10 BEST Virtual Business Address & Mailbox Service [May 2022]

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Virtual Mailbox is a digital mailbox service which you can access using a PC or mobile. Frequent travelers, startups, small businesses can use this service and to check their emails without physically access to their Mailbox.

There are many Virtual Mailbox services available in the market, and choosing one is difficult. Following is a handpicked list of Top Virtual Mailbox Services, with their popular features, pros and cons, and website links.

Best Virtual (Digital) Mailbox Service for Business and Travelers

1) iPostal1

Best for people looking for an extensive address range.

iPostal is a virtual mailbox service that contains an enormous range of locations to which they provide their services that is 2000+. It provides office buildings, virtual offices, and workspace globally. It also offers both a real street address and a Post box. It has unique and powerful features, real-time shipping rates, great values, and discounts, and you can even get your packages or mails received and stored at your mailing address.

#1 Editor's Choice
  • Monthly Fee: $9.99
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: 30
  • Storage: 2 GB secure cloud storage
  • Recipients: Business- 4 & personal – 5


  • Provides 2000+ global locations.
  • You can get an actual street address with your company or personal mailbox number.
  • Offers up to 10-days of free package storage.
  • Allows you to combine multiple packages into a single box to save shipping charges.
  • Offers a local pickup service, but some locations charge nominal fees to pick up mail or packages.
  • Automatically sends an Email alert on the arrival of mails.
  • It provides an unlimited online address book.
  • iPostal1 deposits check directly into your bank account.
  • Allows you to receive mail or package via any carrier like FedEx and UPS.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS devices
  • Mail Forwarding: Provides real-time shipping prices. You can select the carrier and level of service preferred.
Pros Cons
30-day money-back guarantee. Website UI is not user friendly
It offers 2 GB of secure cloud storage.
From their Discounted International Forwarding Locations page, you can save up to 80% on your international package forwarding.  
Allows a local pickup.  
Supports carriers like DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS  
Offers features like mailing a letter.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $9.99
Incoming Envelopes / Month: 30
Page Scans / Month:5
Mail Shredding: $2.25 for up to 10 pages, then $.25 per page
Storage:  2 GB secure cloud storage
Recipients: Business- 4 & personal – 5

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2) Anytime Mailbox

Best for those businesses which are operating outside the US.

Anytime Mailbox is one of the best mailbox services people use outside the US, as it offers many locations and services. It is one of the best virtual mailboxes that offers low-priced services, flexibility, and several other services. As it is partnered with an online notary platform called Notarize, it makes getting you a virtual post office box straightforward. It provides services to over 1400+ locations, including Asia, the USA, Canada, and various other countries.

#2 Top Pick
Anytime Mailbox
  • Monthly Fee: as low as $4.98/month, varies with locations.
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: 30
  • Storage: Free for 60 days, then 5 cents/item/day.
  • Recipients: 5


  • Services are available at 1,400+ locations.
  • Provides free unlimited storage service.
  • Allows 24/7 access to the Mailbox.
  • Gives unlimited local pickups.
  • Selection of the tax-free warehouse.
  • Every plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS.
  • Mail Forwarding services: Each at US$ 3.00, shipping fees will apply.
Pros Cons
Allows check deposits. Depending on the location, features are offered.
Provides free 30- day physical storage. Difficult to get an Anytime Mailbox location supporting check deposit service.
24/7 mail checking service.  
Accepts FedEx and DHL packages.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: as low as $4.98/month, varies with locations.
Incoming Envelopes / Month: 30
Page Scans / Month: 5
Mail Shredding: 5 (varies with locations)
Storage: Free for 60 days, then 5 cents/item/day.
Recipients: 5

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3) Incfile

Best for small businesses that receive a small number of mails, require privacy and want access to their international mails.

Incfile is a virtual mailbox that provides you with a fixed street address for your business, even if you don’t reside there. It also keeps your actual address private without any hassle. Incfile provides a secure and encrypted connection. It scans and uploads all your important emails to the secured portal.

