20 BEST Contact Management App & Software (Free/Paid) 2022

Contact Management Software helps you store your contact information and manage your sales and marketing workflow efficiently to get high conversions. It also offers communication logs and follow-up data to ensure effectiveness for your marketing efforts.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Contact Management Software with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Contact Management Apps & Software: Free/Paid

Name Contact Details Importing Contact Sharing Contact Database Link
Monday CRM Yes Yes Yes Learn More
PipeDrive Yes Yes Yes Learn More
Keap Yes Yes Yes Learn More
ClickUp CRM Yes Yes Yes Learn More
Zoho ContactManager Yes Yes Yes Learn More

1) Monday CRM

Monday.com is a CRM software that lets you handle all your sales processes in one place. It streamlines your entire sales process with a colorful and visual interface.

Monday CRM


  • It allows your teams to run processes, projects, and everyday work as they want
  • Helps you to import all your customer data in just a few clicks.
  • Automatically schedules notifications and reminders.
  • This CRM software helps you to integrate with other tools to accelerate response time.
  • It helps you to collaborate with your team in one shared workspace.
  • It brings your team together, anywhere and anytime.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a contact management solution that is built for selling. This tool help sales teams to predict revenue, track performance, and prioritize deals for the customers. This software helps you to manage the full history of calls and emails for each contact.



  • You can get deals from your web forms and chatbot.
  • Leads data can be easily imported from a spreadsheet.
  • A dashboard can be customized according to products, activities, and more.
  • It helps you to forecast your performance.
  • You can track calls, emails, and contact history with ease.
  • Allows you to pre-qualify leads with one click
  • This contact management app enables you to manage sales conversations from any inbox.
  • Supported platforms: iPhone and Android devices.

3. Keap

Keap is a CRM solution that helps you to grow your business and improve customer service. It automatically captures new leads, assigns tasks, and send emails to clients.



  • You can access client information from any device.
  • It provides a dashboard to track the sales process.
  • Clients can make payments in one click.
  • Connect Keap app with Outlook or Gmail, and it will automatically update your contact.
  • It provides smart forms using which you can collect client data.
  • You can personalize your messages to send when new leads come in.
  • Scheduling and managing appointments are easy.

4. ClickUp CRM

ClickUp CRM is a software application that makes it easy to organize and grow your customer relationships with tracking, data visualizations, and email interactions, all in one place. It also allows you to analyze data for customer insights.

ClickUp CRM


  • It organizes your accounts in a list, Kanban board, or tables for quick data entry.
  • Helps you to eliminate silos and fast-track communications by integrating your emails with CRM.
  • It helps you build the perfect customer database.

5. Zoho ContactManager

Zoho ContactManager is a contact management software that helps you to organize contacts, tasks, and deals in one place. This software allows you to maintain your customers’ address book from a centralized location accessed by your sales team members.

Zoho ContactManager


  • You can access your business contacts at your fingertips.
  • It helps you to manage your tasks and deals efficiently.
  • Allows you to categorize your contacts and tasks.
  • Provides an intelligent search facility that helps you to search for your contacts easily.
  • You can integrate this contact management with social networking platforms.
  • Offers web-to-contact form, which helps you to convert your website visitors into customers.

6. EngageBay

EnagageBay is a contact management software that helps you to store contacts in one place. It allows you to stay organized, make meaningful decisions, and close more sales. This contact management system offers a single platform across various cross-channel communications.



  • You will get real-time updates on your contacts by tracking their activities on the timeline.
  • Provides complete details on a single page.
  • You can bring contacts literally from anywhere.
  • This is one of the best contact management software that provides a single inbox for all your emails.
  • Allows you to track all contact activity.
  • Excellent contact manager reviews

7. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM is a contact management software application that allows your sales team to start their work without making any changes in their existing workflow. It enables you to get full visibility into your business processes.



  • You can monitor the delivery of email messages.
  • HubSpot enables you to arrange client meetings effortlessly.
  • You can send bulk emails.
  • It offers a dashboard to view all reports.
  • You can manage contact with ease.
  • It provides more than 300 integration.

8. Pobuca Connect

Pobuca Connect helps you to optimize the way your company stores & communicates with business contacts for FREE. It also allows you to access your contacts from anywhere.

Pobuca Connect


  • Built-in Pobuca bot that helps you to search and update contact details of people and organizations.
  • This contact management application allows you to integrate your line of Business software and systems.
  • It also helps you to get your contacts organized.

Link: https://connect.pobuca.com/

9. Google Contacts

Google Contacts is an easy-to-use address book integrated with Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and other Google products. It allows you to store your contacts with basic information like names, email addresses, and phone numbers, including extended information like physical address, employment, department, or job title.

