7 BEST Sales Engagement Platform (2024)

The best sales engagement platforms help you plan, optimize, and execute various strategies for sales. These strategies help improve user engagement, increase customer retention, and uplift conversion rates for your business. These platforms can help you send cold emails, perform lead generation, retargeting, and more.

You should choose the most robust sales engagement platforms for your use cases. Our team has handpicked the top 8 sales engagement platforms. We performed our evaluations based on parameters like integrations, price, engagement channels, and more.
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Best Sales Engagement Platforms & Tools: Top Picks!

Name Integrations Engagement Channels Free Trial Link
👍 Zoho SalesIQ Google Analytics, WordPress, Salesforce Email, Chats Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
Salesforce Sales Cloud Slack, Google Sheets, etc. Email, Messaging Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
Freshsales Office 365, Google Suite, Mailchimp Chat, Email and Phone Yes, 21 Days Learn More
Zendesk Sell Trello, Shopify, Haptik Call, Email, WhatsApp, Messaging Yes, 14 Days Learn More
Reply Hubspot, Gmail, Zoho CRM Mail, Calls, WhatsApp, Social Outreach Yes, 14 Days Learn More

1) Zoho SalesIQ

Best for robust website user analytics

Zoho SalesIO is a powerful sales engagement platform that helps you collect leads and interact with users. You can use it to establish proper communication with website visitors and engage with them using live Chat.

You can easily use this sales engagement software to grab user attention with personalized messages and actions. It provides easily configurable custom triggers to perform specific actions for optimizing retention span. This helps in customer win back and campaign optimization as well. Its advanced analytics helps track the entire customer lifecycle.

#1 Top Pick
Zoho SalesIQ

Engagement Channels: Email, Chats

Use Cases: Live Chat, eCommerce, Customer Engagement etc.

Integrations: Salesforce CRM, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Wix 

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Zoho SalesIQ


  • Tailored Messaging: Helps grab user attention with personalized messages and actions. You can easily configure triggers to perform certain actions to optimize retention span.
  • Scheduled Reports: You can get highly customized reports delivered to you according to your preferences.
  • Full Context User Patterns: You can understand the lifecycle of users, pages visited, and more to get relevant insights. This data can be used to optimize user flow, minimize steps, figure out bottlenecks, reduce user dropouts, and more.
  • Conversion Rate: Optimize Conversion rate and Click-Through Rate to convert maximum website visitors into leads and, after that, into customers.
  • Bots: Create bots to handle customer queries and better guide them automatically. You can also create customizable no-code robots for specific use cases.
  • Real-time Translation: Improve customer relationship management in their native language with real-time translations for various languages.
  • Context: Get in-depth context about user activity, recently visited pages, most visited pages, etc., to get additional context while conversing with them.
  • Analytics: Robust analytics about user activity that can be filtered based on time spent, location, visitors, and more.


  • Robust mobile app available for Android as well as iOS.
  • Allows you to communicate with customers using chat, voice notes, screen shares, remote access, etc.
  • Customized reports are delivered periodically to stay updated with your performance trends.


  • Integrating with 3rd-party services can be complicated due to the lack of support for Zapier/IFTTT.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Google Analytics, WordPress, Salesforce
Engagement Channels: Email, Chats
Pricing: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Zoho SalesIQ >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

2) Salesforce Sales Cloud

Best Cloud CRM
Salesforce Sale Cloud is an ideal platform for increasing sales and optimizing costs for maximum ROI. Its unified interface streamlines workflow for marketing, sales reps, and IT teams. This ensures every step of customer engagement can be optimized to the fullest.

Its in-built intelligence and data-driven tools provide data-driven insights and analytics. You can use its recommendations to improve user experience and optimize bottlenecks. It can also be used to track a wide range of user parameters and get real-time insights data in the dashboard.

Salesforce Sales Cloud


  • Custom Solutions: Provides a wide range of custom solutions that can be selectively purchased according to your unique requirements and use cases.
  • Scalable Automation: This sales engagement automation PEO platform helps you create robust, streamlined workflows to scale your business. This ensures your procedures remain efficient and profitable even on higher loads.
  • Insights: It provides data-driven insights that help you implement changes for improving sales, minimizing bottlenecks, and maximizing ROI.
  • On-Cloud Intelligence: The robust on-cloud intelligence lets you make data-driven forecasts about future sales, business health, and more.
  • Mobile App: Its mobile app allows you to log calls, check dashboards, find data, respond to leads, and more.
  • Automation: Easily design visual workflows and SOPs for your business functioning. This helps streamlines processes and improves sales engagement.


