution

The IBM Rational Solution for Agile ALM with Scrum makes it easy to adopt and automate Scrum. This single tool works effectively for the entire team as it allows to review end-to-end scenario.


  • Plan & track work with resource management.
  • Develop, execute, and report test plan
  • Better test execution and planning
  • It allowing team members to understand relationships between these artifacts better
  • It allows reliable integrations
  • Monitor and administer easily
  • Easy Integration with requirements and automation tools
  • customizable dashboards for fewer status meetings
  • It can easily integrates with a wide range of test automation tools

Download link: https://jazz.net/downloads/continuous-engineering-solution

17) Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Jira

JIRA is a Agile Application Management tool. It helps every business person to plan, track, and create a report of their work.


  • Task Management helps to track of simple tasks
  • Everyone get the glance of the project’s status without having to email or set up a meeting
  • Project Management feature allows to organizes corporate website designs or employee training programs
  • This open source ALM tool allows measuring performance in different ways for quick overview and pre-defined report
  • Use out-of-the-box templates or customize them according to specific business needs

Download link: https://www.atlassian.com/try

18) TeamForge


TeamForge is ALM platform for collaborative software development. It helps developers to speed up software delivery. It maintains all the standards of governance, compliance, and IP security.


  • It provides visibility and traceability into agile processes and development across the organization
  • It allows development teams to expand their agile processes and encourages tighter collaboration
  • It can easily integrate other 3rd party tools flexible, centralized document management
  • Centralized role-based access control
  • Visualize Progress with Task Boards
  • Fast-Track with Planning Templates
  • Scrum/Kanban Support.

Download link: https://www.collab.net/products/teamforge/free-trial

19) Track+

Track+ ALM

Track+ is a modular engineering lifecycle management software. It allows accelerating the development of software products. Track+ ALM tool organize requirements and tests in folders, documents, and document sections. It also allows writing documents using Word or other word processing software.


  • Organize complete requirements hierarchically, like system requirements, hardware requirements, and software requirements
  • Requirements with test cases and vice versa
  • Allow using customize Word document templates to create perfect requirement and test specifications
  • It provides one single, intuitive interface for various software development processes
  • It allows traceability along the Development lifecycle
  • It supports Scrum, Kanban, and traditional Methodologies

Download link: https://www.trackplus.com/en/index.html

20) Orcanos

Orcanos ALM

Orcanos ALM is provides end-to-end product delivery solution. It allows Collaborative Task Management, Requirements And Testing, ISO 14971 Integrated Risk Management, Quality Control & Automated Alerts and many other functionalities.


  • Complete Traceability and Coverage matrix
  • Manage related tasks, defects, meetings, codes, and test execution results
  • Immediate view of direct impact of any requirement or defect
  • Plan, analyze and estimate total work efforts needed for the project
  • Create a fresh set of updated document suite with a click of a butt

Download link: https://www.orcanos.com/compliance/alm-application-lifecycle-management-software-tool/

21) OneOps


OneOps is an application lifecycle management platform. It allows developers to code their products once and run them in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.


  • It allows rapid innovation with no barrier
  • It give controls of the cloud environments back to the developers and IT operations teams
  • Works out of the box with multiple public and private cloud infrastructure
  • It allows repeatable deployments across all environments
  • Future-proof automation and play nice with infrastructure
  • Flexible deployment along with cancellation capabilities
  • It comes out of the box supporting a long list of ISV products
  • It integrates with Maven/Jenkins to provide software development with Continuous Delivery capabilities
  • Mix and match technologies to define IaaS compliant infrastructure fully

Download link: https://oneops.github.io/

22) Relution


Relution is an ALM tool which manages and secures the complete Mobile app lifecycle. It distributes applications via app store for iOS, Android, and Windows. It is easy-to-use and time-saving solution for ALM management.


  • App distribution through private app store
  • Native apps for iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Apps from public stores like Google Play, Apple App Store or Windows Store
  • It distributes apps through the enterprise app store.
  • Highest app quality with an app approval process
  • Helps to achieve higher productivity and prevent any type of unintended app access
  • Save time and reduce stress on support
  • Deployment on premise or in the cloud

Download link: https://www.relution.io/en/

23) AccelQ


AccleQ ALM tool provides a visual blueprint of application. It enables Test Design automation using path analysis to tracking quality assurance. It is a cloud based continuous testing platform for Functional & API Testing.


  • Codeless natural language Functional, API Automation
  • No IDE, Fully browser based easy to use application
  • Visualize and drive quality with accelQ Universe
  • Design/Automate/Maintain testing 3X Faster
  • Allows to manage test assets across multiple revisions of application-with the help of Smart View Analyzer
  • It allows building test scope based on change impact. By providing extensive support for metadata and tagging across various tests
  • Enterprise level access security with the help of OAuth 2.0 Protocol for Authentication and Authorization

Download link: https://www.accelq.com/product

24) Apprenda


Apprenda is useful ALM tool. It manages web and SOA and micro services application deployments using versioning process. It gives an easy to use patching engine to apply patches for small upgrades and bug fixes.


