How to Know If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

Phones are no longer devices to make or receive calls but are part and parcels of our life! You can do almost every possible thing using the phone. Yet, with usability, the vulnerability increases. In the case of phones, there are risks of both external and internal threats.

Meanwhile, it is easy to reduce external threats using a protective case or glasses. Hence how will you defend against internal threats like information leaking, hacking, and tracking? For that you need to identify the issue first. In this regard, the below-given signs can be detected if someone is tracking your phone.


How to Know If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

Here, you’ll learn How to tell if someone is spying or tracking your phone

Sign 1: Noticing Abnormal and Unusual Behavior from Your Phone

Abnormality in both humans and devices is no good. Behavioral abnormality in your phone is the first sign that hackers or trackers hamper its operations.

Abnormal Phone behavior entails:

  • The Phone is doing things on its own, like typing, making calls, setting reminders or alarms, etc.
  • Turning the applications on and off without your permission.
  • Installing unnecessary software automatically.
  • Rebooting repeatedly without notifying.
  • Hardware malfunctioning, like the display, getting white, speakers lagging suddenly, etc.

Note: These issues are signs of a phone being tracked or hacked. Anyway, it is not apparent that those issues only happen because of hacking. Sometimes the update and hardware damage might cause these abnormalities.

Sign 2: Hearing Beeping Noises When on Call

Most call recording and spying software crack the cellular system to tap your phone. The connection gets corrupted when the hacker puts a barrier between the provider and the receiver. As a result, you will hear beeping noises when you call if someone is tracking your phone.

That’s why you always have to notice if you hear any noise between calls. If you notice such issues, report the authorities to confirm if your phone is getting tapped.

Note: unstable network or internet connection can also cause beeping noises. So, consult your cellular and internet providers before checking if your phone is getting tapped.

Sign 3: Finding Unwanted Apps

To enter your phone’s system, hackers need to bypass it. Further, they bypass the system through software. Surely, you might not knowingly install that software on your device, but hackers create many loopholes to do the job. In addition, the malicious software gets installed in your system through ads or, if you visit adult websites and all.

So be careful before you download any app or visit any website. Also, you can help yourself by having security applications like mSPy, Umobix, Spyic, Life360, etc. They are one of the best spying apps which are designed to find malware and spyware in your system.

Sign 4: Your Phone Battery Is Draining Quicker Than Usual

A fast-draining battery usually means your phone needs a newer one. However, apps running in the background can also cause battery draining.

Hackers and trackers often deploy spyware and malware in the background of your phone’s operating system. As a result, they slowly consume the battery’s power like any other software or app, so your battery drains quicker than usual. This results in diminished battery life.

Sign 5: You Are Receiving Spam Texts and Notifications

Not all notifications are essential. Sometimes the hackers send spam texts and notifications with malicious links, and people fall for it. And the hackers take advantage of the situation.

The spamming texts and notifications often contain malicious links, such as coupons and discount offers, to make them more clickable. Unfortunately, once you click those links, your phone’s data gets compromised.

Therefore, always be aware of text messages and notifications, particularly if those are with password change requests and verification codes for logging in. It is undoubtedly a hacking attempt if you ever receive logging alerts randomly.

Sign 6: Phone Lagging and Heating Up Quickly

It is common for smartphones to heat up and lag. Mostly, it happens because of a lack of memory or an over-performing CPU. Furthermore, a hacked phone can also lag and get overheated. Hackers insert malicious software into your system, and that software runs in the background. So, the software creates pressure on the RAM and CPU. As a result, your phone lags and heats up without any reason.

Sign 7: Your Phone Is Malfunctioning in Regular Operations

Malicious hacking software often disrupts the phone’s regular operations. Even things on your phone will happen without your instructions. Primarily, the malware affects the camera and other built-in applications. Also, your social media applications can malfunction.

Some common instances of the malfunction are:

  • The built-in applications like Camera, Reminder, App store, etc., turn on and off without clicking.
  • Unwanted posts and activity happening in your social media accounts that you are logged in from the phone.
  • Your phone’s keyboard is typing things automatically without touching.
  • Numbers in the phone are getting dialed without your command.
  • The phone storage is filled with junk files multiplying, etc.

Sign 8: Unexplained Internet History and Increased Data Usage

Hacked and tracked phones are mostly out of the user’s control. Meanwhile, the hackers try to insert malware and spyware for which they need to get the phones access to virus-infected websites. Hence, you might notice unusual browsing history if your phone is under hackers’ attack. In addition, as the hackers are using your cellular package, App data usage will also increase unnaturally.

How to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone? (Prevention Tips)

Here are tips stop your phone from being monitored and prevent it from being tracked and hacked:

  • Always Have Your Phone with You: Try to keep your phone within your sight if it contains sensitive data. Moreover, to keep the phone password protected to ensure no one can access it. Again, if you give your phone to your kid, make sure to enable the child mode. This helps you to ensure security by preventing your phone from getting hacked.
  • Keep Track of The Apps You Keep on Your Phone: Most of the time, apps and software act as gateways for hackers and trackers. So, every time you download an application, ensure it is authentic and verified. Moreover, you should avoid installing applications via APKs.
  • Delete Cookies and Remove Auto-Fill Options: In case you didn’t know, cookies are not treats. They are essentially trackers. When browsing the internet, websites ask you to accept cookies. Instead of cookies, if they had said “trackers,” then chances are you would not accept them. So after you finish browsing that site, delete the cookies.
  • Routinely Change Your Passwords: Passwords are prone to get leaked. Even some of the most prominent players on the internet had their users’ data (including passwords) spread on the internet.Routinely changing passwords eliminates the threat of your phone getting hacked or tracked. Moreover, the ideal practice is not to save passwords in the browsers and use two-factor authentications.
  • Refraining from Using Unsecure WiFi: Open WiFi networks are available everywhere and are helpful. However, open Wi-Fi Networks are not secure. As anyone can access those connections, it becomes easier for hackers to infect devices using those. So, you should be careful when connecting to any public Wi-Fi network.
  • Using VPNs And Security Apps: VPNs or Virtual Private Network apps help encrypt online data transfers. As a result, it makes it much more difficult for hackers and trackers to spy on you as the data is encrypted and sent to secured servers. In brief, VPNs (not the free ones) are one of the best protection measures to help you hide and mask your activities and identity.