  • You can also get social media activity insights for your accounts through Sales Force.
  • Utilize multiple sales channels to give customers the maximum chance of making a sale with you.
  • Quickly access customer info like activities, personal details, past interactions, etc., in one place.


  • Many useful tools are available as paid subscriptions in their library that increase your costs.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, Google Sheets, etc.
Engagement Channels: Email, Messaging
Pricing: Plans start at $25 per user per month
Free Trial: Yes, 30 Days

Visit Salesforce >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

3) Freshsales

Best for AI-driven forecasts and insights

Freshsales uses AI-driven tools and analytics to provide you with analysis and insights about your business. You can even use it to predict future performance based on various parameters. It also helps you generate leads using conventional marketing tools.

Freshsales is one of the best sales engagement tools that cater to marketing, support, and sales needs at the same place. This provides a streamlined experience for your entire workforce and reduces unnecessary burdens on your workforce. It has various analytics and graphs to visualize performance, forecasts, pipelines, and more. It is one of the best sales engagement and CRM software utilize multiple channels such as calls, emails, online Chat, social media, and more for interactions.



  • Unified View: It provides a unified view showing all details, activities, and interactions with users in a single place.
  • Predictions: Advanced AI-driven forecasts and insights are ideal for managing a business. It helps you with recommendations and data-driven suggestions for client interaction.
  • Timelines: Tracks all user activity and creates a timeline with all pages visited time spent, and various other parameters.
  • Chat: Create personalized messages and deliver them to customers via Chat at pre-defined triggers to retain/convert customers better.
  • Multiple Pipelines: Develop a sales pipeline and target customers to the right strategy using a probabilistic approach.
  • International: You can manage your sales engagement in multiple currencies and languages, providing customers with a tailored experience according to their needs.
  • API: Robust API allows you to easily integrate with third-party apps and services and create custom use cases.
  • Actions: AI-driven tools to manage meetings, tasks, schedule/reschedule appointments, and calendars.


  • Various automation tools help you automate repetitive tasks.
  • Effortlessly create outreach campaigns and manage follow-ups and reminders with ease.
  • You can run personalized marketing campaigns via emails personally addressed to each user.


  • Lacks a forum/community for multi-user discussions/support.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Office 365, Google Suite, Mailchimp
Engagement Channels: Chat, Email, and Phone Calls
Pricing: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Freshsales >>

21-Days Free Trial

4) Zendesk Sell

Best for management and planning

Zendesk Sell is one of the best tools for integrating customer support, management, marketing, planning, and user engagement. It provides you with tools to better understand customer expectations and align your business accordingly. It helps you to remain informed and up to date with the current pipeline and future forecasts that help you plan everything easily.

It has various sales management tools to help you track activity, lead generation, and more. It allows you to perform automation of repetitive tasks with ease. Upscale businesses can add multiple users with specific privileges and rights provided to each user.

Zendesk Sell


  • Customer Understanding: You can use Zendesk’s advanced AI capabilities to automatically guess user intentions and provide predictive suggestions for their needs.
  • Customer Expectations: Advanced analytics allow you to know customer requirements. You will be able to understand issues better and adapt your product to match their needs.
  • Data Collection: It helps collect a wide range of data for all user activity, giving you an in-depth understanding of user intent and behaviour.
  • Custom Dashboards: You can design and customize dashboards according to your preferences and requirements.
  • Customer Overview: The customer overview dashboard provides you with all customer details, including personal details, activity, recent interactions, etc.
  • Sequences: Create custom task sequences that allow you to perform actions and keep all the leads engaged automatically.


  • An active online community to get guidance and discuss various strategies.
  • You can easily integrate your existing email with the Sell interface and work effectively.
  • Helps you effectively perform bulk outreach to gain cost-effective leads and convert them into sales.


  • Lacks proper email templates for building email marketing campaigns.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Trello, Shopify, Haptik
Engagement Channels: Call, Email, WhatsApp, Messaging
Pricing: Plans start at $19 per user per month
Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days

Visit Zendesk Sell >>

14-Days Free Trial

5) Reply

Best for email automation

Reply has various robust sales engagement features that help you set up transactional emails, marketing campaigns, follow-ups, and more. You can use it to create custom multi-channel sequences to maximize user retention. The AI-driven sequence generator allows you to generate robust sequences for marketing that maximize performance while minimizing your efforts.

