How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID

Apple implements one of the best security measures to protect its products. Unauthorized access is almost impossible when you lock your iPhone with a passcode or Face ID. Such robust security standards are always welcome unless you lock yourself out of your phone.

Forgetting the phone password is normal, and you might not have set the face ID. If you are locked out of your phone, no need to worry. Apple gives a few inbuilt solutions. In this tutorial, you will learn those techniques and hacks to unlock an iPhone without passcode or Face ID.

Key Takeaways

You can bypass iPhone passcode with the help of iTunes, Find My app, or Depending on the iOS version, you will see the Erase iPhone or Forgot Password option on the lock screen. Siri and Apple Watch let you access the device without losing data. Putting the iPhone into Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode is one of the easiest ways to enter the iPhone. Lastly, you can seek help from a third-party tool such as UnlockGo, go to the repair shop, or contact Apple Support.


Method 1: How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with UnlockGo

Third-party apps allow you to unlock your iPhone without passcode or face ID. However, unreliable tools can also damage the device and its data. You should use an iPhone unlocker like iToolab UnlockGo, which has received excellent expert reviews and customer feedback.

UnlockGo can bypass any lock screen, including a code, password, Touch ID, and Face ID. The tool always keeps up with the iPhone’s security advancement. You can access some UnlockGo features for free, but a premium membership is required to bypass the screen lock. Moreover, you do not need technical knowledge to use the iPhone unlocker.

Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with UnlockGo


  • Platforms: iToolab UnlockGo has separate programs for both mobile operating systems, which work on Windows and MacOS.
  • Supports: You can unlock the screen of any device running up to Android 14 and iOS 17.
  • Bypass Any Barrier: Bypass the activation lock, Password, code, Touch ID, and Face ID without the previous owner.
  • Change Lock: The iPhone Unlocker allows you to change the passcode after breaking in.
  • Fix Disabled issue: You may see the iPhone or Apple ID is disabled error, which UnlockGO can fix.
  • Face ID Issue: Fix the ‘Face/Touch ID can’t be recognized’ error on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • Remove Apple ID: The tool can remove the Apple ID linked to the phone.
  • Turn Off FMI: Employ UnlockGo to disable the Find My Device feature on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Bypass MDM: It is the best way to bypass Mobile Device management (MDM).

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Here are the steps to unlock iPhone without face iD or Passcode:

Step 1) Download iToolab UnlockGo iPhone Unlocker from the website. Run it and click the Unlock Screen Passcode tab.

Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with UnlockGo

Step 2) Connect your phone to the computer via the lighting cable and hit Start.

Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with UnlockGo

Step 3) Click on the Download button for the matching firmware package. (Ensure your device is connected to the internet)

Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with UnlockGo

Step 4) After the firmware download, unlock your iPhone.

The process could take a couple of minutes. iPhone will reboot automatically. You may set it up as a new device. Alternatively, restore the last backup from iCloud or iTunes.

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Method 2: How to Bypass iPhone Passcode With iTunes

iTunes is the best way to unlock iPhone without code by restoring factory settings. You will use its computer program, which is available for Windows and MacOS. iTunes can unlock the iPhone without losing data. You can also create a backup to protect the data.

Here are steps to unlock an iPhone without a passcode using iTunes:

Step 1) Get iTunes from the Apple Site, according to your OS. Then Open it.

Bypass iPhone Passcode With iTunes

Step 2) Open the recovery mode screen on your mobile device:

  • iPhone 8 and Later: Use the Side button.
  • iPhone 7 series: Use the Volume Down button.
  • Other iPhone Models: Use the Home button.

Step 3) Hold the button and plug your iPhone into the computer. Choose Restore iPhone with all the data and factory settings.

Bypass iPhone Passcode With iTunes

Method 3: Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using Find My app

Nobody would like to lose their iPhone data. But you may prefer losing it when choosing between data and being locked out of the phone. Find My feature unlocks the iPhone while removing everything on the device.

This method works if the Find My feature is enabled on the iPhone and you have another iOS device linked to the same Apple ID.

Here are steps to unlock your iPhone with Find My app:

Step 1) Access Find My app on the iOS device linked to the same Apple ID. Navigate to the Devices tab.

Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using Find My app

Step 2) Locate and tap on the locked iPhone.

Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using Find My app

Step 3) Hit the Erase This Device button at the bottom.

Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using Find My app

Step 4) Under the Erase iPhone heading, read the description. Then hit Continue.

Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using Find My app

Your iPhone will restart automatically. All the data and the Lock screen will vanish from the device.

Method 4: How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID From the Lock Screen

Choosing Erase iPhone is the easiest way to unlock the iPhone without passcode, wifi, or computer. You can only access this function on devices running iOS 15.2 or a newer version. In this method, you only need to enter the Apple ID password.

Here are steps to bypass the iPhone lock screen with Apple ID:

Step 1) Enter the wrong Lock screen passcode until you see iPhone Unavailable and try again in 30 seconds.

Step 2) Hit the Erase iPhone option at the bottom.

Step 3) Tap Erase iPhone again to confirm deleting all content and settings.

Step 4) Type the password of the Apple ID linked to the device.

All the data will be erased. You can then set up a new passcode, face ID, or touch ID.

Method 5: Unlock Screen Passcode from

Some people do not share the Apple ID with other devices. For them, is the perfect solution. All you need to do is sign in to the same iCloud account and access the Find My feature. It will erase iPhone data and remove the screen lock.

