How To Create Credit Memo in SAP

What is Credit Memo?

It’s a sales document used in complaint processing to request credit to customer.Below are some situation for issue credit memo –

  • The Price calculated for customer is not correct,e.g. discount is not included in sales document for customer.
  • Quantity is not correct in sales document.

Step 1)

  1. Enter T-code VA01 in command field.
  2. Enter order type field value as credit memo request .
  3. Enter Sales Organization / Distribution Channel / Division in Organizational Data.
  4. Click on Create with References Button.

Credit Memo in SAP

Step 2)

  1. Enter order no in Order tab of Pop Up.
  2. Click on Copy Button.

Credit Memo in SAP

Step 3)

  1. Enter Billing Block / Pricing Date / Order Reason and Billing Date in sales tab.
  2. Enter Material and Target Quantity for which we want to create Credit Memo.

Credit Memo in SAP

Step 4) Click on SaveCredit Memo in SAPButton .

A message will be displayed ” Credit Memo Request 60000189 has been saved’.

Credit Memo in SAP