#3 Top Pick
  • Monthly Fee: $114
  • Page Scans / Month: unlimited
  • Storage: No physical storage
  • Recipients: 2
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  • Provides a fixed street address to your business.
  • It offers service in 22 states of the U.S
  • Provides unlimited mail scanning.
  • Keep your real address private.
  • It offers a free registered Agent Service for the entire year.
  • Notifications are sent when the email is uploaded to your dashboard.
  • Mails can be viewed without installing any software.
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Mail Forwarding: Incfile does offer package and mail forwarding services, but only to your contact mailing address.
Pros Cons
Offers an address to the non-correspondence address. Does not offer physical package services.
Maintains privacy to your original address. Refund and cancellation policies are not easily accessible.
Review mail wherever you are.  
You can have up to 100 shareholders  
Offers mobility compatibility to view it on your mobile from anywhere.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $114
Page Scans / Month: unlimited
Mail Shredding: Yes
Storage: No physical storage
Recipients: 2

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4) Traveling Mailbox

Best for the Third-party integrations.

Traveling Mailbox is a feature-rich virtual mailbox service designed to provide a hassle-free, affordable, and reliable experience. It offers advanced technologies like OCR Software. It also has a unique feature like ScanPAK, using which you can save all your essential papers. It also allows you to send PDF documents to Google Drive, Bill.com, Dropbox, Evernote and many other cloud tools. You will get a notification on receiving every new mail or when you complete a task.

Traveling Mailbox
  • Monthly Fee: $15
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: 40
  • Storage: Unlimited cloud storage
  • Recipients: 3


  • Offers free mail shredding.
  • Provides a physical street address.
  • Your documents are processed before converting to PDFs.
  • Integrations with with their integrations.
  • It directly sends your checks to the bank on their arrival and gets them deposited.
  • You can send and receive the fax.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS devices
  • Mail Forwarding: Charge Postage + $2 Per Shipment+ shipping rates.
Pros Cons
Offers Third-party integrations Doesn’t offer a free version.
Offers parcel forwarding and receiving. Does not offer a physical pickup.
Provides unlimited cloud storage for your scanned mails and PDFs.  
They accept mail from all shippers.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $15
Incoming Envelopes / Month: 40
Page Scans / Month:35
Mail Shredding: Free
Storage: Unlimited cloud storage
Recipients: 3

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5) PostScan Mail

Best for package forwarding, letter mails, multi-user functionalities, small businesses, and travelers.

PostScan mail is the virtual mailbox service that provides complete control of your mails and packages. This virtual mailbox service is designed for business and personal use. It presents several features like package forwarding, unlimited cloud storage for online mail management, local pickups, etc.

It is entirely robust and provides services to 400+ locations. You can also add multiple users to a single account, where each user has its own individual access with their secure password.

PostScan Mail
  • Monthly Fee: $15
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Storage: Mail storage
  • Recipients: 1


  • Offers services to 400+ locations.
  • Complete indexing of the sender’s information.
  • Provides a sortable mail management grid.
  • Scans your contents and can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Allows you to add multiple recipient names and user accounts.
  • Offers free physical storage for the first 7- days.
  • It offers discounted mail and package forwarding with real-time shipping rates and tracking.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS devices
  • Mail Forwarding: $2 for the first item, then $0.50 cents per additional item plus the shipping cost.
Pros Cons
They can receive mail and packages on behalf of the customer Currently, they do not offer any fax services.
Unlimited recycling of junk mail filtering. Do not offer check deposit services.
They accept mails from USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx.  
Unlimited cloud storage.  
They provide an automated inbound mail scanning feature.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $15
Free Trial: 30 days
Incoming Envelopes / Month: 30
Page Scans / Month: 5
Mail Shredding: $1 for the first 10 pages, then $.15cents per additional page.
Storage:  Mail storage: first 30 days are free; physical storage: first 7 days are free
Recipients: 1, and for the additional recipients, $5 per month.

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6) Alliance Virtual Offices

Best for those looking for a virtual office, startups, and small companies.

