Top 13 ServiceNow Interview Questions and Answers (PDF)

Here are ServiceNow interview questions and answers for fresher as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.


ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1) What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT Service Management tool. It offers a single system of record for IT services, operations, and business management.

2) What is the full form of CMDB?

The full form of CMDB is Configuration Management Database.

3) Name all the products of Services now

ServiceNow offers various type of tools which is design according to the need of a specific user.

  • Business Management Applications
  • Custom Service Management
  • IT Service Automation Application
  • HR management

4) What is the use of record matching and data lookup features in ServiceNow?

Data lookup and record matching allow you to define field value based on a specific condition in place of writing scripts.

5) Explain the term “Business Rule.”

The business rule is server-side scripting. It executes whenever any record is inserted, modified, deleted, displayed or queried. The vital point to keep for creating a business rule is that when and on what action it suppose to execute. You can apply the business rule ‘on display,’ ‘on before’ or ‘on after’ when action is performed.

6) Can you call a business rule with the help of a client script?

Yes, it is possible to call a business rule using a client script. However, you can also use glide ajax for the same.

7) What is domain separation in ServiceNow?

Domain separation is useful ServiceNow method. It helps you to separate data into logically-defined domains. It also provides an option to separate administration.

For example, John is the CEO of two companies, and he is using ServiceNow single instance for both of these businesses. He doesn’t want that user of one business can see data of other business. Here you need to use domain separation to isolate the records from both businesses.

8) State some best practices you should follow while using Service now

Here, are some of the best practices which you need to follow while using Service now:

  • You should replace spreadsheets and email with collaborative workspaces.
  • You should automate every business processes of your organization.
  • You can easily develop a modern work environment using ServiceNow.
  • You should aim to enhance, structure and automate the workflow to streamline service delivery.

ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions for Experienced

9) What is a data policy concerning ServiceNow?

You can enforce online data policies by assigning read-only attributes for all the fields. Data policies are almost similar to UI policies. However, the difference between two is that UI policy only applies to data entered on a form by using a standard browser. On the other hand, data policies can apply rules for every data entered into the system.

10) How many types of search options are given in ServiceNow?

Five types of search options in ServiceNow are:

  • Lists: Use to find records in a list.
  • Global Text search: Helps you records in multiple task tables from a single search field.
  • Knowledgebase: Helps you to find knowledge articles.
  • Navigation filter: Allows you to filter the items in the application navigator.
  • Search scenes: It is a custom module which is created only by administrators.

11) What is the use of HTML Sanitizer?

The HTML sanitizer automatically cleans up markup in HTML fields. It helps to eliminate code and protect against security concerns like cross-site scripting attacks.

12) What is a record producer?

A record producer a catalog item which helps you to create task-based records from the Service Catalog. For example, you can create a change record or a problem record with the help of record producer. It offers an alternative way to create records through the Service Catalog.

13) What is the use of an import set tool?

Import set tool helps you to import data from various data sources, instead of using a transform map. The import sets can acts as a staging table for imported records.

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