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There are many MongoDB management tools available in the market. These tools can improve the productivity of your MongoDB development and admin tasks. Here is the list of most popular MongoDB tools for your business with it's top features, use, and download link.

1) NoSQLBooster

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB (formerly MongoBooster) is a popular shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB. Free edition is available now.


  • Build-in language service knows all possible completions, methods, properties, variables, key words, even the MongoDB collection names, field names and operators.
  • Run SQL SELECT Query against MongoDB. SQL support includes functions, expressions, aggregation for collections with nested objects and arrays.
  • Assemble npm packages like building blocks in your MongoDB shell script.
  • Translate MongoDB queries (find, aggregate or SQL query) to various target languages: MongoDB Shell, JavaScript (Node.js), Java, C# and Python.
  • Visual query builder tp create statements even without the knowledge of the MongoDB shell commands syntax.

2) MongoDB Compass:

MongoDB Compass is another effective too. It provides users with a graphical view of their MongoDB schema without the need of query language. It also analyses documents and displays rich structures inside this intuitive GUI.


  • The tool allows to explore data visually
  • MongoDB Compass analyzes documents and displays rich structures within one collection using Run ad-hoc queries in seconds
  • Supports quick insight into server status and query performance
  • Allows to view query performance
  • A better approach to CRUD makes it easier to interact
  • It helps users to take decisions about indexing, document validation, and more
  • No need to write command line

Download link: https://www.mongodb.com/products/compass

3) Studio 3T:

Studio 3T is another useful tool for developers to work with MongoDB. This tool allows users to explore their local database or to work with shards and replica sets.


  • Full compatibility with current and legacy releases of MongoDB
  • Built-in drag & drop search support to create and find complex queries
  • Secure connections for single MongoDB instances and replica sets
  • Copy and paste documents across servers and databases
  • Intelligently Explore MongoDB Data
  • Effortlessly Compare and Synchronize Data
  • Managing MongoDB users
  • Real-time visual overview of various server operations

Download link: https://studio3t.com

4) Nucleon Database Master:

Nucleon Database Master is one of the most powerful and easy to use MongoDB database administration, and management tool. It simplifies managing, monitoring, querying, editing, visualizing relational NoSQL DBMS.


  • Support for JSON/LINQ/SQL Query Editor
  • It offers powerful and intuitive SQL, LINQ and JSON query editor
  • The tool provides notable features like code highlighting, code completion and text find and replace
  • The users can export data into file formats like XML, HTML, MS Office, CSV, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, XPS, JSON, dBase, and PNG
  • It provides dynamic C# Scripting query editor which supports Linq to MongoDB and Linq to Dataset
  • It allows importing data from XML, CSV, and SQL Script files without any size limit.

Download link: http://nucleonsoftware.com/downloads

5) NoSQL Manager:

This MongoDB GUI tool merges friendly UI and Shell power. It offers high performance with support for all the MongoDB and MongoDB Enterprise latest features. It also saves time for database developers and administrators.


  • Fully featured MongoDB GUI Shell with code autocompletion, and syntax highlighting
  • It offers support for replica sets, standalone hosts and sharded clusters connections
  • Editor comes with three views Tree, Table, and JSON view modes
  • Easy-to-use document viewer
  • File Manager Tool to work with GridFS
  • Simple view and management option for all types of MongoDB objects
  • Import tables from MySQL and SQL Server databases
  • Multiple Mongo host database connections
  • Export documents to CSV, XML, XLSX, and JSON file formats

Download link: https://www.mongodbmanager.com/download

6) Mongo Management Studio:

Mongo Management Studio is another effective tool for MongoDB management. It is possible to execute all the regular MongoDB commands without using the MongoDB shell.


  • Mongo Management Studio is cross-platform, so it runs on all major systems
  • It offers support for MongoDB 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.4
  • The app allows connecting to remote MongoDB databases using an SSH tunnel
  • With Mongo Management Studio, it is possible to read and write to GridFS collections
  • It offers a complete documentation of all features by explaining MongoDB related topics
  • With its inline edit feature, it is possible to do data manipulation on the fly

Download link: http://mms.litixsoft.de

7) MongoJS Query Analyzer:

MongoJS Query Analyzer is MongoDB JavaScript editor. It allows users to execute JavaScript commands. The tool provides supports for auto completion and syntax highlighting.


  • The JavaScript statements and queries run within a MongoDB shell command line interface. It can also be typed and executed
  • The MongoJS Query Analyzer allows users to view the results in a tree hierarchy, grid and as a text result
  • The MongoJS Pretty Print JSON feature allows displaying the JSON result in an easy to read format
  • It displays query results in several ways; as text, text history, grid, and pivot grid.
  • The contents of the Query Analyzer can be saved in different ways and formats

Download link: http://www.aquafold.com/aquadatastudio.html

8) Nosqlclient:

Nosqlclient is another effective MongoDB management tool. It is an effortless way to manage MongoDB database. Its emphasis on end user's requests, and allows them to use full capabilities of modern browsers as well as desktop apps.


  • It's free and an open source tool
  • Update, delete and insert data without need of using queries
  • Live RAM, CPU, read/write and active/queued charts
  • Supports LDAP, GSSAPI, and Xs09
  • Analyse schema and see its structure
  • Use extended JSON in place of BSON
  • Auto filed name completion for collections
  • Dump restore for test MongoDB deployments

Download link: https://www.nosqlclient.com/

9) Cluster control:

ClusterControl offers fully automated security, maintaining the integrity of the database infrastructure. In this MongoDB tool, it is possible to deploy and manage various open source database technologies from a single console.


  • The tool allows users to customize solutions for their own MongoDB deployments
  • Easily add and remove nodes, resize instances, and clone production clusters with the help of this tool
  • It provides single interface to automate mixed MongoDB and MySQL database environments
  • It provides management features that repair and recover broken nodes, and test and automate upgrades

Download link: https://severalnines.com/product/clustercontrol/for_mongodb