Best Mobile Application Testing Services Companies (Jan 2022)

Mobile testing is the procedure in which the mobile apps are tested for functionality, usability, and consistency. Mobile Testing can be done both manually and with automation.

There are many options available when it comes to the analysis of the functional testing, performance testing, load testing, and user experience for mobile application testing. Following is a handpicked list of Top Mobile testing services provider with their popular features, key statistics, and website links.

Top Mobile App Testing Companies

Name Headquarters Founded Company size Link
Global App Testing London 2013 101-250 Learn More
Digivante Cheltenham, UK 2011 30+ and 55,000+ Learn More
Raxis Atlanta, USA 2011 50+ Learn More
Testlio San Francisco 2012 250+ Learn More

1. Global App Testing

Global App Testing is a mobile testing service provider company that helps you to release high-quality software anywhere in the world. They offer an end-to-end functional testing solution that helps you to solve your Q.A. challenges.

Global App Testing


Founded: 2013

Headquarters: London

Location: England, United Kingdom

Employees: 101-250

Software Testing Services: Exploratory Testing, Mobile and Web App testing, etc.

2. Digivante

A successful mobile app needs to be functional and user friendly on ALL the devices your customers use. No emulator, however good, can guarantee the identical experience to using a device and its operating system. That’s why Digivante offers testing services using real devices, giving you greater confidence in the results they return.

Digivante’s testing community can rapidly test your mobile app on a huge range of devices (in less than 24 hours), meaning that comprehensive testing can be completed without impacting development schedules


Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Cheltenham, UK

Location: UK

Employees: 30+ and 55,000+ community of remote testers

Software testing Services: Browser Testing, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing, Writing Test Cases, QA Consulting, Test Strategy and Test Planning.

Major clients: Superdry, Dyson, Audi, Gymshark, Specsavers, Channel 5, Bang & Olufsen and many more.

3. Raxis

Raxis provides mobile penetration testing services using a mixture of advanced vulnerability scanning and actual hacking techniques to provide a thorough pentest of your iOS or Android mobile application. Often using jailbroken devices, Raxis performs the most thorough simulation of real-world threat modeling for both mobile applications and APIs that is available in the market today.


Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Atlanta, USA

Location: USA.

Number of Employees: 50+

Mobile Testing Services: Mobile application penetration testing, API, network penetration testing, secure code review, etc.

4. Testlio

Testlio offers the industry’s most flexible mobile app test management software. An intuitive modular platform guides you effortlessly through the testing process including Builds, Tests, Plans, Teams, Runs, Issues, Integrations, and Reports. All of these modules are available under our secure cloud Architecture and bundled within a flexible fully-managed or co-managed approach to testing.


Founded: 2012

Headquarters: San Francisco

Locations: Americas, EMEA, APAC

Employees: 250+

Software Testing Services: Mobile app testing, Networked testing, Collective testing, Crowdsourced testing, and QA: regression testing, functional testing, livestream testing, usability testing, payments testing, localization testing, real-device testing, and many more.

Major Clients: Viacom/CBS, athenahealth, SAP, Netlifx,, Microsoft, and many more.

5. ThinkSys

ThinkSys is an IT company delivering services to clients for Mobile app testing. This organization optimizes performance and productivity and helps you to achieve a rapid return on investment. They create robust and cutting-edge custom technology applications that address the unique business needs of clients.


Founded: 2012

Headquarters: California

Location: US, India.

Employees: 400+

Mobile App Testing Services: Mobile Web Testing, Mobile Test Automation, Mobile App Functional Testing, Mobile App Usability Testing, Cloud Based Mobile App Testing, etc.

Major Clients: Shutterstock, ProActive, Nowvel, Delight Me, Lumata


6. QASource

QA Source is a mobile testing service provider company that delivers high-quality outsourcing services using a hybrid offshore model. It helps you to combine offshore technical talent with US management and QA engineers, which helps you to avoid the risks that often accompany a remote testing team.


Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA

Location: USA

Number of Employees: 501-1000 employees

Mobile Testing Services: Over-the-air (OTA) testing, Interruption testing, User interface testing, Sound/Vibration testing, Performance testing, Functionality testing, Requirements testing.

Major Clients: SkillRoad, Fun Mobility, Dartmouth, Techsmith.


7. ImpactQA

ImpactQA is one of the best Mobile Application Testing companies that offers manual and automated app testing solutions. This mobile testing company provides a team of expertise for Android and iOS App Testing. It offers customized and cost-effective services in the global market with highly qualified QA testers.


Founded: 2011

Headquarters: New York, USA

Location: USA

Number of Employees: 250 – 999

Mobile App Testing Services: Mobile Test Automation, Mobile Application Testing, Website Testing, Mobile Security Testing, Mobile Performance Testing.