It provides templates and guidance to help you optimize your campaigns for your use case. Its onboarding webinars teach fundamental concepts and are ideal for beginners and inexperienced users. AI bot creates human-like conversational responses in Chat that make users feel more connected.



  • Extension: Native Chrome extension allows you to easily stay up to date will the latest activities for your business.
  • Conversational AI: Jason, their conversational AI bot, helps create human-like conversational responses that ensure better responses.
  • Scheduling: Allows you to easily manage, schedule, and reschedule your meetings based on your requirements.
  • Tracking: Tracks emails based on delivery, open percentage, click-through rate, etc., and reports it with robust charts.
  • Outreach: Helps you perform effortless outreach to users with personalized emails with ease. All data is stored to allow easy retargeting.
  • API: Various APIs and no-code solutions allow you too easily. Customize functionality and make the systems more aligned with your requirements.
  • Performance Optimization: You can perform A/B testing on various parameters to find the best combination for your needs.
  • Search: Allows you to search an extensive userbase/leads database and utilize advanced filters to find relevant information easily.
  • Use cases: It can be used for various topics, including general brand awareness, user outreach, link building, promotions, etc.


  • Allows you to easily manage, schedule, and reschedule your meetings based on your requirements.
  • Tracks emails based on delivery, open percentage, click-through rate, etc., and report it with robust charts.
  • Native Chrome extension allows you to stay up to date with the latest business activities easily.


  • No mobile app is available for iOS/Android.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Hubspot, Gmail, Zoho CRM
Engagement Channels: Mail, Calls, WhatsApp, Social Outreach
Pricing: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Reply >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

6) ClearBit

Best for providing personalized experiences

ClearBit uses advanced algorithms to help you find the most high-value customers and easily create, capture, and convert the best-fit, high-intent pipelines. It enables you to create an ideal customer profile with the help of 100+ firmographic and technographic data points. This data is used to find the best-fit customers for your business.

Its server-side tracking tools can bypass ad blockers, cookie restrictions, and more to accurately track all user activities and actions. It helps you to estimates and targets the high-value accounts that visit your site to maximize your revenue.



  • Personalization: It helps understand user intent through best-fit cases. It also utilizes this data to target users with various strategies effectively.
  • Real-time data: Collects all data and performs a real-time evaluation to deliver the latest insights and reports.
  • Analysis: Uses existing data to predict user intent and highlights customers with a high likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Reports: Delivers customizable reports on a regular basis highlighting performance, trends, and forecasts for your business.
  • Retention: Various tools like chats, alerts, and more help retain casual website visitors for longer and improve conversion rates.
  • Address Discovery: It helps you find unknown email IDs and better identify anonymous visits to your website.
  • Generative AI: It provides a ChatGPT-based plugin that you can use to easily feed ClearBit’s data into ChatGPT and perform various actions.
  • Use Cases: Provides solutions targeted at specific use cases such as form optimization, intent outreach, lead generation, and more.


  • It optimizes your pipelines by helping you accelerate operations at all levels.
  • Understands user intent and performs targeted outreach based on their interests.
  • It dynamically sorts leads and shares them with the responsible personnel, helping manage workload.


  • Relatively expensive paid plans make it a wrong choice for SMEs.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, Google Ads, Zapier
Engagement Channels: Chat, Messages, Mail
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan
Pricing: Contact Customer Support For Pricing

Link: https://clearbit.com/

7) MailShake

Best for AI-driven email writing

MailShake is one of the best sales engagement platforms supporting bulk emailing. Its robust email setup assistant is ideal for inexperienced users, as it helps to easily get everything up and running.

You can use it to build your domain reputation, ensuring your emails never go to spam and have high delivery. It also automatically identifies and suggests removing words that might send your emails to spam. It also allows you to target users with multi-channel targeting involving LinkedIn, phone, email, social media, and more based on user profiles.



  • Analytics: You can access its analytics tools to evaluate your performance based on parameters like mail opens, replies, clicks, etc.
  • Sales Outreach Automation Suite: It helps you perform mass outreach by helping you effortlessly contact your sales prospects within minutes.
  • Content: Provides AI-driven tools to write email content for you. Furthermore, it lets you effortlessly optimize your emails with content, images, links, and more.
  • A/B Testing: You can easily configure various strategies using A/B Testing. This includes testing emails, follow-ups, campaigns, and more.
  • AI Writer: Their AI Email Writer, SHAKEspeare, helps you effortlessly craft professional-looking mail with minimal effort.


