Python Rename File and Directory using os.rename()

Python Rename File

Python rename() file is a method used to rename a file or a directory in Python programming. The Python rename() file method can be declared by passing two arguments named src (Source) and dst (Destination).


This is the syntax for os.rename() method

os.rename(src, dst)


src: Source is the name of the file or directory. It should must already exist.

dst: Destination is the new name of the file or directory you want to change.


import os  

Let’s look at example in detail

You can rename the original file, we have changed the file name from “Guru99.txt” to “Career.guru99.txt.”

Python Rename File

  • To rename “guru99.txt” file, we going to use “rename function” in the OS module
  • So when the code is executed, you can observe that a new file “career.guru99.txt” is created on the right side of the panel, which we renamed for our original file.

Here is the complete code

import os
import shutil
from os import path

def main():
	# make a duplicate of an existing file
    if path.exists("guru99.txt"):
	# get the path to the file in the current directory
        src = path.realpath("guru99.txt");
	# rename the original file
if __name__ == "__main__":