Major Clients: Panasonic, Deloitte, Rocket Internet, Schneider Electric, Yum Brand, Terex, NYRR.


8. TestingXperts

TestingXperts is a company specialized in Mobile and software testing. This app testing firm helps their clients to transform QA function to reduce production defects. It has a team of modern testers focused on CI/ CD, test automation, and shift left methodologies.


Founded: 2013

Headquarters: London

Location: USA, Canada, India, UK.

Employees: 1001-5000.

Mobile App Testing Services: NextGen, Nonfunctional, Test consultant, Functional, DevOps.

Major Clients Industry: Banking and Financial, Healthcare and HealthTech, Retail, Education and EduTech, Media and Publishing, Digital Media and Advertising, Telecom.


9. Qainfotech

QA InfoTech is a CMMI Level III certified company. They offer a wide range of mobile testing services with years of expertise, helping clients across the globe.


Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Michigan

Location: USA

Number of Employees: 1001 to 5000 employees

Mobile Testing Services: Mobile Functional Testing, Mobile Performance Testing, Mobile Security Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Accessibility Testing, and Instructional Design.

Major Clients: e-Learning Giant, Worksoft Automation, API Automation for a BFSI Organization, BFSI Organization.


10. QualiTest Group

QualiTest is a specialized firm that works on mobile testing and quality assurance. They help to design and deliver solutions that leverage a deep, industry-specific understanding of testing technology.

QualiTest Group

Founded: 1997

Headquarters: USA

Location: America, UK, Europe, India, Canada, Mexico.

Mobile testing Services: Automation Testing, Managed Crowd Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Accessibility Testing, Privacy & Security Testing, Roaming Testing.

Number of Employees: 1000+

Major Clients: Microsoft, Google, GE, Johnson & Johnson, etc.


11. Kualitatem

Kualitatem is an independent mobile testing service provider company that has an impressive track record of serving Fortune 500 companies. They have a strong team of experienced and certified professionals, latest technologies and research and development team to release innovative solutions.


Founded: 2009

Headquarters: New York

Location: USA, Dubai

Number of Employees: 51-200 employees

Mobile Testing Services: Mobile Accessibility Testing, Mobile Localization Testing, Mobile Test Automation, Mobile Penetration, and Security Testing, Cross-platform Testing

Major Clients: YourPDi, Emirate, FedEx, Xam, ZynBit, etc.


12. Apphawks

Apphawks is a mobile service provider firm that provides high-quality outsource QA services to all clients who want to have a QA partner from Poland. It is one of the highly trusted and innovative software testing firms for clients in Europe and the United States.


Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Poznan, Wielkopolskie

Location: Poland

Number of Employees: 1-10 employees

Mobile Testing Services: Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing, Configuration Testing, Integration Testing, and System Testing

Major Clients: Barnebys, Soopa, RoamlerCare, SimpleAuctionSite, Vived, etc.


13. ClicQA

ClicQA is an independent Mobile Testing service provider company that leverages modern testing techniques to deliver impeccable software testing services. ClicQA is dedicated to offer end to end mobile testing services and they ensure that your mobile app works accurately to achieve your business goals.


Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana

Location: India, England, USA

Number of Employees: 500+

Mobile Testing Services: Mobile App Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile App Usability, and Compatibility Testing, and Mobile App Security Testing

Major Clients: CallHealth, Bajaj Electricals LTD, Jarvis, Zicom, Serosoft, Peridot Solutions, Reliance General Insurance, Bharati AXA, Tata Capital, Kotak Life, etc.


14. Testbytes

Testbytes is a company that deals with a variety of software bugs or scenarios and delivers good quality services to clients. It has adopted automation testing with latest tools that makes your software development faster. This company offers a mobile testing service for Android and iOS operating systems.


Founded: 2013

Headquarters: USA

Location: India

Employees: Between 51-200.

Mobile Testing Services: Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Beta Testing, Installation Testing, Manual Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, etc.

Major Clients: Softbreasks, Dr.Foodle, Loop Health, Lyriko, CIND, etc.


15. CresTech

CresTech is a specialized Mobile application testing and QA service provider. The firm has 15+ years of experience in providing all types of mobile app development and testing solutions.


Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Noida- India

Location: USA, India.

Number of Employees:201-500 employees

Mobile Testing Services: Mobile Application End-to-End Testing, Test Automation, Mobile App Test, Consultation, Testing on Mobile Cloud.


16. Indium Software

Indium is a mobile testing company that offers software testing and quality assurance services for global industries. This company follows a process-oriented test automation approach. It helps you to test mobile, web, and cloud-based applications. Indium ensures that the functionality of your software matches the requirement specifications.

