How to Get a Virtual Business Address for LLC

A virtual address service provides a physical address for businesses without the need for a physical office space. This service is particularly beneficial for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), as it offers a professional image, privacy for personal addresses, and a consistent location for receiving mail.

Virtual services benefit LLCs by providing flexibility, cost savings on office space, and enhanced business credibility. However, some challenges include potential issues with mail handling reliability and limitations on the type of mail received.

Choosing the right virtual address for your business can offer numerous benefits. From enhancing your business’s professional image to ensuring privacy, virtual addresses provide a stable point of contact for clients.
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Best Virtual Business Address Services for LLC

Best Virtual Address Services Locations Cloud Storage Mail Items per month (Cheapest Plan) Link
iPostal1 3000+ locations In 50 US states Unlimited Free High-Speed Cloud Storage 30 mail items per month. Learn More
Traveling Mailbox 50+ Locations across the USA. Unlimited Cloud Storage 40 incoming items per month Learn More
Anytime Mailbox 2221 locations across 48 countries Free Unlimited Online Storage 60 per month Learn More
Northwest Available in 50 states in the USA Free storage for all documentation 5 to 10 mail forwards per year, based on office location. Learn More
Bizee (Incfile) Available in 50 states in the USA Free storage for all documentation Unlimited mail items per month. Learn More

How to Register a Virtual Business Address for an LLC?

Businesses can choose from various types of addresses for LLC registration, including traditional physical addresses, P.O. Boxes, and virtual addresses. Each has its pros and cons, with every virtual business address service offering the most flexibility and cost-effectiveness for many modern businesses.

LLCs can be registered using traditional methods, like visiting a state’s business registration office or through online platforms that streamline the process. The chosen method often depends on the state’s requirements and the business owner’s preference.

How-To Register an LLC Using a Virtual Address

For Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), choosing the right address is crucial for both legal compliance and practical business operations. Here are the recommended steps to follow when registering an LLC if you are using a virtual address.

Step 1) Research and choose virtual business address services that offer reliable facilities and comply with state regulations.

Step 2) Sign up for the virtual address service, providing the necessary information and documentation.

Step 3) When filling out LLC registration forms, use the virtual address as the business’s official address.

Step 4) Ensure that your LLC virtual address service includes mail forwarding and legal compliance features.

Registering an LLC with a virtual address is perfect for streamlining business operations, offering greater flexibility, and maintaining privacy. Hence making it an attractive option for many entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A virtual address is an effective solution for LLC registration, offering a blend of professionalism, privacy, and convenience. The process involves selecting a suitable address type and registering the LLC with state authorities. Ultimately, you can then use this address for all business-related activities.

Reasons to Use a Virtual Business Address

A virtual address offers a unique solution, blending flexibility with professionalism. Here are some key reasons why an LLC might choose a virtual official business address

1. Professional Image: A virtual business address in a prestigious location can enhance your company’s image and credibility.

2. Privacy Protection: Using a virtual address keeps your address private, safeguarding your home from being public business information.

3. Flexibility and Convenience: It allows you to manage business correspondence from anywhere, ideal for remote or mobile operations.

4. Cost-Effective: It’s more affordable than renting physical office space, reducing overhead costs.

5. Legal Compliance: Many states require a physical address for business registration, and a virtual address fulfills this requirement.

6. Global Reach: This virtual residential address provider allows businesses to build a presence in different locations without the need for physical relocation.

Can You Use a Virtual Address for LLC?

Yes, you can use a virtual address for your LLC. It offers a legitimate and stable address for business registration, legal correspondence, and official documentation. If the virtual address complies with state regulations and offers the necessary features for your LLC’s operational needs, having one is crucial.

Virtual Address For LLC

Selecting the right virtual address provider is key for LLCs looking to establish a professional and reliable presence. Here are our top 5 favorite options.

1) iPostal1

iPostal1 is renowned for its comprehensive virtual address services. It boasts an extensive network of locations, enabling businesses to have a presence in multiple areas with multiple virtual business addresses. The service integrates cloud storage solutions, making document handling and mail management more efficient.

iPostal1 offers a generous allowance of mail items per month, catering to businesses with varying mail volume needs. Additionally, it offers real street addresses in 50 US states.