Google Contacts


  • Allows you to merge duplicate contacts
  • It helps you to sync your contacts to all your devices.
  • This is one of the best contact management software that provides a customized contact view.
  • It also offers suggested contacts.

Link: https://contacts.google.com/

10. Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 is a contact management tool for large and small business teams. This contact management software is available as both cloud and on-premises version with source code access. It offers advanced project planning, resource management, and progress tracking.

Bitrix 24


  • It offers client and project management in one place.
  • This one of the best Contact management software helps you do project workspaces, team chat, video conferencing, document management, etc.
  • In-built telephony and Email marketing features
  • Social networking messenger integration
  • Web forms creation
  • Provides internal communications.
  • Supported platforms: Android, iOS, and Mac.

Link: https://www.bitrix24.com/uses/free-contact-management-crm-software-system-vs.php

11. Lusha

Lusha Contacts is a web-based browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. This contact management application helps you to find your future customers instantly. It helps you to access contact and company info within your Gmail inbox, social networks, or B2B websites. It enables you to get accurate B2B contact and company information.



  • Get accurate B2B contact and company data.
  • Helps you reach hard-to-get prospects
  • Accurate B2B data and hit rates help you to open closed doors and win sales for your business.
  • It helps you to build your contact list easily.
  • You can also save the contact to your CRM.

Link: https://www.lusha.com/lusha-extension/

12. Insightly

Insightly is a customer contact management platform that allows you to integrate with email and social media to track everything. It automatically updates contact details and helps you view a lead’s entire history from the contact record.



  • It helps to select, which leads to focus on for better sales.
  • Provides context-aware insight cards
  • Allows you to auto-connect with social media
  • Dynamic relationship linking
  • Allows you to easily check contact information, create and manage tasks, and directly make calls.

Link: https://www.insightly.com/crm/

13. Salesmate

Salesmate is a Contact Management web-based solution that helps you to capture leads and manage sales pipelines. You can use this contact management software to track and monitor lead conversations. This tool allows you to schedule activities using the calendar.



  • Allows you to manage the functionalities through a single page
  • It provides readymade email templates.
  • You will get complete insights into various contacts.
  • You can easily collaborate with your team.
  • You can perform a search and find every piece of information that contains your search phrase.
  • You can integrate with any third-party application and sync your data.
  • This tool can be easily used on a laptop, iOS, or Android devices.

Link: https://www.salesmate.io/contact-management-software/

14. Nutshell

Nutshell is a robust contact management tool for sales automation, pipeline management, team collaboration, and more. It is a useful tool for those who want to avoid tedious tasks.



  • Helps you import your contacts from virtually any source
  • Allows you to automatically sync your contacts from emails, business cards, and other sources
  • Offers log communications from your desktop or phone
  • Helps you quickly store contacts with business cards.
  • Automatically gathers information about your contacts.

Link: https://www.nutshell.com/features/contact-management

15. Nimble

Nimble is a free CRM app that enables you to manage client contacts into segmented lists effectively. This tool helps you to organize your team tasks, events, and communications for each deal.



  • It provides a dashboard to manage appointments and tasks.
  • You can add notes to the deal status.
  • It provides a full view of upcoming events and meetings.
  • You can divide your contact details into segments for sending group emails.
  • You can easily handle team tasks, events, and calls
  • It is available as a browser widget, mobile app, and more.
  • Contacts can be organized with tags and notes.

Link: https://www.nimble.com/

16. Copper

Copper is a Contact management solution that helps you capture all your contact details and emails to use them whenever you like. It also helps you to increase leads, update deals, and also help you to create Google Calendar events.



  • You can quickly see all open opportunities and their values in each stage of the sales process.
  • It provides real-time currency conversions.
  • Copper lets you categorize contacts by type.
  • It helps you manage calls, emails, meetings with automatic reminders.
  • Copper helps you to search and record company information by searching on the internet.
  • You can monitor fresh leads when a customer opens your email.
  • Copper allows you to send real-time notifications that indicate when leads or contacts need your attention.
  • Allows you to use tags to group your contacts into different categories
  • It helps you to integrate with Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts, Google Docs, and more.

Link: https://www.copper.com/manage-contacts

17. Contacts+

Contact+ is a contact management software that helps you organize and maintain your contacts in the best way. This tool offers customizable integrations with two-way sync.



  • Helps you sync across multiple Accounts.
  • Secure storage & backup
  • Provides Call blocking & identification.
  • Offers advanced search options to narrow and instantly search results.
  • You can turn your email signatures into new or updated contacts.
  • It sends weekly reminders, including upcoming birthdays.

Link: https://www.contactsplus.com/

18. Close

Close is a contact management tool that helps you integrate your high-performance CRM that helps you to close more deals. It also offers an option for advance automated dialing.



