How to Select or Reject a Quotation: SAP ME47

The following tutorial will take you through the steps to Maintain Quotation in SAP MM

Step 1)

  1. Select the quotation that’s favourable (you want to process it further as it’s having the best conditions).
  2. Choose the Edit Quotation button on the toolbar.

Step 2) Now you are in the ME47 transaction. Here you can choose the item and go to the item details screen.

  1. Select the item.
  2. Click on the item details icon.

Step 3)

  1. Enter (or choose from the list of available values) B or C for the InfoUpdate field in Quotation data section to update the info record. In this field, you can also find rejection indicator used to reject the quotation item. We will use it to reject the other offer.

InfoUpdate field is used to update the info record in several ways:

  • ‘ ‘ (blank) The info record is not updated.
  • A‘ If an info record exists at plant level, it is updated. Otherwise an info record at purchasing organization level is updated.
  • B‘ If plant conditions are allowed for the plant, an info record at plant level is updated.
  • C‘ If plant conditions are not necessary for the plant, an info record at purchasing organization level is updated.

  1. Save the data.

Rejecting quotations

You should head back to the report screen. Once there, you can select the other quotation (we want it to be rejected), and repeat the process until you are on the item details screen. You will not enter the information into InfoUpdate field but will tick the “Rej. Ind.” check box. By this, you are rejecting the quotation item.

Step 1)

  1. Rejection indicator.

You will be prompted to print the rejection message for the items being rejected so you could inform the vendor of the status of his offer.You can repeat the process for all the vendors and items that are rejected. This now leaves us with one open quotation for the item.