  • Upload patches through Apprenda’s patching engine
  • Parallel versions in the testing sandbox along with button click production stage and upgrades
  • Integrate with existing build systems and continuous integration using Apprenda’s API.
  • Checking for SOAP and REST dependencies
  • Automatic late binding of requests to targeted services
  • Version aware call orchestration that checks production vs. production boundaries

Download link: https://apprenda.com/platform/features/application-lifecycle-management/

25) QAcube


QACube is QA testing ALM tool which allows a 360-degree view of various activities of QA. It allows the testing team to leverage the leading visual analytics to see bottlenecks. It also helps them to make important resource decisions.


  • It reviews agile test plan performance across teams
  • Prioritize with risk-based testing to get the highest test coverage
  • Provide key stakeholders with the views they need based on roles
  • It offers dynamic dashboards to Management
  • Achieve visibility & transparency across ALM/ software testing project
  • Pull critical information into a single, intuitive dashboard.
  • See all your data from any source on one platform to make faster, better-informed decisions.
  • Automatically-updated, actionable metrics with dynamic information

Download link: https://www.qacube.com/request-demo

26) McCabe CM

McCabe CM

McCabe CM manages and tracks the entire ALM requests through production. It is allowing members of the development, test, and release teams to select and migrate changes. It can be either forwards, backward, or sideways across the different versions.


  • It manages and tracks the entire application lifecycle from requests thru production.
  • It uses advanced software metrics to identify, objectively measure, and report on the complexity
  • It also allows release management of the project

Download link: http://www.mccabe.com/cm.htm

27) NexaStack


NexaStack is an Application management tool. It provides a highly customizable solution for Enterprises. It provides Flexibility and Stability for an Enterprise application. It also offers Big Data Infrastructure to deploy on-premises or in the Public Cloud.


  • Secure application lifecycle from the beginning
  • Complete insights of what’s happening in the system
  • Get Complete Analysis of Usage, Logs and Application Processes
  • Automated Rollouts & Rollbacks
  • Supports for all types of Microservices Architecture
  • Allows On-Premises Deployment

Download: https://www.nexastack.com/

28) PTC


Integrity Lifecycle Manager ALM tool developed by PTC. It connects systems and software including requirements, for developing the comprehensive application. It allows managing product and system requirements to allow closed-loop product validation.


  • Easy traceability between requirements, test cases, defects, etc.
  • Powerful querying, charting and reporting
  • Historical reporting and suspect link flagging and reporting
  • It offers greater visibility with end-to-end lifecycle traceability and task-based change management
  • Enhance audibility by enforcing consistent development processes across the lifecycle
  • Management of Agile, iterative and traditional methodologies using the same platform
  • Real-time life cycle visibility with task-based change management
  • It offers centralized planning, measurement, and reporting
  • Explicit support for software development best practices

Download link: https://www.ptc.com/en/technologies/plm/requirements-management

29) Zephyr

Zephyr ALM

Zephyr is a robust ALM tool. It manages all aspects of the testing lifecycle. This Agile ALM testing tool fits and enhances various types of test methodology like Waterfall, Agile, hybrid or V-Model.


  • Track quality metrics
  • Link to stories, tasks, requirements, etc.
  • Create, view, edit and clone tests
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Allows to perform advanced searches using ZQL
  • Plan test execution cycles
  • Well documented REST APIs for custom integrations

Integration with tools like JIRA, Selenium, Bamboo, Jenkins, Confluence etc

Download link: https://www.getzephyr.com/products/zephyr-enterprise

30) qTest

qTest ALM

Qtest is a complete requirement management and ALM tool. It tracks, organizes and report all testing activities using fast and easy-to-use interface. It provides robust and easy-to-use test management.


  • The solution that can easily integrate with JIRA in real-time
  • Integrates with CI/CD processes through tools like Bamboo and Jenkins
  • Allows Automation Testing that leverages TestNG, JUnit, and Cucumber for JAVA
  • Rich APIs allows easy integrations between qTest and thirty other testing tools
  • Test projects can be cloned or copied for set up
  • It comes integrated with LDAP and SSO option
  • Control user profiles at the site and project level
  • Capture complete test run history
  • Generate test run-specific configurations and parameters

Download link: https://www.tricentis.com/software-testing-tool-trial-demo/qtest-trial/


❓ What is ALM?

Application Lifecycle Management is shortly known as ALM, helps developers & project managers to manage and track Application development process. There are plenty of tools are available for this purpose.

💻 Which are the best ALM Tools?

Below are some of the best ALM Tools:

  • Visure
  • Jama Software
  • SpiraTeam
  • CodeBeamer
  • Kovair ALM Studio
  • SwiftALM
  • VersionOne
  • Rocket Aldon
  • Helix ALM
  • ConnectALL

⚡ Why use ALM Tools?

ALM tools helps organizations to manage Project management, Requirements management, Development, Testing, Quality assurance (QA), Customer support, IT service delivery.

👉 Which Factors should you consider while Selecting an ALM Tool?

You should consider the following factors while selecting an ALM tool:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • License Cost if applicable
  • Quality of Customer support
  • The cost involved in training employees on the ALM tool
  • Hardware/Software requirements of the ALM tool
  • Support and Update policy of the tool vendor
  • Reviews of the software provider company
  • Support for various Standard Templates
  • Integration with other software