  • Extensive Network: This virtual business address service offers more than 3000 physical locations for business addresses.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: iPostal1 facilitates easy storage and retrieval of documents with unlimited high-speed storage.
  • Generous Mail Handling: It allows at least 30 mail items per month.
  • Mail Forwarding Services: Using this business mailing address, you get options for your mail to be forwarded to different addresses.
  • Transmission: iPostal can automatically pack packages to any address internationally at attractive prices.
  • Virtual Mailbox: It enables online viewing and management of postal mail.
  • Customization Options: You can get tailored services to meet specific business needs.
  • Enhanced Security: This virtual mail center ensures the safety and confidentiality of mail and packages.


  • Provides legitimate physical street addresses as your mailing address.
  • Stores all your critical addresses for easy retrieval using the contact manager.
  • This business mail deposits your checks in banks by mail.


  • Pricing may be higher than some competitors.
  • Service availability can vary depending on location.


Here are the monthly pricing plans of iPostal1 for purchasing a virtual office address for LLC.

Plan Name Pricing
Virtual Mailing Address $9.99
Virtual Business Address $9.99
Virtual Office $39.99

Visit iPostal1 >>

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

2) Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is another excellent option for LLCs seeking a reliable virtual address service. Known for its versatility, this physical business address provider also has a user-friendly interface, and it caters to a wide range of requirements.

It also offers services like cloud storage and email alerts. Thus making it a go-to choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

Traveling Mailbox


  • 2FA and Face ID: 2FA and Face ID protect your account, preventing anyone from accessing it without your permission.
  • Easy Mail Management: It offers a user-friendly online portal for managing mail. Traveling Mailbox also opens, scans, forwards, and shreds your mail.
  • Additional Recipients: This service offers additional recipients to ensure your teams or business partners remain updated with the latest emails.
  • Email Notifications: You get email alerts upon the arrival of new mail or packages, thus ensuring timely updates.
  • Cloud Storage: All accounts offer unlimited high-speed cloud storage that helps store all the received mail easily.
  • Check Deposit Service: It facilitates the deposit of checks directly to your bank account, streamlining financial transactions.


  • Secure handling and shredding of sensitive mail.
  • It auto-identifies and takes action against any spam mail received.
  • Its Android and iOS apps help access received emails quickly.


  • Limited physical access to mail and packages
  • Monthly fees might be higher than some alternatives.


These are the pricing plans of Traveling Mailbox

Plan Name Pricing
Basic Plan $15
Extended Plan $25
Small Business Plan $55

Visit Traveling Mailbox

7-Day Money-back Guarantee

3) Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox stands out as a versatile and technologically advanced virtual mailbox service. It is ideal for LLCs that require flexibility and a wide range of features.

This virtual business address for LLC is an ideal choice for businesses that want to manage their postal needs online with efficiency. It emphasizes on digital convenience and a vast network of physical locations.

Anytime Mailbox


  • Extensive Location Network: With this virtual office address provider, you can set up local mailboxes for your LLC. It supports 48 countries with minimum expenses for receiving mail and legal communications.
  • Digital Mailbox: Once it receives mail, it enables you to view and manage your mail online through a digital mailbox interface.
  • Mail Scanning and Forwarding: It allows you to view and manage your mail with built-app alerts, text messages, and emails. You can do this whenever mail arrives or when the request action has been completed.
  • Multiple Devices: Anytime works on multiple devices, giving users secure and easy access to their work.
  • Package Acceptance: This business mail service is capable of receiving packages from all major carriers, adding a layer of convenience for businesses.
  • Customizable Plans: It offers a range of plans that can be customized to specifically suit your business requirements.


  • Secure handling and shredding of sensitive mail.
  • This business address for LLC offers efficient handling of a variety of mail and packages.
  • Includes check deposit services for easier financial transactions.


  • As per our review some locations might have limited service offerings.
  • Pricing can be on the higher end for premium features.


This official business address plans vary depending on the location you choose and the service you want to include. Anytime Mailbox is all about exploiting customization. That said, you can get the most basic plan for as low as $5.99. For more information on bigger or more complex packages, make sure to contact them or browse the services and locations on their website.

Visit Anytime Mailbox

Plan Starts at $5.00 per month

4) Northwest

Northwest is a well-regarded virtual address and registered agent service provider that offers real street addresses. It is known for its strong emphasis on privacy and exceptional customer support.

It caters primarily to LLCs and corporations looking for free virtual addresses for business, offering a blend of professional services with a personal touch. Therefore, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking for more than just a virtual mailbox.



