How to Download Facebook Stories: 4 Easy Methods

Facebook stories are short user-generated collections of videos and photos. Every day, many fascinating and informative stories are published on Facebook. However, these stories will be disappeared after 24 hours of the time they were published.

To avoid this problem, you can download Facebook stories for later viewing. There are many methods available for this purpose. This article discusses many techniques to download Facebook stories on your mobile or computer device.

Method 1: How to Download Facebook Videos Step by Step Using iTubeGo

iTubeGo is a cross-platform video downloading application that more than 1M+ active user’s trust.


  • It helps you to save videos in high resolution and even in 4k.
  • It is a free Facebook video downloader that can also download audio.
  • Cross-platform usage (works on 1000+ sites) enables you to use the same to save videos from multiple sites.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to quickly download Facebook videos from iTubeGo:

Step 1) Download software from

How to Download Facebook Videos

Step 2) Launch the iTubeGo application on your computer.

How to Download Facebook Videos

Step 3) Click Paste URL button.

Next, click on the “Paste URL” button at the top of your screen.

How to Download Facebook Videos

Step 4) Copy the Facebook video link and paste it into iTubeGo.

How to Download Facebook Videos

Step 5) Click on the “Downloaded” on the left panel and click on the play button to download the Facebook stories.

How to Download Facebook Videos

Method 2: Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Users publish daily updates on their social media accounts through stories. You may use specific techniques to download your friends’ Facebook App Stories without their knowledge and watch the saved videos as often as you like.

Here are steps to download Facebook stories and videos online on a mobile device:

Step 1) Access the play store and download Friendly Social Browser

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Step 2) Select Facebook, enter your ID and password, and log in.

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Step 3) Open any story you want to save and hit the download button.

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Step 4) The story will be saved and downloaded into your mobile phone. The above steps help you download any story from your friend’s timeline.

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Method 3: Download Facebook Story using Chrome Extension Story Saver

Following are the steps to download any story using a Google chrome extension: –

Step 1) Install the extension Story Saver.

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Step 2) The story saver extension will appear in your Chrome browser’s extension section.

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Step 3) Open the story that you want to save.

Download Facebook Story on Mobile

Simply click on the story saver extension button to store the desired story in your downloads folder.

Method 4: Download Facebook Stories Anonymously

It isn’t easy to download someone else’s story without them knowing.

Here, are steps to download Facebook stories Anonymously:

Step 1) Start the app. From the timeline, choose the story.

Step 2) Turn off your mobile data.

Step 3) Turn on Airplane mode before viewing and downloading the story using the mentioned methods.

Step 4) Select the anonymous reader option and view stories without being caught using the Friendly for Facebook App.


The Facebook story typically has a 24-hour lifespan. After 24 hours, users can save their Facebook story, which they may view themselves in the Story Archive. So, it is better to download this story as soon as you view it.

Here, are steps to do this:

Step 1) Copy the link address from the URL bar of your web browser if you are using Facebook.

Step 2) Play the story using the Facebook mobile app, then hit the share button to copy the shareable URL.

Yes, you can download Facebook stories and view them offline with music or other background sounds. There are many Facebook downloader app helps you to download Facebook videos as it offers the highest video and audio quality downloads.

It is simple to save and view any Facebook story without getting noticed. However, the Facebook app doesn’t have a built-in download feature. So, download and use any third-party application, for example, “Friendly for Facebook,” which is the most trusted app by users globally, which is a globally trusted app.

Here are the steps for that:

Step 1) Sign in with your Facebook account after installing the application.

Step 2) Now, enable the anonymous option view under the stories setting.

Step 3) You can now view and download Facebook Stories without getting known.