How to create Text Type in SAP: VOTXN

What is Text Type?

Text is a small piece of formatted or unformatted text that is used to show or store information in Master data and Transaction data. For example, a temperature sensitive material ( a medicine which needs low temperature storage area) needs to be kept under freezing temperature. One can configure a text field in Sales Document with specific comments such that on sale of any such product , customer is informed to to store the medicine in refrigeration. This Text is known as “Material Sales Text”.

Text Types

Each text item ( “Material Sales Text” ) in the example above is called a Text Type. It internally contains a Text ID. These are configured in the Text Types section. Text can be defined for-

  • Customer
  • Sales document
  • Delivery
  • Billing

Step 1)

  1. Enter T-code VOTXN in command field.
  2. Select sales & distribution radio button of customer block.
  3. Click on change button.

Create Text Type in SAP

Step 2)

  1. Select text procedure node.
  2. Click on New Entries button.

Create Text Type in SAP

Step 3)

  1. Select text-procedure node.
  2. Enter Text-procedure and its description.
  3. Click on save button.

Create Text Type in SAP

Step 4)

  1. Select Text Id’s in text-procedure node.
  2. Enter SeqNo / ID / ID description.

Create Text Type in SAP

Step 5)

  1. Select Text procedure assignment.
  2. Assign text procedure to customer account group.

Create Text Type in SAP

Step 6) Click on save button. A message “Data was saved” will be displayed.

Create Text Type in SAP