  • Trademark Guarantee: This registered agent address provider protects your trademarks with advice from attorneys. It also prepares your application for trademark infringement, and serves as ownership protection.
  • Privacy by Default®: Northwest places a strong emphasis on protecting client privacy, a key feature for businesses concerned about data security.
  • Local Scanning: This free virtual business address scans all received mail locally, ensuring quick and efficient processing.
  • Same-Day Local Filings: It offers the ability to perform same-day filings in many states, which is crucial for time-sensitive documents.
  • Spaces: You get real-time month-to-month office lease spaces for all types of commercial and business activities.
  • Annual Compliance Notifications: It sends reminders about important filing dates and compliance requirements, helping businesses stay on track.


  • This virtual PO box address offers personalized customer support and tailored services.
  • Control access to critical business information with access control over documents.
  • Efficient handling of legal documents and filings.


  • Limited to the U.S., which may not suit international businesses.
  • Some services may be more oriented towards legal and compliance needs.


Here are the pricing plans of Northwest, it charges $29 per month for a US virtual office, and other plans include

Plan Name Pricing
Free Account $0 per month
LLC Formation Service Account $225 + state fees

Visit Northwest >>

90-Days Money-Back Guarantee

5) Bizee (Incfile)

Incfile now known as Bizee is a distinguished service provider known for its business formation. It offers virtual mailbox services catering especially to new LLCs and entrepreneurs.

This free virtual address for LLC offers a straightforward, user-friendly approach to setting up and managing a business. Hence, making it a favorite among startups and small businesses looking for comprehensive support beyond just a mailing address.



  • Customizable Design: Modern and simple dashboard with all business essentials, giving access to everything you need in one place.
  • Free Registered Agent Service: This United States postal service includes a free registered agent service for the first year of the business formation.
  • Mail Forwarding and Scanning: It offers mail forwarding and scanning services, allowing businesses to manage their postal mail digitally.
  • Customizable Plans: Incfile is best for acquiring various plans that cater to different levels of business needs.
  • Top-Notch Protection: All your mails are protected and encrypted with the latest AES standards and received over a secured TLS connection.
  • Compliance Alerts: It sends timely compliance alerts to help businesses stay in good standing with state regulations.


  • Offers comprehensive business formation services.
  • It has a free pricing plan which offers unlimited name searches
  • Fast and friendly 24/7 customer service with a dedicated specialist.


  • According to our review additional services beyond the free plan can be costly.
  • Business formation focus might not suit established businesses.


Here are the pricing plans of Incfile

Plan Name Pricing
Silver $0+ State Fees
Gold $199 +State Fees
Platinum $299+State Fees

Visit Bizee >>

24-Hours Money-Back Guarantee


A virtual address service provides a physical address for receiving mail and packages without the need for a physical office space. Virtual addresses often have additional services like mail forwarding and scanning.

Virtual address services benefit LLCs by offering a professional business address. It also maintains privacy, and reduces the cost of physical office space.

Consider factors such as location, cost, additional services offered, and compliance with state laws for business registration.


Choosing the right virtual address for your LLC registration is essential for blending professionalism, privacy, and convenience. After reviewing several services that offers virtual address for business, we recommend the following top three providers:

  • iPostal1: It caters to diverse mail volume needs and ensures security and confidentiality. iPostal1 is known for its extensive network and cloud storage integration.
  • Traveling Mailbox: Along with virtual business addresses, it offers a user-friendly interface with secure mail handling. Thus, its versatility makes it perfect for a variety of business needs.
  • Anytime Mailbox: Stands out for its digital convenience and extensive location network. It also offers flexibility and a range of customizable plans for users looking for virtual business addresses.

Best Virtual Business Address Services for LLC

Best Virtual Address Services Locations Cloud Storage Mail Items per month (Cheapest Plan) Link
iPostal1 3000+ locations In 50 US states Unlimited Free High-Speed Cloud Storage 30 mail items per month. Learn More
Traveling Mailbox 50+ Locations across the USA. Unlimited Cloud Storage 40 incoming items per month Learn More
Anytime Mailbox 2124 locations across 48 countries Free Unlimited Online Storage 60 per month Learn More
Northwest Available in 50 states in the USA Free storage for all documentation 5 to 10 mail forwards per year, based on office location. Learn More
Bizee (Incfile) Available in 50 states in the USA Free storage for all documentation Unlimited mail items per month. Learn More