How to Convert Purchase Requistion to Purchase Order in SAP

Process to Convert PR to PO in SAP

Upon release purchase requisitions can be converted into purchase orders. This can be accomplished in transaction code ME21N .Process for converting a PR into PO is straight forward, and the steps for performing it are as follows:

Step 1)

  1. Execute transaction code ME21N.
  2. Choose the appropriate purchase order type: in our case NB – standard PO.
  3. Organizational levels: enter them according to needs.
  4. Purchase requisition: enter the purchase requisition number released in the previous lesson.

Hit ENTER. You may have to hit ENTER quite a few times to go through several warning messages.

Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order in SAP

Step 2)

  1. PO quantity: you can see that the PO quantity is rounded down to 2 PAL. That is because we have entered 30pcs on PR, and we have set our order unit to be PAL in our info record, so we have to order in pallets, and system rounds it down.
  2. Net price: net price field is being populated from purchase info record.

Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order in SAP

Save the PO and you are finished with converting a purchase requisition into the purchase order.