10 BEST Blog Name Generators to Find Blog Name Ideas (2024)

Your blog name must be easy to remember. It should also mean something while also describing what your brand does or sells. However, sometimes when you find a catchy name that reflects your brand, the perfect blog might already be in use, which forces you to search for another name.

Today, there are many tools available that help you to generate blog name according to your choice and business.

Here are the best blog name generator tools with their features and links. These tools will help you determine the domain availability of your chosen blog name. For all practical purposes, if there is no matching domain available for your chosen blog name, it means nothing. You will need to search for a different name.

Best Blog Name Generator Tools: Find the Perfect Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

1) DomainWheel

DomainWheel is a useful blog name generator tool. This site also allows you to combine your search with random ideas, names that sound similar to your search or rhyme with your search, and some other random blog name ideas.

Domain Wheel


  • Input Word Permutation: Yes.
  • Check Domain Availability: Yes.
  • Domain Name Suggestions: Yes.
  • Check across all TLD: Yes.
  • It offers a good algorithm that easily picks up related topics.
  • Users can select the extensions they would like to include in the search.
  • Only returns blog, which are available for purchase.
  • This tumblr name generator does not have an easy option to check your blog title’s social media availability.

Link: https://domainwheel.com/blog-name-generator/

2) Wordoid

Wordoid is a highly creative blog name generator tool to find a catchy name for your new blog. You can select more than one language to blend them. Wordoid is the most creative way to find a catchy name for your blog.



  • Input Word Permutation: No
  • Check Domain Availability: Yes
  • Domain Name Suggestions: Yes
  • Check across all TLD: Yes
  • Wordoid allows you to find the right name by inventing new words
  • This screen name generator supports five languages, English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian
  • This blog name generator offers several options to assist you with your naming process.

Link: https://wordoid.com/

3) Panabee

Panabee is a blog name generator tool that allows you to start with two keywords and search for blog name suggestions. This tumbler name generator site also delivers related terms according to your search.



  • Input Word Permutation: Yes.
  • Check Domain Availability: Yes.
  • Domain Name Suggestions: Yes.
  • Check across all TLD: Yes.
  • According to your idea, it allows you to save a trip to the thesaurus and see words suggestion for blog name.
  • Panabee helps you to search Google Play and the Apple store for checking app name suggestions and domain name availability.
  • This screen name generator allows you to check availability of usernames on the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Link: https://www.panabee.com

4) IsItWP-2

IsItWP is an instant blog name generator that allows you to start your search by entering a few keywords or your brand name. It will display plenty of results of blog name ideas using a variety of combinations.



  • Input Word Permutation: No.
  • Check Domain Availability: Yes.
  • Domain Name Suggestions: Yes.
  • Check across all TLD: Yes.
  • It helps you to specify one or two words in the search box for suggestions.
  • It helps you to generate dozens of best blog name ideas instantly.
  • It allows you to refine your search, start a new search, or click on show more results to view even more blog name ideas.

Link: https://www.isitwp.com/domain-name-generator/

5) Domainr

Domainr is another useful blog name generator tool. It allows you to check real-time availability for the blog name. It helps you to find the perfect name according to your business.



  • Input Word Permutation: No
  • Check Domain Availability: Yes
  • Domain Name Suggestions: No
  • Check across all TLD: Yes
  • Allows you to check if a blog is available with no false positives
  • This brand name generator allows you to build brainstorming directly into your product with the Domainr API
  • Use it as a drop-in replacement or fasten your existing domain search system

Link: https://domainr.com/

6) Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain search is the most authentic tool to search blog name for your website. It allows you to start with a single keyword, and then you can search domain name options on Lean Domain Search easily. If you need some fresh and most relevant ideas for a full domain, then this is the right tool for you to use.

Lean Domain Search


  • Input Word Permutation: Yes.
  • Check across all TLD: Yes.
  • Allows you to filter alphabetically, by length, or by popularity.
  • This brand name generator helps you track your search history.
  • Enables you to share your search results with others.
  • This tumblr name generator helps you to search your ideas to see if they are available instantly.

Link: https://leandomainsearch.com/

7) Blog Name Generator

Blog Name Generator is an ideal tool when you have several keywords in mind for your blog. You can select 2-3 keywords and enter them into the search box. Blog Name Generator also offers you keyword suggestions for your blog name.

