How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone: 4 Methods

Saving YouTube videos to your iPhone is usually a safe idea, this is because YouTube consumes a lot of data. However, watching YouTube offline can be tricky.

If a subscription fee is not a problem, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for watching it without interruptions like ads, and it lets you download videos for offline viewing. However, this will still require viewing the videos using the YouTube app.

Thus, you might want to download and save YouTube videos directly to your iPhone and watch them on your phone. If you are wondering how to proceed with this idea, you will be delighted to know that it is a simple process and does not require illegal methods or anything dubious.

Sadly, any YouTube video downloader apps displayed on the App Store do not stay for long in the store. It is best to avoid using any of those apps since Apple removes them from the App Store after a while.

The good news is downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone is still very easy. It just requires a little workaround using a browser I discovered through my research on the internet.

How to Download Youtube Videos on iPhone Using Readdle App

The first thing you need to do is install the free software known as Documents by Readdle. It is a file manager application that has an integrated web browser, thus making it convenient for downloading YouTube videos. Documents by Readdle can also transfer the downloads to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.


Since OS 13, the iPhone has removed the Camera Roll folder. It’s now known as Recents folder in the Photos app on Albums Tab. However, this method still works in the same manner and lets you access YouTube videos via the Photos app on the iPhone.

Follow these simple steps on how to use Documents by Readdle to download youtube video to iphone.

Step 1) Once you download Documents by Readdle, find the YouTube video you would like to download. For this, you can use the official YouTube app to locate the video. Simply open the video of your choice, click on Share, and select the Copy link option.

Download Youtube Videos on iPhone Using Readdle App

Download Youtube Videos on iPhone Using Readdle App

Step 2) After copying the link, go to the Documents app. It will offer a quick walk-through introduction the first time you use it, and you can skip the offer provided by the app to upgrade to the premium version.

Step 3) Once you enter the Documents app, click on the Browser icon situated at the bottom right corner to open its built-in browser. Now, look for a website that lets you download YouTube Videos, like X2Download and savefromnet. Such sites may not always be available, thus, you can search for other options on Google if they are unavailable.

Downloading the YouTube Video to Your iPhone

Here are steps on how to download the YouTube video:

Step 1) Once you are on the download site, tap on its Search or Paste field. You must select Paste and then add your YouTube link.

Step 2) After pasting the link, tap the button next to the field to convert the video to the format you want. In a short while, the site will produce download links for your video.

Based on the site you choose, you will see a single link or several links for different quality types or even an option to download in an MP3 version. Tap on the link with the quality of the video you want.

In the example below, the 1080p quality video is about 29MB, while the 480p version is only 7.7 MB. Thus, you can choose according to your requirements.

Downloading the YouTube Video to iPhone

Downloading the YouTube Video to iPhone

Downloading the YouTube Video to iPhone

Step 3) You can now hit the Download link to start the process once the link is ready. This action will then display a Documents window with options on how to save the file.

If you wish, change the Name to something simpler or descriptive to locate it easily. The app has a default save location of My Files/Downloads, and you can use this regular location unless you want to move it elsewhere. You can also unselect its Ask Me Every Time box if you wish to auto-save all future downloads to the same folder.

Step 4) Finally, tap Done to download the video. If you want to view its progress, click on the Downloads button provided in the toolbar at the bottom of the Documents application.

Downloading the YouTube Video to iPhone

Downloading the YouTube Video to iPhone

How to Move YouTube Video to Your Camera Roll

Now, you can move the downloaded video for it to show up in your Camera Roll. The Documents app simplifies this process as well. Follow the steps given below to download the YouTube video to the camera roll.

Step 1) First, you must click on the Folder icon situated at the left corner at the bottom of the app to leave the browser and return to the file manager.

Step 2) Next, open the Downloads folder in My Files. If the video is not saved in the Downloads, you can open the specific folder in which you saved it.

Step 3) Now, click on the Ellipsis icon that appears below the downloaded file and select Move. On the Move to Page, you will come across the Photos folder under My Files, and you can tap on the Photos in this folder to view them.

The new privacy features found on the modern iOS versions will ask for your permission to allow the Documents app to have access to your photos.

Step 4) Accept the request by clicking on Allow Access to All Photos for it to work accurately.

Step 5) Once this is completed, tap on the Move button at the top-right to finish this process.

Move YouTube Video to Camera Roll

Following this procedure, you can download a YouTube video to save it straight to your Camera Roll. To view the downloaded material, go to the Photos app and click on Recent folder, you will see that the file is saved in this folder. You can also find it on the Media Types in Albums Page and the newest items under Library.

Move YouTube Video to Camera Roll

Move YouTube Video to Camera Roll

Alternative Ways for Downloading YouTube Videos to Your iPhone

I mentioned the Camera Roll method above since many people prefer to save YouTube videos to this folder for easy access. But there are also various other ways to download and save YouTube content to your iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube Premium lets you download videos and watch them offline. Thus, if you prefer watching YouTube videos on your iPhone regularly, then its subscription is worth the price. Furthermore, this being an official method, you will never face any legal issues.

Here are the three alternative methods to download YouTube videos:

Method 1) Using YouTube Premium

you can simply tap on the video you want to Download. YouTube saves it automatically to a centralized location for viewing them easily. The only issue you will face is that YouTube doesn’t let you export them to your phone or camera roll folder. Moreover, once your Premium subscription expires or you choose to cancel it, your collection will immediately be erased.

Method 2) Paying for the Premium services

Paying for the Premium services is not useful for everyone, especially if you just want to download only one or two videos occasionally. Hence, you can use a bulk YouTube downloader for instant downloads, it is easy to use and is available for desktops. The bulk downloader lets you transfer your videos to your iPhone using USB or wireless.

Method 3) Screen Recording option

If you do not prefer the above methods, you can choose the easiest way out, which may not produce the best quality but will get your job done. iPhone has a Screen Recording option that you can use to record the entire video. However, this will require you to play the video till the end once or more to get your desired recording result.