9 BEST Data Extraction Tools (2022)

Data extraction is an essential part of running any business. We have researched more than 43+ software and cherry-picked the best data extraction tool. The list is curated after considering multiple factors, including scrapping capability, free trial period, pricing, data retention, and customer support.

Best Data Extraction Apps

Tool Name Best Free Trial Link
Bright Data Best for retrieving public web data 7-days Learn More
Apify Best for robotizing tasks 30-days Learn More
ScrapingBee Best handling headless browsers Invite only Learn More
ScraperAPI Best for retrieving webpage HTML 7-days Learn More
ScrapeOwl Best for automating workflows Credit-based trial Learn More

1) Bright Data – Best for retrieving public web data

Bright Data uses flexible, reliable, and efficient data extraction methods that offer a range of features, including no-code data tools and robust infrastructure. Bright Data is used widely by Fortune 500 companies widely use it, and academic institutions aid them in retrieving web data from the public domain.

Bright Data


  • Provide feature Document Extraction
  • Extraction of images is made seamless with this tool.
  • The Extraction of web data is one of the significant features of this tool.
  • Accurately extracts pricing data information
  • Helps create distributed traffic.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It helps significantly in creating distributed traffic. Port expansions could cause issues with LPM (Local Patterns Mining.)
Premium technical support that will resolve your issues as soon as humanly possible. API documentation is hard to understand.
Allows you to combine services with other applications.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 7-days.
Pricing: Pay as a you-go model.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: Available
Javascript rendering: Yes

Visit Bright Data >>

2) Apify – Best for performing Automating tasks

Apify is a data extraction solution that has helped companies and individuals automate mundane tasks that need to be done on the internet. Their web integrations feature allows you to scrape entire web pages with a single click. It also enables you to scrape applications, e-commerce platforms, and more with different integrations. Apify helps you scrape the web with your customized filters. It allows you to micro-manage the filters for web scraping.



  • Allows IP Rotation for scraping purposes.
  • Machine/AI learning feature is available.
  • Effective scraping of Instagram
  • Has versatile automation abilities.
  • Optical Character Recognition feature.
  • Supports shared data center IPs.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Helps reach a broader audience. User interface is not intuitive.
Quick support response time. It does not work on websites with restricted IP-related services
Versatility in various scraping and automation tasks.
Uniquely effective in scraping Instagram

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 30-days.
Pricing: Plans start at $49/month.
Does it require coding? Yes, if you wish to customize it.
Customer support: Available
JavaScript rendering: Yes

Visit Apify >>

3) ScrapingBee – Best for handling headless browsers

ScrapingBee is a tool that was developed in France with the intent of making web scraping easy. The tool helps eliminate the headache of handling headless browsers and proxies that bog down your speed.

ScrapingBee streamlines the data extraction by rendering your web page like a web browser. It offers a large proxy pool that helps you to lower your chances of getting blocked significantly by hiding your bots better. Scaling up relatively easily when your bots’ blocked chances decrease.



  • Ability to extract other details like Phone/cell number.
  • Extraction of pricing details
  • Automates data pulling from publishing sites
  • Effective image extraction
  • Detailed Extraction of phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Creates a utility-driven yet simple workflow.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
ScrapingBee makes for the perfect Black Box solution. Internal server errors can be frustrating.
Good technical support
Makes automated pulling of data from sites that publish
Periodical and human-readable Data is considerably easier.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes, up to 1000 API calls.
Pricing: Plans start at $49/month.
Does it require Coding? No
Customer Support: Available
JavaScript rendering: Yes
Data Export Formats: Websites, documents, emails, and phone numbers.

Visit ScrapingBee >>

4) ScraperAPI – Best for retrieving webpage HTML

ScraperAPI has made it easy to use proxies as it just needs the URL of the webpage that you plan on scraping, and it will return with the HTML of the webpage. It helps you to give undivided attention to the Data that is being scraped instead of having to keep checking proxies constantly. The API has built-in anti-bot detection and bypassing features, guaranteeing that your requests never get blocked again.

