How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone (Bypass)

Apple protects your data with different security barriers on the iPhone. The iCloud activation lock thwarts outsiders from accessing your mobile. You can activate this lock by turning on the Find My iPhone feature.

Employing safety protocols seems harmless until you are on the other side of the door. Unlocking the device is tricky if you have bought a used iPhone with an activation lock or forgot your iCloud credentials. In this tutorial, you will find all the solutions to remove the iCloud activation lock on iPhone/iPad.

Method 1: How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone without Password?

Secondhand iPhone users face the activation lock hurdle while logging in to the phone. Especially with the iOS 15 update, it shows the “iPhone Locked to Owner” message after rebooting. Things get worse when you cannot reach the guy from whom you bought the device.

If you are wondering how to remove an activation lock without a previous owner, try using any of these third-party tools. However, before getting started with it, remember it involves jailbreaking. In this process, you will remove the barriers that guard your phone from probable threats.

1) UnlockGo

Best iPhone Activation Lock Removal Tool

UnlockGo is a complete package from iTooLab, allowing you to bypass any security barrier on an iOS device. You may download this tool from the website and use it on your PC. Activation Lock Removal is available for both Windows and MacOS. iToobLab UnlockGo also lets you delete the Apple ID to enjoy using the iPhone with full control.



  • Supports/Compatibility: The tool works fine with all the devices from iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 15. You can jailbreak any devices running on iOS 12 or later versions.
  • Bypass Any Obstacle: Unlocks iOS devices with activation lock screen, Password, code, Touch ID, or Face ID.
  • Disable Find My iPhone: All-in-one lock remover lets you disable the Find My iPhone without the previous owner.
  • Availability: Besides iOS, UnlockGo is also present for Android users.
  • Change ID: You can change the iCloud account after jailbreaking your iPhone.
  • Free Trial: In the trial, it offers limited access to the tool. However, free removal of the iCloud activation lock is not available.

Visit UnlockGo >>

Here are the steps for iPad activation lock removal without a password:

Step 1) Download UnlockGo (iPhone Unlocker) from the website.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: UnlockGo

Step 2) Run the program on your PC and go to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: UnlockGo

Step 3) Check the Terms of Use and hit the Start button.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: UnlockGo

Step 4) Plug the iOS device into the PC using a USB cable. The Process to download a suitable Jailbreak package will begin.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: UnlockGo

Step 5) After completion, select the Jailbreak option. Follow the instructions and put your iPhone into DFU mode.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: UnlockGo

Step 6) Following the successful jailbreak, click on Remove.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: UnlockGo

UnlockGo will bypass the activation lock. Hit the Done button and log in with a new ID on your iPhone.

2) Dr.Fone

Remove iCloud Activation Lock Without Password

Dr.Fone is a reliable tool to unlock iPhone activation locks. The iCloud remover comes from the famous software company Wondershare. With Dr.Fone, unlocking the iPhone is fast and easy. You can use it without assistance, as it requires no technical knowledge.



  • No Need for Password: You do not need a password to unlock your iPhone with this iCloud lock removal.
  • Fix disabled iPhone: Dr.Fone unlocks the device without iTunes, even when you see the “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” message.
  • OS Support: Use Windows or MacOS running PC to download the iPhone password unlocker.
  • Unlock ScreenLock: Bypass all types of screen locks with the help of Dr.Fone.
  • Remove MDM: The previous owner of your iPhone can control it with Mobile Device Management (MDM). Eliminate the remote or local MDM using the Wondershare tool.

Visit Dr.Fone >>

Here are the steps to use Dr.Fone’s Apple activation lock removal:

Step 1) Get the software from the website and run it on your computer.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Step 2) Under the Toolbox, go to Screen Unlock.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Step 3) Select iOS to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Step 4) Navigate to iCloud Activation Lock Removal.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Step 5) Click on Start and connect your device using a USB cable.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Step 6) Hit the Unlock Now button after confirming the device information.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Note: The GSM device’s owner can enjoy calling and messages. However, CDMA device users will lose this functionality.

Step 7) Jailbreak your device by following the guide.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Step 8) Upon completion of the jailbreak, hit agree and begin activation lock bypass.

Use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools: Dr.Fone

Click Done and unplug your iPhone from the computer. Now, replace the old iCloud ID with a new one.

Method 2: Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Some iPhone users may not prefer using third-party tools and jailbreaking to bypass the activation lock. If you are one of them, you can try the DNS hack. Changing the Domain Name Server can remove iCloud lock and give you complete control of your device.

