15 BEST HTML Web Safe (Web Friendly) Fonts in 2024

What is a Web Safe Font?

Web Safe fonts are usually pre-installed to most of the devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets. For a font to be readable as well as look the same in any browser or a device (like mobile and web), the font should be installed in that device.

List of Top Web Safe Fonts for HTML & CSS

Here are the popular web safe fonts for HTML and CSS:

1) Arial

Arial web safe fonts
Arial Font

Arial is a popularly used sans-serif fonts. It is most suited on window device and used in place of unsupported fonts.

2) Courier New

Courier New Font
Courier New Font

Courier new is an older style newspaper-esque HTML font. It is the right choice for you if you are looking for a simple monospace font.

3) Times New Roman

Times New Roman Font
Times New Roman Font

It is the most popular font on windows device — the best choice for any professional website.

4) Georgia

Georgia Fonts
Georgia Font

Georgia is a true web font with simple san serif line and its large upper size. The letter is almost elongated, which make it easy to read online font.

5) Impact

Impact Fonts
Impact font

The Impact CSS Font is the best option when you don’t want to write too many lines and want just a few short words. It is not suitable for creating large size documents.

6) Comic Sans MS

Comic Sans MS Fonts
Comic Sans MS Font

Comic Sans MS is a font for non-serious writing. It is mostly used to convey jokes, non-serious literature materials.

7) Trebuchet MS

Trebuchet MS Fonts
Trebuchet MS font

Microsoft originally designs trebuchet MS font in the mid-nineties. At that time, it was used by XP, Vista version.

8) Helvetica

Helvetica Fonts
Helvetica Font

Helvetica is one of the highly trusted web safe fonts. In designs, when other font falters, Helvetica make things better.

9) Arial-black

Arial-black Fonts
Article Black Font

Arial-black is a more advanced bigger, and bolder version of regular Arial fonts.

10) Garamond

Garamond Font
Garamond Font

Garamond is an old-school font which reminds us the style used in 16th century Paris. You will find this font in most of the windows devices.

11) Verdana

Verdana Fonts
Verdana Font

It is another favorite font which is equally useful on the web as well as print.

12) Bookman Old Style

Bookman Old Style Fonts
Bookman Old Style Font

Bookman font, which is also known as Bookman old style font, has a bold and starkly structure. It is an ideal font for the significant passage of small text.

13) Palatino

Palatino Font
Palatino Font

Palatino is another large font which is perfect for the web, traditionally used for heading and print-style advertisement.

14) Times

Times Fonts
Times Font

Times is an old newspaper print style font which you can see in a small size in narrow columns. This is a free font.

15) Courier

Courier is a default text for many emails provides and is virtually a universal font. The font is also widely used in coding and computer programming.


❓ What are Web Fonts?

Web Fonts are not installed in a user’s computer. They are downloaded in the browser and applied to text while rendering the page. They increase site load time and have limited CSS3 support, especially for older browsers.

💻 Which are the Best Web Safe Fonts?

Here is a list of the best Web Safe fonts:

  • Arial
  • Courier New
  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Impact
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Helvetica

❗ Why are Web Safe Fonts necessary?

In an ideal scenario, you should able to render any font for a website. However, there are restrictions to the type of fonts that you can use. Windows-based devices might have one group, and MacOS might have another group of font family. Google’s Android system uses its own as well. Most computer systems come with a set of fonts that are generally pre-installed by the manufacturers. However, their design might not be the same.

Your website may be beautifully designed with awesome looking fonts. However, it is useless if it is not loading correctly in the browser of your visitors. So, if the font that you are using was not installed on your system, then your website will revert to the generic font, which may be unreadable.

✅ Do I require to use Web Safe Fonts for my site?

Yes. Most sites use a “Font stack” wherein if the desired choice of font is not loaded/available on the user PC, the browser defaults to a web safe font.