By constantly removing proxies that have grown slow or become sluggish, ScraperAPI maintains a tremendous speed that can easily reach up to 1000MBps. It is one of the best data retention tools that help collect data and organize it in the desired format.

Scraper API


  • Offers easy extraction of web data
  • It enables you to customize the headers of each request as well as the request type
  • IP rotation feature keeps your IP from getting blocked.
  • Allows you to customize every header for requests.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
The IP rotation feature keeps your requests from getting blocked. Due to IP cycling, sometimes a few weird results might pop up.
Easy to set up and get started. Some errors do not have a detailed summary.
Feature update is a click away.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 7-days.
Pricing: Plans start at $49/per month.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: Available
JavaScript rendering: Yes

Visit ScraperAPI >>

5) ScrapeOwl – Best for Automating workflows

ScrapeOwl is known for efficiently managing proxies and headless browsers. It uses intuitive and straightforward ways to help businesses extract data.

You must input the target URL and the element you want to be scrapped, and the tool will handle the rest for you. It is one of the best solutions for all your data extraction, transfer, web scraping, and automation needs.



  • Helps you optimally scale operations.
  • You can automate online processes.
  • Performs repetitive work in an automated fashion.
  • Streamlines your workflow to aid your productivity.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It makes web scraping simple. Lacks prompt customer support.
Web automation has been made easy. Misses out on tools to deal with unstructured data.
Data extraction and storing in proper format have been streamlined.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes
Pricing: Plan Start from $29/month.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: Available
JavaScript rendering: Yes

Visit ScrapeOwl >>

6) Import – Best for scaling eCommerce Business

Import.io is a highly efficient medium for scraping semi-structured data from web pages and arranging them in a properly structured format. It offers the facility of real-time data retrieval with the help of its streaming and JSON REST-based APIs.

If you are looking to integrate tools for data analysis and common programming languages into your web scraping mechanism, Import.io will offer you the best platform for you.



  • Allows you to extract IP addresses.
  • Intelligent API masks scrapper as a regular user.
  • Document and Email extraction features are also available.
  • Extracting image and pricing details is another prominent feature of this tool.
  • This tool also facilitates web data and phone number extraction.
  • Scrapes specific information from websites.
  • Masks scrapper with intelligent API.
  • Allows Extraction of IP addresses.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
This platform boasts of a responsive and efficient support team. You cannot put your account on pause.
Helps scrape specific information from websites. Relatively expensive.
It is an ideal software for data mining.
Data analysis of multiple URLs has been made easy.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes- 14 days
Pricing: Contact customer care for pricing details.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: Available
Javascript rendering: Yes

Link: https://www.import.io/data/

7) DocParser – Best for parsing docs, pdfs, and many other formats

DocParser is a comprehensive solution for your automation and document parsing needs. It makes it easy to collect data from docs, scanned versions of image files, and PDFs. It also allows you to directly export data – be it Excel or any other format like JSON, CSV, or XML.

You can connect to 100% of endpoints with the help of native and third-party integrations. Batch processing helps in gathering data from multiple data sources.



  • Phone, email, document, and pricing extraction.
  • Multi-factor authentication features offer an added layer of security
  • Structures incoming data from tools
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Allows third-party integrations
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It is easy to set up and use. Creation of the custom filters requires coding knowledge.
Helps structure data smoothly from incoming documents Customer service is lacking at times.
Reporting on the progress has been made easy with a comprehensive history.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 21-days.
Pricing: Plans start at $32.50 per month.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: available but can be caught lacking at times.
JavaScript rendering: yes

Link: https://docparser.com/

8) WebScraper – Best for web data extraction

WebScraper is a data extraction solution available in the market in the form of a simple browser extension. It lets you extract data using web scraping so that you can easily create an extraction project and scrape data in multiple threads. WebScraper lets you auto execute the project at a scheduled time interval.