  • This CRM software is built for sales teams for best customer management
  • Helps you get critical performance insights, all the way from time spent on calls to revenue generated.
  • Helps you improve your workflow and boost your productivity
  • Offers a built-in SMS from desktop
  • Provides native Zoom integration

19. Vtiger

Vtiger is a contact management tool that helps you streamline all the tasks relating to leads and opportunities management. It allows your team to spend more time with customers and less on entering data.



  • It helps you to get all your data in one place.
  • Helps the sales team to predict and plan the sales cycle from pipeline to closure.
  • It allows you to bring all your email conversations into Vtiger and link it to record automatically.
  • This customer contact management software helps you to engage across multiple channels.
  • It helps you to stay on top of your commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events.
  • Easily share documents within the team.
  • You can idle contact, activity, and other notifications.
  • Allows you to capture the full details of potential customers of your business.

Link: https://www.vtiger.com/all-in-one-crm/contact-management/


❓ What is a Contact Management System?

The Contact Management System helps you store customer contact information like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. It also helps you keep track of customer activity, like website visits, phone calls, email, and more.

🚀 Which are the Best Contact Management Software?

Below are some of the Best Contact Management Software:

  • Monday.com
  • Pipedrive
  • Keap
  • ClickUp CRM
  • Zoho ContactManager
  • EnagageBay
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Pobuca Connect

⚡ How does Contact management work?

Contact Management is a central place where organizations can store customer and prospect data. It helps organizations to analyze the data and opportunities of their sales prospects. It also allows businesses to track customer interactions and share those information inside the company.

👉 How to select the best Contact Management System?

To select the best contact management software, consider the following aspects of each product offering.

  • Feature Needs: There are plenty of Contact management software that offers basic contact storage. Some of them also provide fully-featured CRM suites.
    So the choice is yours if your business only requires storing and managing contacts. For that, you need to read their features carefully and consider one of the cheapest contact management tools. However, if your business demeans customer analytics, you should opt for a CRM tool.
  • Number of Contacts: Some contact management software offers different no. of contacts to be stored based on the price and plans they offer. However, some contact management software also offers custom no. of contacts to be stored as per your contact management needs. You should always check the no. of contacts offered to be stored.
  • Integrations: Most of the contact management tools offer integrations with calendar applications. Some also have sales tools and marketing tool integrations utilities. So, while purchasing contact management software, you should consider what software you want and the kind of platform integrations you need in your contact management solution.
  • Reliability of Vendor: The reputation or credibility of contact management software is another important point.
  • Customization: Your selected customer contact software should provide the option for customization. So, you can make changes according to your business requirements.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: You should look for the contact management software that provides cost-effective solutions for your business, which increases the ROI.
  • Security: The security of the data is another important aspect that one should not overlook. So, you should select the contact management service provider company that offers best security of your data.

✅ Contact Management vs. CRM: What’s the difference?

Contact tracking software is essentially a more basic version of a CRM. However, many vendors use these terms interchangeably, especially when discussing CRM systems designed for small businesses.

Here are common features which create differences between both types of software:

CRM system offers the following features:

  • Easy access to customer data
  • Streamlined processes through automation.
  • Offers an actionable insights into business performance and customer behavior.
  • It helps you to add notes and track interaction history to document conversations with specific contacts.
  • Allows you to manage the process of converting prospects into potential customers.
  • You can automate repetitive tasks by creating workflows that trigger actions.

Contact management software offers the following features:

  • Track customer interactions.
  • Allows you to identify which of your contacts are most likely to buy your product based on your interaction.
  • Helps you to pull variety of information from a variety of sources to build up an accurate picture of a client.
  • Contact management software allows your email client to automatically add new contacts.
  • You can integrate with social media sites to add contacts when you get new followers or leads.

🚀 How can you invest in a contact management solution to increase your lead generation?

Contact management software helps you maintain a data repository of all your company customers, clients, vendors, and suppliers. It also offers built-in integrations to extract data from other existing applications. This allows sales teams to enhance their lead generation by targeting potential customers in an impactful manner.

🏅 Does cloud-based Contact Management Software support multiple users?

Yes, all team members will have separate login IDs to use and access the contact management cloud software from various geographical locations. For that, they just need to have access to a high-speed Internet connection.

What integrations are included in Contact Management Software?

Most cloud-based contact management solution offers the feature of integrations with calendar applications to create meetings. There are many contact management software that includes integrations with sales and marketing tools that help businesses to maximize customer engagement.

❗ Why use Contact management for small businesses?

Here are the benefits of using Contact Management System for small business:

  • It helps to streamline sales and boosts revenue.
  • Using a Contact Management System improves the workflow of the entire organization.
  • Contact Management software provides the most accurate and trustworthy reports of customers.
  • It improves messaging with automation.
  • It helps to simplify the business collaboration of the organization.