Overview Of Pricing Procedure in SAP MM & SAP SD

What is Pricing Procedure?

Pricing procedure in MM module is a way to determine prices in purchasing documents. It give us functionality to assign different calculation types for different needs. Defining a pricing procedure can be done by creating an access sequence, and assigning it to condition types. Access sequence tells the system where to look for the condition values. It can search multiple condition tables based on our settings. Tables have different priority, and different key fields. Determination of the SAP MM or SAP SD Pricing Procedure is practically assigning the calculation schema to a combination of vendor schema group and purchasing organization schema group. So, you need to enter the vendor schema group on vendor master, and assign schema group to purchasing organization, in order for the system to find the calculation schema to be used in the document.

Pricing Procedure in SAP MM & SAP SD
Price Determination in SAP MM

In order to setup a Price Procedure in purchasing documents, you need access to the customizing features.

IMG path to the available functions for Pricing in SAP SD:

Transaction SPRO => Materials Management => Purchasing => Conditions => Define Price determ.process

Pricing Procedure in SAP MM
Pricing Procedure in SAP MM

Following functions can be used to maintain the Pricing in SAP MM. There are more settings concerning the Pricing Procedure determination in SAP SD & SAP MM, but we will cover the most used ones.

Pricing Procedure in SAP MM
SAP MM Pricing Procedure