VBA String Operators

String data is used to hold data that is made up of numbers, characters, and symbols. "Jul-2015" is an example of a string data. It is made up of

  • Characters (Jul)
  • Symbol (-)
  • Numbers (2015)

String operators are used to manipulate string data. For example, you can concatenate the value of July-2015 from the first 3 letters of the month and the year like "Jul-2015".

The following table shows the concatenation string operator.

S/N Operator Description Example Output
1 & Concatenate: This operator is used to concatenate strings together "John " & "Doe" John Doe

Example Source Code

VBA Operators

MsgBox "John " & "Doe", vbOKOnly, "Concatenate Operator"

Executing the above code produces the following result

VBA Operators

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