Create Customer Master Data: SAP XD01


Customer Master is Primary master data in SAP SD. To create Customer Master we need Account Group. Account Group: Account Group is accumulation of similar accounts. The master records in the customer hierarchy are controlled by their account groups.

  1. It determines Optional, Mandatory and Not Requires information for Customer.
  2. Partner Functions is also linked with Account Group.
  3. Account Group defines the way, numbers are assigned to customer.

T-Code for Create Customer master – FD01 / XD01 / VD01

  • FD01- Company code level & data will be stored in tables KNA1 and KNB1.
  • XD01- Include sales area & data will be stored in tables KNA1, KNB1 and KNVV (With company code data).
  • VD01 – Include sales area & data will be stored in tables KNA1, KNB1 and KNVV (w/o Company code data).

We will use here XD01 for Customer Master Creation.

Step 1 – Enter T-Code XD01 in Command field.

Create Customer Master Data: SAP XD01

Step 2 – Enter the detail in Address Tab screen as below-

  1. Enter the title and name of customer.
  2. Enter search term, for searching customer.
  3. Enter Street / House Number.
  4. Enter District / Postal code / City / Country / Region.

Create Customer Master Data: SAP XD01

Step 3 – Enter Data in Control Data Tab Screen Field

  1. Enter Tax Number

Step 4 – Enter Data on Payment Transactions tab.

  1. Click on the Payment Transaction tab.
  2. Enter Bank City / Bank Key / Bank Account / Account Holder Name.
  3. To enter more detail about bank, click on Bank Data Button.

After Click on Bank data Button ,below screen appear-

  1. Enter bank name / region
  2. Enter City
  3. Enter Swift Code

Click on Tick Button.

Step 5 – Enter sales area data-

  1. Click on sales area button on application tool bar.
  2. Enter Customer pricing procedure / Shipping data / Partner functions.

Step 6 – Save the record.

Click on Save Button.

Customer Will be created with Customer number.

Main Transaction Codes in a Customer Master

Transaction Codes Description
XD01, XD02, XD03 Used to create/change/display customer centrally
VD01,VD02,VD03 Used to create/change/display customer sales area
FD01,FD02,FD03 Used to create/change/display customer company code
XD04 Display change documents
XD05 Display change documentsUsed to block Customer − Global, order, delivery, billing, sales area, etc.
XD06 Used for deletion
XD07 Change Account Group
VAP1 Create Contact Person

Key tables in Customer Master

Table Name Description
KNA1 General Information
KNB1 Company Code
KNVV Sales Area
KNBK Bank Data
VCNUM Credit Card
VCKUN Credit Card Assignment
MASSKNVK General Data in Customer Master
KNVK Contact Person
KNVP Partner Functions
MASSKNVK Contact Partner
MASSKNVD Record sales request form
KNVL Customer Master Licenses
KNVI Tax Indicator
KNVA Unloading Points
KNAS VAT registration numbers general section