The method only works on iOS 10 and later versions. Sometimes, even if you meet the requirements, it does not fix the problem. But since it only requires tweaking your iPhone settings, what’s the harm in giving it a shot?

Here are the steps to remove the iCloud activation lock with DNS:

Step 1) Reboot your iOS device. Select Country and language.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Step 2) Open the Wi-Fi settings.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Step 3) Tap the “i” icon next to the network you wish to connect to.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Step 4) Under DNS, tap on Configure DNS.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Step 5) Select Manual and Delete all the addresses from the list.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Step 6) Click on the + sign to Add Server option.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad via DNS

Step 7) Choose and enter any of these IP addresses according to your location:

  • USA/North America:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Australia, Africa, and other areas:

Step 8) Go back and connect to the Wi-Fi network. iPhone will try to activate. Hit back and enjoy using your device without an activation lock.

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Method 3: Initiate an Activation Lock Support Request from Apple.

Recognizing the issue, the tech giant comes for help when you fail to unlock the device. Apple will let you bypass iCloud lock if the previous owner is unavailable, or you forgot the credentials.

However, you will have to prove your ownership of the phone. Here are a few things that Apple may ask.

  • Purchase Receipt for the new iPhone.
  • Mobile Box
  • IMEI Number

Apple will review your case and do some necessary checks. It will make sure there is no report of this phone being missing or stolen. After verification, it will remove the iCloud activation lock. You can change the iCloud ID and have access to all the features.

Method 4: iCloud Activation Lock Removal via iCloud ID and Reset Password

Forgetting login credentials is normal. Therefore, you will always find the “Forgot your Password” link on the login page of every service. iOS devices are no different. You can regain your iCloud account even if you do not remember the details.

There are a few ways to find email and password. First, let’s talk about how to learn what ID you use for iCloud. Getting the email address first is also necessary, as it is required to reset the password.

Find iCloud Email Address:

Apple lets you create an account with an email from a different service provider. You should check the inbox of all the emails you own. You will find messages from iCloud if you use any of these email addresses for your iOS device.

The second method to retrieve the iCloud ID is searching for it on another gadget. For instance, if you have a Mac or use iTunes on Windows, check the ID you use to log in on these devices.

Reset Apple ID Password:

Once you get the iCloud email address, reset the password by following these simple steps:

Step 1) Download the Apple Support app on another Apple device.

Reset Apple ID Password

Step 2) Scroll to the Support Tools and hit Reset Password.

Reset Apple ID Password

Step 3) Tap on the “A different Apple ID” option.

Reset Apple ID Password

Step 4) Provide your Apple ID and hit Next.

Reset Apple ID Password

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the password resetting process.

Method 5: Ask the Previous Owner to Unlock the iPhone Activation Lock

Having the previous owner beside you while setting up the iPhone helps avoid hassle. Also, it is essential to go through the mobile before purchasing. Below, you will find three ways to fix the activation issue with the previous owner:

Enter Login Details:

Reboot your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in front of the seller. Ask them to enter the details if it shows an iCloud activation lock screen. After you log in, delete their account and reset it once again.

Enter Passcode:

iPhone activation unlock is possible without entering the iCloud credentials. Under the input fields, you will see the “Unlock with Passcode” link. It works when you use the same ID on multiple devices. You may know the feature as Two-factor authentication.

When you proceed with this method, it sends a passcode to the previous owner. Enter that code in the box to access the device.

Remove Device From Find My iPhone:

Remove the iPhone Activation Lock without a password by asking the previous owner to delete your device from their iCloud. In this process, they must log in to and exclude their old device from the “Find My” list.

Method 6: Try Online Services to Remove / Bypass the iCloud Activation Lock

Many paid online services are also available to help you eliminate the activation lock. Services like these require you to provide the IMEI number to do this work. Free iCloud activation lock removal is difficult to find. However, before making the payment, ensure it is not a scam.

Here are a few things that can help you learn if it is a scam or not:


  • Positive reviews about the service on the website, forums, blogs, and social media.
  • Business information, including address and contact details, are displayed.
  • It offers a money-back guarantee.


  • The service provider is unsure how long the process will take.
  • No or bad feedback.


Yes, bypassing the activation lock is possible on an iPhone. Enter your email and password, or ask the previous owner to remove your device from their iCloud. You can also ask them to send the passcode. Remember to reset the device when you access your secondhand phone.

You can remove the iCloud activation lock with a jailbreak. However, jailbreaking on an iPhone is only feasible if you use a reliable tool. Most Apple activation lock removal fails due to its robust security standards. Do some research and use the tool that has received good reviews.