Indium Software

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: California

Location: USA

Employees: 1100+

Software Testing Services: Testing Services, Tool Based Testing Services, Digital QA, UphoriX. The Smart Test Platform.

Major clients: Forbes, iMOBI


17. BugRaptors

BugRaptors is one of the best mobile service provider companies. They offer best in class software and mobile application testing services. The company provides the best in class mobile app testing solutions to their customer’s needs. They offer exceptionally reliable quality analysis and software testing services.


Founded: 2016

Headquarters: USA

Location: USA, India

Number of Employees: 200 – 499

Mobile Testing Services: Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, and Network Connectivity.

Major Clients: 2toLead, SimTutor, Allego, Key Rider, Shatri Store.


18. Think Future Technologies

Think Future Technologies is a leading mobile development and testing company. It provides end-to-end testing for mobile apps, including performance, functional, security, usability, and test automation.

Think Future Technologies

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: India

Location: USA ,India, Dubai

Number of Employees: 250-299

Mobile Testing Services: Mobile Web Testing, Mobile Test Automation, Mobile App Performance Testing, Mobile App Functionality Testing, Cloud-Based App Testing.

Major Clients:, Mothervista, Beam, MakeMeReach, Linkury, Namshi


19. Testmatick

Testmatick is a mobile and web application testing service provider. This is one of the best mobile app testing companies with a good reputation as an automated testing service provider for iOS and Android platforms. The mobile testing team of Testmatick focuses on delivering the right testing services and information according to the need of their client.


Founded: 2009

Headquarters: New York, United States

Location: USA, Ukraine

Number of Employees: 50 – 249

Major Clients: Global, VeraCloud, Hubrick, Negotiation, dashmakan.


20. TestScenario

TestScenario is one of the best mobile testing service provider companies that offer testing and QA experts to test your native and hybrid mobile apps for performance, usability, integration, scalability for on-demand apps or mobile enterprise apps. They have frameworks that help you to get better test coverage in minimum time.


Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

Location: India, United Kingdom

Number of Employees: 10-49

Mobile Application Testing Services: Real Device Testing, End to End Mobile App Testing, Mobile Accessibility Testing, and Mobile Automation Framework creation.



❓ What are the challenges involved in Mobile Testing?

Here are some important challenges involved in Mobile Testing:

  • Variations of mobile user interfaces is an important challenge while doing mobile testing.
  • You should follow a device-based testing approach, which is not easy.
  • Mobile apps are very prone to security threats, and therefore the security of apps is a most vital concern in the app development process.
  • You may need to invest and buy the devices with the OS and model size combinations.

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✅ Which are the Best Mobile Testing Service Provider?

Here are some of the Best Mobile Testing Service Provider:

⭐ Important Factors for Selecting the Best Mobile Testing Service Provider

Here are some important factors that you need to consider before selecting Mobile testing service provider firm.

  • Number of Delivered Projects successfully: This is the most important aspect while selecting the mobile testing service provide company. You also need to check their past and current clients along with deliverability.
  • Number of Testing Specialists: The mobile app testing companies ought to have adequate resources for various testing that accomplishes mobile testing.
  • Experienced testing team: They should have expert mobile testers to test your application so that it matches the benchmarks and industry standards.
  • Cost-effective pricing: This is one of the most significant components. You should select the right mobile testing service provider firm that deliver quality mobile testing services with reasonable price.

🏅 What are the important Mobile Application Testing strategies?

Application performance on a mobile phone or any smart device is usually measured in the following three categories.

Here are three important Mobile Application Testing strategies:

  • Device Performance: To check the device performance, you need to check app start-up, battery life while using an app, Memory consumption, Hardware/Software compatibility, resource usage while the app is in background.
  • Server/API Performance: To know Server/API performance, you need to check and read the data generated from server like API calls like app and server uptime or downtime.
  • Network Performance: The network performance of the app on different networks and network properties need to be measured. For Network performance, you will check network performance statistics like Jitter, Packet Loss, and Network speed.

❗ What is Mobile App Testing Checklist?

Testing the performance of Mobile apps is an important measure before release. Mobile App Performance Testing is done with the below check list:

  • Amount of RAM required for utilizing the app
  • Verify the speed and response time of APP under different networks and circumstances.
  • You need to ensure a realistic user experience under several network conditions.
  • Check if required results are achieved in case of multiple connectivities.
  • Make sure that the application does not get crashed.
  • Check the mobile applications perform well while using data, Wi-Fi, or other connections.
  • Monitor the uptime and bottlenecks while using mobile API
  • Test the mobile application with a maximum number of simultaneous users
  • Finally, check the mobile app to its full limits.