SAP RSBTCDEL2: How to Delete a Background Job

Why Delete Background Job?

Old jobs occupy space on the system. To avoid any inconsistencies within the system normally we delete the logs. Because if the file system gets full, your SAP system will crash!

You can delete jobs in two ways:-

  1. Multiple jobs at once.
  2. Single job deletion.

How to Delete Multiple Jobs at once

The best way to do this is use report RSBTCDEL2(New version of RSBTCDEL). Old job logs will be deleted and will not show in the job overview.

Step 1) Execute T-code SE38.

In the first step, Execute T-code SE38.

Delete Multiple Jobs at once

Step 2) Add Program Name

Now, Put the program name in the field as RSBRCDEL2.

Delete Multiple Jobs at once

Step 3) Fill the proper details.

  1. Which job do you want to delete?If you put * means all jobs. If you want to delete jobs from a specific user, give UserName.
  2. Specify Status of Job to be deleted. Specify time period of Deletion. For instance, delete jobs older than 14 days.NOTE: Once the job is inactive status, it is impossible to delete them.
  3. Specify Commit. Commit value is proportional to program performance. If the commit value is high then job deletion will run faster. Recommended value is >= 1000.
  4. Check Test run to simulate the deletion. Jobs will not be deleted. Once you are sure only then uncheck the Test run.
  5. Press Execute.

Delete Multiple Jobs at once

Single job deletion

You can also delete a single job from SM37.

Step 1) Execute SM37.

Single Job Deletion

Step 2) Fill your criteria.

  1. Job name and username
  2. Status of the job.
  3. Select the date range.

Single Job Deletion

Step 3) Select the job you want to delete

Single Job Deletion

Step 4) Goto Job-> Delete.

Single Job Deletion

You can also delete the jobs from OS level under directory

/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/<CLNT>JOBLG. Folder.

But deletion from OS level may cause Temse inconsistency issue.To remove inconsistencies goto SP12-> Consistency check.Once you get the list , delete the objects.

Normally, Job- SAP_REORG_JOBS (Program to Delete old background jobs) must be scheduled within the system with program RSBTCDEL2 at the daily frequency.