Here are steps to remove the iPhone passcode with

Step 1) Go to on your PC or mobile browser. Use your Apple ID and password to log in.

Unlock Screen Passcode from

Note: You will receive the OTP through text if the two-factor authentication is active. Check it on the lock screen of your iPhone.

Step 2) Scroll and move to the Find My app.

Unlock Screen Passcode from

Step 3) Under All Devices, select the locked device.

Unlock Screen Passcode from

Step 4) Click Erase This Device to confirm and provide the Apple ID password.

Unlock Screen Passcode from

Method 6: Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode via Siri

Unlock iPhone with the voice control feature present in iOS. Siri lets you access your iPhone without providing a screen code, face ID, or even an Apple ID password.

Here are steps to open your iPhone with Siri:

Step 1) Press and hold the home button to activate Siri. You can also use the Hey Siri feature.

Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode via Siri

Step 2) Say, “What time is it now?” and it will show the current time on your screen. Tap on the clock widget.

Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode via Siri

Step 3) Hit the “+” icon in the World Clock tab to add a new time zone.

Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode via Siri

Step 4) Type random words in the search and select them through a long press.

Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode via Siri

Step 5) Choose Share, which will take you to the message window.

Step 6) Enter something in the “To” tab and hit the “+” icon.

Step 7) Go to Create a new Contact and enter the details.

Step 8) Tap on Add Photo to open the gallery.

Step 9) Hit the Home button while in the Photos library.

With this, you will end up inside your iPhone. The lock screen is bypassed successfully.

Method 7: How to Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch

Unlock your iPhone from the Apple Watch without entering passcode or face ID. Moreover, you do not have to worry about losing data using this technique.

Here are a few prerequisites for unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch:

  • Locked iPhone has aFace ID feature and runs iOS 14.5 or Later.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 or newer running WatchOS 7.4 or Later.
  • Unlock with Apple Watch is enabled from the iPhone settings.
  • Both devices are paired.
  • The watch and iPhone have Bluetooth turned on.
  • Passcode and wrist detection are active for the Apple Watch.
  • You should have the watch on your wrist.
  • You need to wear a mask, sunglasses, or ski goggles.

Here are steps to unlock iPhone without passcode or face ID using Apple Watch:

Step 1) Wake up your iPhone and swipe up.

Step 2) Keep your Apple watch unlocked.

Step 3) While on the passcode window, look at your iPhone. It will open automatically.

Once done, you will receive the message “Unlocked by this Apple Watch” on your watch.

Method 8: Try Device Firmware Update (DFU) Mode to Access iPhone

DFU mode on iPhone gives you access to the device to install firmware software updates. It is primarily used for downgrading iOS. However, you can use this method to restore iPhone and bypass the passcode or face ID lock.

Here are steps to bypass the lock screen with DFU mode:

Step 1) Plug your mobile into the computer and open the iTunes software.

Step 2) Turn off your iPhone. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for up to 10 seconds.

Step 3) Your iPhone will show up on your computer. Use iTunes to restore the device.

Method 9: How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID or Computer

With the launch of iOS 17, Apple has introduced a new password reset option on iPhones. Remember that it only benefits you if you have changed the passcode within the last 72 hours. Moreover, you will need to provide the previous passcode.

Here are steps to begin resetting your password on iOS 17:

Step 1) Try different passcodes until you see the iPhone Unavailable screen.

Step 2) Select the ‘Forgot Passcode?’ option at the bottom and hit the Enter Previous Passcode button.

Step 3) Type the previous password and select Passcode Options to reset.

Method 10: Take the iPhone to the Repair Shop

If you fail to fix your iPhone on your own, take it to the repair shop. The technician at the repair shop will also be using one of the solutions explained in this article. However, due to their experience in the field, they can diagnose and fix the issue quicker than the general public.

Method 11: How to Open a Locked iPhone by Calling Apple Support

You may be uncomfortable trying the methods provided in the article or taking your iPhone to a repair shop. Then, calling Apple support is your last resort. It could be difficult, but it is the most secure method.

In order to ensure that the device is not stolen, Apple support will verify that you are the owner of the phone. You may need to provide the receipt, mobile box, or the warranty card.

When Do You Need to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID?

Understanding when you need iPhone unlocking without a password or face ID is essential. It will help you find the right unlocking technique.

Here are a few common reasons:

  • Forgot iPhone Passcode: You do not remember the code you set a few days ago.
  • Broken Screen: Your iPhone screen is broken, and now you cannot enter the passcode.
  • Face ID is Not Available: Due to a system error, the face ID is not working, or you forgot to set it up.
  • Disabled iPhone: After entering the wrong password several times, it shows the iPhone is disabled error.
  • Someone Changed the Passcode: You told someone your iPhone password, and they changed it.
  • Bought a Second-Hand iPhone: You purchased a phone from someone without resetting it, and there is a screen lock.


You can unlock a locked iPhone using options like reset iPhone or Forgot Password. iCloud and iTunes also enable you to access the iOS device, but you will have to lose data. You can unlock your iPhone with the help of an Apple Watch. There are several third-party iPhone Unlockers available that you can try.

You cannot bypass the iPhone Face ID lock with a picture. Some phone brands use cheap face recognition technology, which is easy to fool. On the other hand, Apple has installed a cutting-edge TrueDepth camera in the iPhone that maps your face with 3D technology. Since photos are 2D, they cannot unlock the iPhone.