What is Shipping Point?

Shipping Point is an independent organizational entity, wherein goods issuance and delivery processing takes place.  A shipping point can be determined for each order item. Shipping point determination depends on the following three factors-

  1.  Shipping  terms and conditions from the customer master record (shipping screen).  E.g Company  agreed with customer to deliver product   as  soon as possible.
  2.  Loading group from the material master (Sales/Plant data screen).  E.g Loading group defines that the product  is always loaded by crane.
  3.  Delivering plant (A plant from where the product will be  delivered .A shipping point can be assigned to delivering plant and plant can have  multiple shipping point).

Step 1)

  1. Enter T-code in OVL2 in command field.
  2. Click on New Entries Button.

How to Determine Shipping Point: SAP OVL2

Step 2)

  • Enter Shipping condition.
  • Enter Loading Group.
  • Enter Plant (Plant is place where goods are manufactured or stored).
  • Enter proposed shipping point (shipping point is a place within the plant from where company ship the goods to the customer).

How to Determine Shipping Point: SAP OVL2

Step 3)

Click on Save  How to Determine Shipping Point: SAP OVL2 Button .

A message "Data was saved " displayed.