What is Wix?

Wix is easy to use the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder. This unstructured web editor tool which allows you to drop elements anywhere you want on any page.

With Wix's help, the entire process of web building becomes smooth, simple, and fast. This build tool allows you to create a personal blog for a portfolio website or an online store.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

What is Square Space?

Squarespace is a website builder tool that is known for its professionally designed templates. This tool offers Squarespace software that combines hosting, templates, themes. CMS, e-commerce, and technical support in one solution.


  • Wix is easy to use the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder, while Squarespace is a website builder known for professionally designed templates.
  • Wix offers 510+ customizable templates whereas Squarespace offers 60+ Templates.
  • In Wix, SSL security included but is Squarespace SSL security is not included.
  • Wix includes a feature of a design assistant while Squarespace does not include such a feature.
  • Wix is funnier and easy to use while Squarespace has a more stylish look, it is less intuitive.
  • Wix is an Ideal WYSIWYG platform environment while Squarespace helps you to create online stores, landings pages, and brochures.
  • Wix is not so effective for SEO promotion while Squarespace helps you to create SEO friendly website.
  • In Wix, search engine option is available for pages but not blog posts but in Squarespace, it is available for all pages.
  • Wix has better marketing features while Squarespace does not offer more marketing features.
  • Wix provides a storage space of 500 MB while Squarespace offers unlimited storage space.
  • Wix allows integration of over 200 apps. On the other hand, Squarespace offers integration up to +70 apps.

Why Wix?

Here, are reasons for using Wix:

  • A wide selection of professionally designed templates.
  • Drag-and-drop store builder built-in.
  • Offers photo galleries for showcasing your store products.
  • Offers 100 fully customizable templates.
  • Unlimited products & bandwidth
  • Free hosting & SSL certificate
  • Provide checkout on your domain
  • Wide range of responsive and eCommerce-designed templates.
  • Great server response time.
  • Powerful design and SEO tools.
  • It comes with large numbers of templates filtered in many categories.
  • Wix also offers free tutorials about how to use the platform.
  • Integrated Wix HTML5 editor for customizing every page
  • Add features using the App Market and Wix Events
  • No coding skills needed with a drag-and-drop builder
  • An ideal tool to build small sites on a budget.
  • It provides free hosting and the freedom to make your store look exactly the way you have imagined.
  • The grand number of template designs as well as the flexibility of a blank canvas editor
  • High level of customer support
  • Best dollar-value plans

Why Square Space?

Here, are reasons for using Square Space:

  • Design and image-focused templates
  • Squarespace developers can solve your queries through email or chatbots.
  • Squarespace also allows you to host e-commerce websites.
  • Squarespace development is focused on serving users with what they want.
  • Modern design and beautiful in its simplicity.
  • Squarespace is also known for having the best templates in the business.
  • Beginners developers can create a beautiful website without knowing any code.

Features of Wix

Here, are essential features of Wix

  • 500+ themes and templates
  • Flexible: Websites, blogs, and online stores.
  • It helps you to optimize for mobile use.
  • Wix provides a secured shopping cart.
  • Easy tracking for every order.
  • Provides services like inventory and order management
  • Offers feature for send & manage invoices.
  • It has abandoned cart recovery feature
  • Customer login/member area
  • Offers multilingual stores
  • Track traffic with Google Analytics
  • Integrate with Square POS

Feature of Squarespace

Here, are important features of Squarespace

  • Modern design templates
  • Amazing video and image backgrounds
  • Style editor features with customizable settings.
  • Adjust the styling of your sites along with fonts, colors, and page configurations.
  • Customizable content layouts.
  • It allows you to add your personalize CSS and other coding.
  • Simple, easy-to-use editor interface.
  • Social media supported.
  • Possibility to use your domain name.
  • It provides a blogging module.
  • E-commerce components.

Difference between Wix and Squarespace

Here are the main differences between Wix and Squarespace:

Parameters Wix Squarespace
Definition Wix is easy to use the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder. Squarespace is a website builder that is known for its stunning, professionally designed templates.
Page design Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage. Blogs with Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage.
Website analytics. Powerful Website Analytics Moderate website analytics.
Domain Free custom domain Free custom domain with annual purchase
SSL Security SSL security included SSL security is not included
Type of web builder Wix is funnier and easy to use. Squarespace has a more stylish, look, but it is less intuitive
Design assistant It includes a feature of a design assistant. Not including such a feature.
Templates 510+ customizable templates, covering every industry 60+ Squarespace Templates
Easy of use Best choice for business and personal websites The best way to make a professional website, portfolio for, or developing an online store.
Supported third-party app.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Yandex Metrics Verification Code Custom
  • Squarespace Metrics App.
  • An option to set up Google Analytics
Load time Its load time is 415 ms (milliseconds) Its load time is 326 ms.
Heading feature From H3 to H6 Only H3, H3 & H4 available.
Search engine instructions. Available for pages but not blog posts. It is available for all pages.
Storage space 500 M.B. Unlimited space.
Switching templates It allows you to switch your template when you want. Squarespace, on the other hand, lets you switch your template any time you like
Extra features
  • Wix Code
  • Wix Logo Maker
  • ShoutOut Email Marketing
  • Logo Maker
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Content Management Mobile Apps
Integration apps 200+ 70+
Wix has its eCommerce platform offering many customizable features. Squarespace offers two types of pricing plans one for the websites and the other for online.
WYSIWYG Wix is an ideal WYSIWYG platform environment that is difficult to compete with. Squarespace helps you to create online stores, landings pages, and brochures.
Marketing feature Wix has better marketing features Squarespace does not offer more marketing features.
SEO support Wix SEO functionality is poor, so it is not so effective for SEO promotion. Squarespace offers ready-made SEO settings. This helps you to create SEO friendly website.
Type of editor. Unstructured editor: Elements can be dragged anywhere on a page. Structured editor: Elements are dragged and dropped around the page in a sensible structure.
Blogging tools Wix has basic blogging tools built-in. However, you need to use the Wix Blog app for more powerful features. Squarespace has an impressive range of blogging tools.
Support Wix provides phone, email, and social media support. It also offers you with on-page editor support. Squarespace has a small but significant quality support service via live chat and email. It also helps the center with guides, videos, webinars, and a forum.
Mail Chimp support Wix offers its email marketing platform: ShoutOut It provides full integration through from Block, newsletter block, and checkout page.

Disadvantage of Wix

Here, are cons/drawbacks of using Wix web builder:

  • It might get pricey with more expensive plans and premium templates
  • Not many free templates and premium templates are quite expensive
  • Offers only basic SEO integrations
  • Purchasing an email accounts cost extra
  • It does not help you to change the templates

Disadvantage of Squarespace

Here are important drawbacks of Squarespace:

  • It is quite challenging to index your pages.
  • You cannot edit sitemaps and other XML files.
  • Squarespace does offer a wide range of features and functionality
  • Square space has a simple interface so that your navigation panel, that allows you to move from page to page.
  • Building a complex site with multiple pages
  • Sub-pages is exceedingly difficult and could create maintenance issues.
  • Many designs offered at Squarespace are based on good visuals and attractive imagery, that demands an expert web builder.

Which is better?

Select Wix builder if:

  • Suited to bigger businesses
  • Those who want to do multi-channel selling across Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms
  • Best sales tools on the market
  • Built-in analytics tools
  • If you want to create a website which supports more payment gateways

Select Squarespace if:

  • Squarespace is perfect for creative industries.
  • This website builder tool is better for blogging, as it offers powerful features.
  • Squarespace is also ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and artists to build their portfolio sites.