  • Offers a Email Warmup service
  • It helps identify the most engaged leads and prioritize leads highest probability of conversion.
  • It provides you with professionally designed templates that are useful for creating your marketing campaigns.


  • Limited integrations

Key Specs:

Integrations: Salesforce, Call Loop, Calendly
Engagement Channels: Emails, Phone, LinkedIn, Chat
Pricing: Plans start at $29 per month
Free Trial: No

Link: https://mailshake.com/

8) Mixmax

Best for coordinating meetings and events

Minmax is one of the best tools to coordinate events/meets for engaging with your customers. It can be used to easily create and automate complex repetitive tasks and workflows to save time.

Its AI-driven algorithms suggest the right time for sending email campaigns, maximizing open rate and user engagement. Based on your use case requirements, you can delegate access to tools and specific services to sales teams, members, and clients. You can try and test multiple strategies and effortlessly implement the best-performing strategy to ensure success. It helps you to optimize your pipeline using Pipedrive, allowing you to create deals, modify campaigns and achieve desired goals.



  • Scheduling: Helps you send meeting invites in 1 click, coordinate calls, and schedule calendar events with customers easily.
  • Personalization: Creates highly customized emails with a message for that specific individual.
  • Engagement: Conduct polls, surveys, and many other activities to help you easily engage with users.
  • Alerts: It keeps you notified and up to date with regard to any opportunity in real-time.
  • Collaboration: It enables you effortlessly collaborate among multiple workers and teams to ensure maximum growth.
  • Email Templates: This provides you with a wide range of email templates that can be used to create highly engaging, professional-looking emails.
  • Workflow Optimization: It assists you in efficiently optimizing your sales process and minimizes time spent on less critical activities.
  • Tracking: All emails sent are tracked based on delivery, opens, clicks, and more. This data allows you to better analyze and optimize your emails for maximum conversion.


  • Keeps your data safe by utilizing the industry-leading SOC 2 Type II security standards in all emails.
  • You can easily create sequences based on your use case requirements.
  • Initiate calls with one click that are automatically recorded and stored on the servers.


  • Limited channels available for sales engagement

Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, LinkedIn, Zoom
Engagement Channels: Emails, Calls
Pricing: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Link: https://www.mixmax.com/


A sales engagement platform is used to build strategies and informed decisions that help improve sales. The best platforms track user data, sales, website visits, and more to provide insights for optimizing user engagement and overall ROI.

Some of the critical factors that must be considered while choosing the right sales engagement platforms are:

  • Engagement Channels: You should choose a service that has multiple channels that can be collectively utilized for engaging with customers.
  • Region/Language Support: It’s essential to select a service that supports your region and supports all the native languages of your target audience.
  • Integrations: You should choose a service that integrates with various other services and has a robust API to help you implement custom use cases.
  • Pricing: It’s best to select a cost-effective sales engagement tool with the best value for your money.

The key differences between sales engagement and sales enablement platforms are:

Sales Engagement Platforms Sales Enablement Platforms
Sales Engagement Platforms are responsible for interacting with clients, improving conversions, and building relations. Sales enablement platforms provide businesses with tools that are necessary to serve customers and make sales.
It involves utilizing emails, social media, online chats, and more. This could include provisions of content libraries, training modules, etc.
The purpose of Sales Engagement Platforms is to improve sales and conversions. The purpose of the Sales Enablement platform is to provide tools to become capable of facilitating the sale.

Utilizing one of the best Sales Engagement Platforms to help you build a sales engagement strategy is best. The best platforms provide you with data and insights that you can use to develop your system.

Some of the critical factors that must be tracked include:

  • Target Audience: Define and understand your target audience, their requirements, interests, and pain points.
  • Competition: Analyze your competition to find out what is working and what is not.
  • Channels: You should choose a suitable engagement channel with a large enough user base of your target audience that can be easily targeted.
  • Iterate: Revisit your strategy periodically and make frequent iterations to improve your results.

Best Sales Engagement Software Platforms

Name Integrations Engagement Channels Free Trial Link
👍 Zoho SalesIQ Google Analytics, WordPress, Salesforce Email, Chats Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
Salesforce Sales Cloud Slack, Google Sheets, etc. Email, Messaging Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
Freshsales Office 365, Google Suite, Mailchimp Chat, Email and Phone Yes, 21 Days Learn More
Zendesk Sell Trello, Shopify, Haptik Call, Email, WhatsApp, Messaging Yes, 14 Days Learn More
Reply Hubspot, Gmail, Zoho CRM Mail, Calls, WhatsApp, Social Outreach Yes, 14 Days Learn More