  • Comes with both a manual and automatic mode.
  • Allows IP rotation with access to thousands of addresses.
  • Easy Website scraping
  • Allows you to set automated scraping at regular time intervals.
  • IP rotation with access to over a thousand IPs.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Requires no additional space on your system. This tool is not helpful if you wish to do anything other than website scraping.
It is pretty basic, which means everybody can use it with ease.
Reporting on the progress has been made easy with a comprehensive history.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Lifetime free browser extension.
Pricing: Plans start at $50/ per month.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: Available
Javascript rendering: Yes

Link: https://webscraper.io/

9) Mail Parser – Best for extracting information from emails

Mail Parser is one of the most effective tools to scrape information from emails. It helps extract helpful information from incoming emails and then stores them in a structured way in your desired format.

You can use Mail Parser to extract leads, tracking numbers, order information, or virtually any vital information you will find in your incoming mails.

Mail Parser


  • Third-party integrations are allowed.
  • Routing feature lets you forward emails automatically.
  • Allows for archiving and retention.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for activities
  • Allows transfer of data to multiple points
  • Simplifies solving of complex parsing issues.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Helps increase productivity. Unreliable servers can cause a loss of data.
Allows the transfer of crucial data to multiple points. It can be a bit tricky to understand its best workings initially.
Solves complex parsing issues with great simplicity.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 30-days.
Pricing: Plans start at $79/year.
Does it require coding? No
Customer support: Available
Javascript rendering: Yes

Link: https://www.emailparser.com/


❓ What is the best free data scraping tool?

Here are the best Data extraction tools:

⚡ What are the various types of data extraction?

There are two primary types of data extraction –

  • Physical: Physical Extraction is a process of extracting data bit-by-bit. Although, It is complex but more effective than logical Extraction.
  • Logical: This extraction method is used to infiltrate API and extract data. Logical Extraction is easier than Physical Extraction. However, it is also less accurate, and the chances of data extraction are reduced.

🚀 Why should you use data extraction tools?

Here are some important reasons for using data extraction tools:

  • News Monitoring: Use python scripts to scrap news websites. The real time public data can be used for risk mitigation.
  • Lead generation: Automate lead generation and increase conversion rates. Track across multiple URLs with relative ease.
  • Tracking prices from multiple markets: Track prices offered by your competitors. Very useful if you run a drop shipping company.
  • Data collection for market research: Crawl websites at lightning speed and harvest data. The result can be fed into a funnel and used for further market research.

🏅 How to choose the right Data Extraction tool?

Data Extraction Tools are a heterogeneous bunch, with each one the best suited for a particular type of job. Before choosing a data extraction tool, you should look for the following aspects.

  • Data Export Formats: You must check thoroughly whether the kind of Data you need to be extracted is supported by the tool before you end up purchasing the tool.
  • Scraping capability: The primary job of a data extraction tool involves scraping data from the target website or document.
  • Proxies: Some websites have a rate limitation feature and will block your bots after a certain point. However, the high number of proxies will help you bot stay undetected.
  • Scheduling: This will help you schedule extractions even when you are not actively using the system. It is a vital feature if you wish to extract data from periodical publications (websites that publish data at regular intervals)
  • Data Retention: Data Retention is the tool’s feature that stores data for a specific period. The higher the data retention period, the better it is for you.
  • Code Free: This is an essential criterion. Code-free data extraction tools are considerably easier to use and require no coding skills on the user’s part.
  • Customer support: Customer support is an essential criterion for any purchase. If the customer support of a specific tool is not up to the mark, you should steer clear of it no matter how good its other features are.
  • Free Trial: The free trial period is for you to decide whether you want to purchase the product or not. If a product does not provide a free trial period, you will be purchasing it blind and will have no idea about its features and usage.