Blog Name Generator


  • Input Word Permutation: Yes.
  • Check across all TLD: Yes.
  • It helps you check the availability of the most common TLDs, including .com, .net, or .org.
  • This brand name generator allows you to generate domains by mixing in other words and suffixes.
  • Helps you check blog’s availability of the new GTLDs which have been launched and have entered general availability.

Link: https://satoristudio.net/blog-name-generator/


❓ What are Blog Name Generators?

Blog Name Generators are online tools that suggest a number of blog name ideas based on the keyword phrases you provide. These tools also check the domain name’s availability corresponding to the blog name. It allows you to register the domain according to your choice.

👉 Why use Blog Name Generators?

Searching for a unique domain name for your website or blog is not easy as it is your digital identification. Your name appears in your URL, so you want your blog domain name to be remembered by the people to refer the name to their peers.

Your blog name should reflect your content type and purpose. A catchy name can easily generate higher traffic to your blogs. A good blog name also helps you to build your reputation in the web world. It also offers you hundreds of alternative options to choose from.

Here are some prime reasons why you might need a blog name generator:

  • You wanted to set up a new website for blogging and want to create a blog name.
  • Some other website owners already took the blog names you could think of.
  • You want to rebrand the blog of your existing website.
  • You have run out of ideas and not able to think of any new name.
  • Your brand name is already registered, but you are looking to alter your brand name.

🏅 How does the blog name generator work?

Blog name generator tool uses both a pre-defined set of popular words, prefixes, and endings, as well as a vast linguistic database to come up with various combinations. After that it provides the options which correspond to your domain name that are available for registration.

⚡ What are the best practices for creating a blog name?

Here are some important rules which you need to follow while creating a blog name:

  • Research your Competition: You should research your competitor’s blog and determine which type of names works for them.
  • Browse Book Titles: Best-selling book titles can be another great way to name your blog.
  • Use a Thesaurus: Looking through a thesaurus can be a great way to find unique words to add to your blog name.
  • Consider an Abbreviation: Use of abbreviations can also work in your favor for your blog. For example, let us take the example of the company HTC. The full company’s name is Hight Tech Computer. However, people know it by the name of HTC, which is much more catchy and easily memorable.

❗ What are the best blog topics?

Some common blog topics are:

  • Fashion blogs
  • Education blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Food blogs
  • Beauty blogs
  • Tutorial blogs
  • Personal blogs
  • Funny blogs
  • Fitness blogs

Here, you need to remember that never select a topic just because you think it is popular.

💥 Is your goal to make money with your blog?

The reality is that any blog topic can be only profitable as long as you work hard at your blog. It allows you to build your audience and increase your website traffic. You also can make money blogging in various ways.

Popular methods for making money through blogging are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Putting Ads on your blog
  • Selling some products of various brands
  • Opening an eCommerce store

🚀 How do I choose a blog address?

Your blog address should be matching to your blog name. So it is important that you must not use hyphens because it is not easy to remember. If someone comes in your blog address without hyphens, you will miss out on that potential traffic. Moreover, it is good to use a .com domain as it is very easy to memorize.

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🌟 What is a good domain name for bloggers?

A good domain name for a blog is something short, unique, memorable, and it should include your main keywords. Your blog’s keyword should be the primary topic of your entire website. This makes it easy for those who are interested in that topic to discover your blog.

Moreover, having a unique blog name helps you build a strong impact. If you pick a generic or common name, it will not differentiate from other online blogs. For example, the blog name ‘Latest IT News’ blog used a combination of common words to create an easy-to-remember blog name.

💻 How do you get your blog noticed?

Here are important tips which help your blog to be noticed online:

  • Have Quality Content: You should have amazing content with photography, great fonts, and easy-to-navigate web pages.
  • You should take Advantage Of Social Media: You should take the advance of social media by promoting your blog on social channels.
  • Use Guest Posting: Guest posting on high authority blogs helps your blog get noticed.
  • Incorporate Videos: Videos are another useful way for people to see and hear about your blog. This helps you engage more with people.
  • Be Engaging With Your Audience: You should be engaging with your audience and similar blogs.
  • Be Honest in your approach: You must remain honest in your approach and stick with the topic and content you have promised to your audience.

❓ How do you pick out a unique name?

Here are some important tips that help you to pick a unique blog name:

  • First, make sure it is as short and readable as possible.
  • Secondly, do not get fixated on a specific word too much. The .com domain space is quiet common, so only searching generic words might add a lot of time to your search.
  • It is also a good idea to brainstorm about your blog name in several iterations. However, this may take lots of time in your busy schedule.