Purchase requisition creation can be done in t-code ME51N (or the older version ME51 – not recommended) and is a straight forward process. 

    1. Execute ME51N transaction.
    2. Purchase requisition document type: NB – standard.
    3. Source determination: ON or OFF.
    4. Header note.
    5. Material: material number.
    6. Quantity and UoM.
    7. Storage location: in which the material is stored.
    8. Vendor: automatically determined by using source determination – field number 3.

    How to Create a Purchase Requisition in SAP: ME51N

    9. Tracking number: covered in previous topics, a desired value can be entered manually.

    10. Valuation price:copied from material master data if maintained there, if not must be entered manually (if this field is not set as optional).After entering the desired information in the fields, we can save transaction data.