What is Decision Table Testing?

This tutorial describes Decision Table Testing Technique


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Video Transcript with Key Takeaways Highlighted:

  • Decision Table Testing is a good way to deal with combination of inputs, which produce different results
  • To understand this with an example lets consider the behavior of Flight  Button for different combinations of Fly From & Fly To
  • When both Fly From & Fly To are not set the Flight Icon is disabled.In the decision table , we register values False for Fly From & Fly To and the outcome would be ,which is Flights Button will be disabled i.e. FALSE
  • Next , when Fly From is set but Fly to is not  set , Flight button is disabled. Correspondingly  you register True for Fly from in the decision table and rest of the entries are false
  • When , Fly from is not set but Fly to is set , Flight button is disabled And you make entries in the decision table
  • Lastly , only when Fly to and Fly from are set , Flights button is enabled And you make corresponding entry in the decision table
  • If you observe the outcomes for Rule 1 , 2 & 3 remain the same .So you can  select any of the them and rule 4 for your testing
  • The significance of this technique becomes immediately clear as the number of inputs increases. .Number of possible Combinations is given by 2 ^ n , where n is  number of  Inputs.
  • For n = 10 , which is very common is web based testing , having big input forms , the number of combinations will be 1024. Obviously, you cannot test all but you will choose a rich sub-set of the possible combinations using decision based testing technique


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