Udemy vs Udacity Difference: Which is Better in 2024?

What is Udemy?

Udemy online teaching platform helps you to create courses on numerous categories like development, business, design, marketing, etc.

Courses which are available in Udemy are taught by expert instructors. Students can also develop new skills and achieving their goals by learning from the extensive library of various courses.


In this Udemy vs Udacity tutorial, you will learn:

What is Udacity?

Udacity is a for-profit institution that promotes online teaching of various courses. It is an online education provider that offers online courses, known as Massive Open Online Courses.


The courses offered by Udacity are highly interactive, like quizzes and exercise. Students can get benefit from a project review system which produces detailed expert project review quickly.

Difference between Udemy and Udacity

Here is the important difference between Udemy and Udacity:

Difference between Udemy and Udacity

Udemy vs. Udacity

Parameter Udemy Udacity
Launched Udemy was launched in 2010. Udacity was launched in 2012.
Founders Udemy is founded by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, Oktay Caglar. Udacity is founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens.
Pricing Courses range from $50 to $200. Nanodegree program starts at $399.
Objective To help learners learn anything. To bring accessible, engaging, inexpensive, and highly effective higher education to the world.
Course Content Creator Authors, professors, experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, public speakers. Industry employers and experts from tech companies.
Partners Individual instructor. Tech companies.
PDFs Provides PDF for some courses. Provides PDFs for all courses.
Course Authors Anyone can post the courses. Authors are decided by the Udacity admin.
Support Through Chat Udemy does not provide support through chat. Udacity provides supports through chat.
Access Period Udemy offers lifetime access to courses. The access period is only for a few months (based on course).
Course Objective The major aim of Udemy is to help you to learn anything. Udacity gives university-level education for people who are seeking its alternative.
  • Course completion process is flexible, and it has a low commitment.
  • This site enables you to plan your lectures in software like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.
  • In Udemy, you can easily track your progress.
  • As soon as you upload the video to Udemy, it will be reviewed by the expert team.
  • You can buy all the courses individually
  • Courses are offered in many different languages.
  • It allows you to select from a wide range of online video courses published every month.
  • Easy to enroll in career-oriented courses
  • Once your desire course is completed, you will receive certificates.
  • You can audit courses for free
  • It offers courses with transcriptions.
  • Courses are viewable on all devices connected to the internet.
  • Students can get instant access to the courses they have chosen.
  • You can easily read past student reviews and ratings.
  • You do not require any prequalification to take any course.
  • It contains a large variety of courses.
  • Udacity offers good quality courses.
  • It helps you to prepare for the interview.
  • It offers job interview calls.
  • You can get the assistance of a mentor.
  • This platform suited for both student and job seeker.
  • Course quality can vary.
  • It provides less value for money.
  • This platform offers limited courses.
  • Sometimes users may feel isolated.
Best for:
  • Shorter and casual courses.
  • Someone who has to improve their practical skills.
  • Udemy can be better for someone with easy and relaxed learning.
  • Udemy is suited to those people who like a personalized course recommendation depends on their current job.
  • Lecturers who want to gain valuable information in a particular subject.
  • Everyone who interested in self-development and online education.
  • Learn technology and computer or data science topics.
  • IT professionals who like to learn new techniques of coding, they are able to choose Udacity.
  • People who want to complete the Nanodegree program and looking for employment.

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Features of Udemy and Udacity


Here are the important features of Udemy:

  • No prequalification necessary to take any course
  • Udemy offers immediate and lifetime access to the enrolled course.
  • Instructors have practical, professional knowledge
  • Access to prior student reviews and ratings


Here are the important features of Udacity:

  • Offers the nanodegree plus courses, which are a special form of learning that students can enroll.
  • Programs are developed with the world’s most famous companies
  • Hiring partnerships with leading companies
  • Free courses
  • A mobile app is also available.
  • Class management facility
  • You can easily get a personal learning experience.

Course Example of Udemy

Here are the examples of Udemy courses:

Examples of Udemy courses

  • Business: Finance, presentation skills, public speaking, financial analysis, entrepreneurship, writing, deep learning, SQL, machine learning, etc.
  • Development: Game development, web development, programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, Swift, etc.
  • IT & Software: IT certification, cyber security, network and security, CCNA, etc.
  • Teacher Training: Online course creation, presentation skills, instructional design, etc.
  • Office Productivity: Google, Apple, Microsoft, SAP, etc.
  • Personal Development: Career development, personal finance, study skills, productivity, leadership, and more.
  • Design: UI design, web design, graphic design, drawing, design tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
  • Lifestyle: Arts & crafts, training, gaming, travel, etc.
  • Marketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile marketing, product marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing fundamentals, etc.
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.
  • Photography: Digital photography, commercial photography, photography tools, video design, etc.
  • Health & Fitness: Yoga, meditation, self-defense, nutrition, etc.
  • Music: Music techniques, instruments like piano, guitar, music software, music fundamentals, and more.

Course Example of Udacity

Here are the examples of Udacity courses:

Examples of Udacity courses

Who are the instructors?

  • Some Udemy courses are taken by experts.
  • There is lots of variation in course quality.
  • You may also need research in order to ensure that you are signing for the reportable course.
  • If you have to create Udemy course, you simply need to create an account and watch orientation videos on basic course guidelines.
  • In Udacity, you can become a mentor by building subject matter expertise and exploring the knowledge.
  • In the case of Udacity, you need to learn how to motivate others and provide guidance to learners.
  • You should have valuable leadership experience.
  • Ability to create a meaningful relationship with people.

Accreditation & Certificates

Udemy offers completion certificates for the course you have finished. These certificates are not accredited like an educational institution or university.

Courses on Udemy are designed for self-learning new skills. You can use them in your business as an entrepreneur. Udacity is not an accredited university. Therefore, it does not offer any traditional degrees.

Time Commitment

Udemy courses fall in the 3 to 5-hour range, and some courses are of 20 or 30 hours. There are no Udemy courses which could take you week or months to finish.

Udacity provides courses with a larger time commitment. You can complete some of their courses in one month or less. Most of its courses take 3 to 4 months in order to complete.

Udemy and Udacity Course Alternatives and Competitors

Following are some good alternatives of Udacity and Udemy:



Codecademy is an online platform that provides free coding classes in different programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, SQL, etc. This website makes code learning and designing web applications simple and easy.



edX is an online learning website that enables you to learn software, technology, business, and creative skills. Every course available in this website is broken down into chapters and videos. Once you subscribe to courses, you will easily get their access.



Udacity is a place where you can learn cutting edge skills. You can use it to create HD instructor video content. This platform enables you to customize the learning path according to your organization’s needs.



Coursera website offers MOOCs courses from well-known universities. All Coursera courses contain pre-recorded video lectures that you can watch when it is convenient for you. The full form of MOOCs is Massive Open Online Courses.

Which is better, Udacity or Udemy?

Udemy courses are taught by experts, whereas Udacity courses can be taught by any person. If you would like to choose short time courses, then Udemy can be a good choice.

Udemy enables you to choose from a wide range of courses. Udacity has a limited number of courses. Both learning platforms are easy to use. If you go for Udemy, you may find a better course description.

In general, Udemy is a good choice if you want to level up fast while Udacity can be chosen for in-depth degrees.