Alliance Virtual Offices is a virtual mailbox and business address service provider that helps you build your virtual office from their network of 1200+ global locations. It helps you to save money, work flexibly and innovatively grow your business. It provides an Easy Mail Management service via which you can quickly receive or send mails to your choice of destination.

Alliance Virtual Offices
  • Monthly Fee: $49
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: 5
  • Storage: 10GB
  • Recipients: 2
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  • Offers 1200+ global locations
  • Allows you to receive unlimited envelopes at the location.
  • Provides you a commercial business address.
  • You can receive unlimited letters.
  • Streamlines your business mails.
  • It allows you to collaborate professionally and make the right impression.
  • You will get private, professional meeting rooms by the hour.
  • Mobile App: No
  • Mail Forwarding: Supports mail forwarding with additional charges.
Pros Cons
Commercial business address. Does not provide mail scanning and shredding features.
Business phone number
Unlimited incoming envelopes  
Provides frequent mail forwarding service.  
Allows local pickups.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $49
Incoming Envelopes / Month: 5
Page Scans / Month:5
Mail Shredding: Yes
Storage:  10GB
Recipients: 2

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7) Business Anywhere

Best for travelers, nomads, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Business Anywhere, a virtual mailbox service, provides a personalized dashboard where your company can scan and upload their physical mails. Upon signing up, you will be offered a physical address for your emails. It is the most accessible, affordable, and modern virtual mailbox platform.

Business Anywhere
  • Monthly Fee: $20
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: Unlimited
  • Storage: Stores packages and mail for up to 60 days.
  • Recipients: 2


  • Allows you to remotely get your documents notarized.
  • It filters all the junk mail.
  • Provides a personalized dashboard.
  • You don’t need a mailing address to use their services.
  • The dashboard is accessible from PCs, laptops, and tablets.
  • It offers worldwide mail and package forwarding.
  • Mobile App: Do not offer a mobile app.
  • Mail Forwarding: Yes, it does offer. But there are certain charges on it.
Pros Cons
Allows notarization of documents. Does not offer local pickups.
Unlimited mail scanning. Does not have send/receive fax feature.
It provides unlimited mail shredding.  
Personalized dashboard feature.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $20
Incoming Envelopes / Month: Unlimited
Page Scans / Month: Unlimited
Mail Shredding: Unlimited
Storage: Stores packages and mail for up to 60 days.
Recipients: 2

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8) Earth Class Mail

Best for startups, small companies, and businesses dealing with sensitive content.

Earth Class Mail is a virtual mailbox service that allows you to upload your mails and papers to cloud storage devices such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. It ensures that all your emails are received, stored, and organized safely by the company’s HIPAA- certified professionals. It offers 80+ U.S addresses, and everything digitally is secured with a 256-bit encryption facility, ensuring that all your emails are safe.

Earth Class Mail
  • Monthly Fee: $19
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: 50
  • Storage: First 30 days of free physical mail storage
  • Recipients: 1


  • With the CheckStream feature, your checks are deposited automatically.
  • It helps you to integrate checks into accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks Online.
  • Provides free and unlimited cloud storage.
  • It has a scanning feature that helps you to convert paper documents into digital documents.
  • It allows you to route postal mail to Earth Class Mail using a virtual address.
  • It enables you to use UPS shipping labels to send paper.
  • Offers the first 30 days of free physical mail storage.
  • High-resolution mail scanning with OCR software.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS devices
  • Mail Forwarding: Supports mail forwarding anywhere.
Pros Cons
Offers free mail shredding. Provides only 1 recipient.
Provides automated check deposit services. Has limited features
Has a free trial  
Offers free package storage for 10-days.  
It has a mobile app.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $19
Incoming Envelopes / Month: 50
Page Scans / Month: 20 pages, $0.10 per page for black and white scanned documents, and $0.15 per page for color scanned documents over 20 pages.
Mail Shredding: Free
Storage:  First 30 days of free physical mail storage and 10 days of free package storage.
Recipients: 1

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9) USA2me

Best for Small businesses, enterprises, and Freelancers.

