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  • Author – Guru99
  • Pages – 270+
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  • Language – English
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  • Syllabus- Here is the link
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Materials Management module in SAP consists of several components and sub-components including Master Data, Purchasing and Inventory. In this eBook online, you will learn basic skills and concepts of SAP MM.

Inside this SAP Material Management PDF

Section 1- Introduction & Master Data

  1. Overview of SAP MM module (First Chapter FREE)
  2. Introduction to Master Data in SAP
  3. How to Create Material Master Data MM01 in SAP
  4. How to Change Material Master Data (MM02, MM03) in SAP
  5. How to Copy Material Master in SAP: MM01
  6. MM17: Mass Maintenance of Material Master in SAP
  7. Material Master Views in SAP: The Ultimate Guide

Section 2- Purchasing

  1. Introduction to Purchasing & Purchase Requisition in SAP
  2. ME11: How to Create a Purchase Info Record in SAP
  3. How to Change a Purchase Info Record: ME12 in SAP
  4. How to Create a Purchase Requisition in SAP: ME51N
  5. How to Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order in SAP
  6. ME41: How to Create RFQ (Request for Quotation) in SAP
  7. ME47: How to Create Quotation in SAP MM
  8. How to Compare Price for Different Quotation: SAP ME49
  9. How to Select or Reject a Quotation: SAP ME47
  10. How to Create a Source List Determination: SAP ME05
  11. How to Create a Purchase Order ME21N in SAP
  12. How to Create Purchase Order with Reference ME58 | ME21N in SAP
  13. ME22N: How to Change a Purchase Order in SAP
  14. How to Post Goods Receipt: SAP MIGO
  15. MIRO: How to Perform Invoice Verification in SAP
  16. MRBR: Release Blocked Invoices in SAP
  17. Service Purchase Order in SAP: ME23N
  18. Outline Agreement in SAP: Contract & Scheduling Agreement ME31
  19. Release Strategy, Procedure for Purchase Order in SAP: CT04, ME28, CL02

Section 3- Pricing

  1. Overview Of Pricing Procedure in SAP
  2. How to Define Access Sequence & Condition Table in SAP V/05, M/03
  3. How to Define Condition Types in SAP
  4. How to Define Calculation Schema in SAP
  5. How to Define Schema Group & Determination in SAP

Section 4- Inventory Management

  1. SAP Inventory Management Tutorial: Movement Types {OMJJ}
  2. How to Create Goods Receipt in SAP: MIGO, MB1C, MB03
  3. How to Reverse (Cancel) Goods Receipt MMBE in SAP
  4. Reservation of Inventory in SAP MB21, MB1A, MBST, MB22
  5. How to Post Goods Issue in SAP MM VL02N, VL09
  6. Transfer Posting of Goods in SAP MB1B
  7. SAP Physical Inventory Tutorial: MI01, MI02, MI04, MI07
  8. Special Stock & Special Procurement in SAP
$9.99 $20.99
You Save $11 50% off

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Top Programming Books

₹699 ₹7,000.00
You Save ₹6,301 90% off

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