How to Post Goods Receipt: SAP MIGO

In this tutorial, we will learn Post Goods Receipt

Steps to Post Goods Receipt in SAP

Step 1) You can post the goods receipt for a purchase order using transaction code MIGO. Let’s say we want to do a goods receipt for our purchase order 4500018386.

  1. Choose A01 – Goods Receipt.
  2. Choose R01Purchase Order.
  3. Enter your purchase order number.
  4. Press ENTER.

Post Goods Receipt in SAP

Step 2) You can see that items from the purchase order have been transferred to the screen.

  1. Here you can enter document data, posting date and choose the appropriate printing message type.
  2. If you look at the Stock Type for both items, you can see that the first item is posted to quality inspection, and the second is posted directly to Unrestricted stock so it can be used before quality check.This is the example of the influence of the material master data on further processing in MM module. This is due to the Purchasing view check box “Post to inspection stock”, which is checked for LCD TV 40″ but isn’t checked for LCD TV 32″.

Post Goods Receipt in SAP

Step 3) Now we can check if items are OK, and post the goods receipt (PGR).

  1. These check boxes are used to confirm that items are OK, otherwise you won’t be able to do a PGR.
  2. After ticking the check boxes check if the document is ready for posting. If there are warnings or errors, system will show them in a pop-up screen. In our case, everything is ready for posting.
  3. Post the document.

Post Goods Receipt in SAP

Document is saved and assigned a number.

Post Goods Receipt in SAP