USA2me is the mail forwarding service that enables you to send or receive any item within the USA without any hassle. You can easily manage your emails with the help of the mail manager feature. Each mail forwarding account has access to its own Mail Manager feature, which allows you to see your inbox’s order and contents, request shipments and bills, and discard any unwanted items.

  • Monthly Fee: $10
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: Unlimited
  • Storage: 45 days of free storage period.
  • Recipients: You can have up to 5 additional names in the account


  • You can customize your account and shipping settings.
  • Requires a one-time set fee, according to plans.
  • It enables you to order scan documents for urgent review.
  • Assists with your online purchasing.
  • It can fulfill your order with no hassle.
  • Provides 45 days of free storage period.
  • They can only receive a fax for your account. The fax fee is $3.
  • You need to go to the Houston location for local pickup, and the pickup fee is $15 for the first or partial pound and $1 for every additional pound.
  • Mobile App: Does not have a mobile app.
  • Mail Forwarding: Supports mail forwarding in the USA only.
Pros Cons
Offers a basic free trial Does not offer a check deposit service.
Free junk mail removal. The mail scanning is chargeable.
Gives you an address in the USA  
Unlimited incoming envelopes service.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $10
Incoming Envelopes / Month: Unlimited
Page Scans / Month: Scan is an additional service, and the cost is $3 per scan/item up to 6 pages and $1 for every additional page.
Mail Shredding: On the Standard plan and above, the discard is free
Storage:  45 days of free storage period.
Recipients: You can have up to 5 additional names in the account, and all must complete the verification process.

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10) MyCompanyWorks

Best for entrepreneurs

MyCompanyWorks is a virtual mailbox provider that enables you to easily get postal mail, FedEx, and USPS packages. It gives you several other services like lifetime access to My Account Dashboard, scanning of documents, and much more.

  • Monthly Fee: $59
  • Incoming Envelopes / Month: Unlimited
  • Storage: They can hold mail for up to 6 months.
  • Recipients: Generally limited to members, managers, officers, and directors.
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  • Offers 5GB of cloud storage
  • Provides unlimited inbound phone calls.
  • You can develop your logo for free.
  • Provides free E-Delivery.
  • Offers unlimited name availability searches.
  • Local pickup is possible if scheduled in advance.
  • Mobile App: Their website is mobile-friendly, but they do not currently have an app.
  • Mail Forwarding: Domestic clients are forwarded weekly, every Friday. International is forwarded monthly on the last Friday of the month.
Pros Cons
$250,000+ discounts and rewards Does not have services like check deposits.
Provides unlimited email and call support.
Manage your emails online with ease.  
Services like same business day processing of your account.  

Key Specs:

Monthly Fee: $59
Incoming Envelopes / Month: Unlimited, but postage will be required to forward all mail that weighs over the standard 1st class mail limit.
Page Scans / Month: 50 pages per month included, $ 0.50 per page after that.
Mail Shredding: They generally forward all mails but can shred certain pieces upon request.
Storage:  They can hold mail for up to 6 months. Anything beyond that can incur storage fees depending on the amount of mail held.
Recipients: Generally limited to members, managers, officers, and directors. Additional companies named will incur an additional $10 per month charge per company.

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❓ What is a Virtual Mailbox Address?

Virtual Mailbox Address is a real street address of the Virtual Mailbox owner with a personal box number using which one can receive, forward, pick up or discard the mails and packages.

✅ Which are the Best Virtual Mailbox Service?

Here are some of the Best Virtual Mailbox Services:

💻 How Does Virtual Mailbox Work?

A Virtual Mail works as:

  • A user needs to create an account and need to choose a Virtual mailbox plan according to their needs.
  • After that, the user needs to choose a private mailbox address which is a real street address where the mails and packages are received
  • Each user gets a unique mailbox number.
  • Once user gets a unique mailbox number, they can receive and manage their mails via Computer, tablet, or a smartphone