How to download music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of many music-streaming platforms that connects listeners to a plethora of recording artists, personal curations, remixes, and more. While there’s a decent selection of tracks you can listen to for free, the true power of the service comes alive with a paid SoundCloud Go plan ($5/month) or a SoundCloud Go+ subscription ($10/month). These memberships give you access to ad-free listening and offline listening — the latter only with SoundCloud Go+.

Disclaimer: When downloading music, check the hosting site’s terms of use. We do not encourage or condone copyright infringement and recommend you only download music that is in the public domain or owned by you or if you have permission from the hosting site or copyright holder.

How to download music from SoundCloud

Using the download feature, you can download SoundCloud songs to your PC or mobile device to listen to later while offline. SoundCloud offers its artists the option to make their tracks downloadable. The feature isn’t without its limitations, though, with the one main being that you only have the option to download one track at a time — entire playlists aren’t an option.

Using The Download Feature

If you’re familiar with downloading songs from YouTube, it may seem like a simple process downloading music from SoundCloud.

Artists still get to control whether they want their content to be downloadable or not in SoundCloud, and this is indicated by a Download file button, which you’ll find beneath a track. You can also find it under the More option, click or tap on it and the song will be downloaded and saved to your device.

If there’s no Download button, it means the artist or creator of the content hasn’t made it available for download.