SQL Server is a leading Relational Database Management System by Microsoft. This eBook teaches you basic to advance level concepts of SQL Server

Key Highlights of SQL Server Tutorial PDF are

  • 204+ pages
  • eBook Designed for beginners
  • Beautifully annotated with screenshot
  • You will get lifetime access

Inside this PDF

  1. What is SQL Server? Introduction, History, Editions, Instances
  2. How to Download and Install SQL Server
  3. SQL Server Architecture Explained: Named Pipes, Optimizer, Buffer Manager
  4. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): What is, Install, Versions
  5. SQL Server Database: Create, Alter, Drop, Restore
  6. SQL Server DataTypes: Varchar, Numeric, Date Time [T-SQL Examples]
  7. SQL Server Variable: Declare, Set, Select, Global,Local [TSQL Examples]
  8. SQL Server Table: CREATE, ALTER, DROP [T- SQL Examples]
  9. SQL Server PRIMARY KEY: T-SQL Examples
  10. SQL Server FOREIGN KEY: T-SQL Examples
  11. SQL Server IF…ELSE Statement: T-SQL Example
  12. CASE statement in SQL Server: T-SQL Example
  13. SQL Server SUBSTRING() Function: T-SQL Example
  15. Create Login, User, assign Permission: SQL Server Tutorial
  16. Oracle Vs. SQL Server: Key Differences
  17. SSIS Tutorial for Beginners: What is, Architecture, Best Practices

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