How to Change Material Master Data (MM02, MM03) in SAP

It may be needed to change certain option in our material master (due to the organizational changes, or changes in processes). We cannot use MM01 as that is the transaction code used only for creating views that are not maintained for certain material. In this case, we need to use MM02 and MM03 transaction codes.

In SAP transactions ending with 01 are for creating, ending with 02 for editing/changing, and the ones ending in 03 are used for viewing data without possibility to change it.

Process to change Material Master

Step 1)

  1. Enter transaction code MM02 in the command prompt
  2. Enter the material number whose material master data we want to change.

    How to Change Material Master Data (MM02, MM03) in SAP

Step 2)

  1. The next step is choosing the views for which data is to be changed. For example, we will choose sales organization data 2 view. You can choose one or more organizational levels for change.
  2. Click on Organizational Levels

    How to Change Material Master Data (MM02, MM03) in SAP

  3. Organizational level selection

Step 3)

  1. Make the desired changes.
  2. Click the check button.

Step 4) After you have made the changes , you can check the changes in the corresponding view

Step 5) Click the save button , to save the changes

NOTE:You can use transaction MM03 to display Material Master Data. In MM03, we can only display data without the possibility to change it (fields are greyed out).