10 Best FREE Low Code No Code Development Platforms (2024)

Best Low Code Development Platforms

Low code tools are application that offers a Graphical User Interface for programming. You can use these software apps to develop products without the assistance of developers. It helps boost the software development process and reduces initial costs for setup, training, deployment, and maintenance by minimizing the efforts for traditional hand coding.

We have researched for over 120+ hours to review several no-code platforms to learn about their features, pros and cons. After extensive review, we have handpicked a list of top low-code development platforms with their website links. The list comprises of free tools for regular and commercial users.
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Top Low-Code No-Code(LCNC)Development Platforms & Tools [Free/Paid]

Name Free Trial Platform Link
👍 Zoho Creator 15-Day Free Trial Android and iOS Learn More
Caspio 14-Day Free Trial Windows, Mac, Linux, Web Learn More
Xpoda 30-Day Free Trial Android and iOS Learn More
Softr Lifetime Free Basic Plan Windows, Mac, Android and iOS Learn More
Simplifier 60-Day Free Trial Android and iOS Learn More

1) Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a Low-Code Application Development Platform (LCAP) for non-technical users to create custom applications. These users can use Zoho’s rich set of features to fulfil various app development requirements easily.

With its user-friendly visual interface, individuals can design and build applications by dragging and dropping elements. Novice developers can easily define workflows for project management.

#1 Top Pick
Zoho Creator

Drag-and-drop builder: Yes

Multi-language support: Yes

Supported Platforms: Android and iOS

Free Trial: 15-Day Free Trial

Visit Zoho Creator


  • Data Management: Zoho Creator provides robust data management capabilities, including organizing and analyzing data, generating reports, and ensuring data security.
  • AI capabilities: From sentimental analysis to OCR, Zoho Creator offers your application an array of AI functionalities. With its no-code AI builder, create advanced applications with no formula or code algorithms.
  • Smart customization: Give some cool makeovers to your app, design a log that connects to the users, and attract stakeholders with an innovative brand experience. Additionally, include auto-translation along with total personalized branding.
  • Seamless integrations: Zoho Creator offers seamless integrations with over 600+ other popular applications, allowing you to connect and exchange data effortlessly. You can create your connector or drag and drop the in-built connector available.
  • Multiplatform: Zoho Creator enables access to your applications on various devices. You can build mobile-friendly apps or access existing apps from smartphones and tablets, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
  • Supported platforms: Zoho Creator works on iOS and Android operating systems.


  • Easy to centralize different processes and info on multiple categories.
  • Cross-platform scripting support with drag-and-drop code builder.
  • Can connect with different ERPs like Oracle and SAP using APIs.


  • The standard plan includes only 20 custom AI models.
  • What-if analysis is available only on the Enterprise plan.

Free Trial: Zoho Creator offers 15 days of free trial to users.

Visit Zoho Creator >>

15-Days Free Trial

2) Caspio

Caspio is the No-code application development provider that fastens your process of building cloud-based apps and allows you to seamlessly deploy them on any website.

It provides free online training, 24/7 support, managed application services, and onboarding. Caspio also offers a best-in-class technology stack on AWS and SQL Server.


Drag-and-drop builder: Yes

Multi-language support: Yes

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android

Free Trial: 14-Day Free Trial

Visit Caspio


  • Best quality technology stack: Caspio offers industry-standard reliability and scalability for customized business applications using top technologies like Microsoft SQL and AWS. The presence of a visual app builder guides you through every aspect of building accurate cloud-based apps.
  • Import/export data using connectors: This low code development platform allows you to import or export data from Caspio to other cloud repositories like FTP, AWS, Dropbox, and more. You can even create KPI dashboards, multi-user portals, searchable databases, location-based apps, etc.
  • Customizing the forms: Using Caspio, you can customize the forms and include fields like radio buttons, cascading fields, text fields, dropdowns, and more. You can also update forms and modify the already existing data. If you want to display computations, there is also the option to add real-time calculation fields.
  • Top-notch security: It also provides a built-in authentication option to safeguard and password-protect your data pages. Caspio complains about PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, and SOC 2 Type II. With Casipio’s security, users can access only those data and files they have been authorized to. Corporate login credentials can also be stored securely in One Login, Okta, or Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Supported platforms: The platforms that Caspio supports are Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android. Additionally, it also supports Apple Safari and Google Chrome web browsers.


  • Caspio’s deployment model perfectly fits both public-facing and internal applications.
  • Customize your apps with standard technologies like SQL, CSS, HTML, and REST API.
  • An unlimited number of users for each plan.


  • Phone support is not available with the starter plan.

Free Trial: Caspio comes with 14-day free trial with all the features to access.

Visit Caspio >>

14-Days Free Trial

3) Xpoda

Xpoda is a low code development tool that helps you manage backoffice operations. You can integrate this app with all platforms and devices. This low-code development platform comes with rapid prototyping option that lets users launch apps fast.

It provides an intuitive infrastructure to manage your business workflows systematically. Xpoda is one of the best source code platforms that help you transform the business process into a digital environment.



  • Outlining the workflow: This no code platform includes a powerful engine to plan and design different flows using the visual interface. The workflow engine can send SMS or mail notifications, confirm flow tasks, and carry out data integrations.
  • Multiplatform usage: Every app you are designing with Xpoda can run on multiple platforms, be it web or mobile, without any hitches. You will not require third-party support to run these apps on specific platforms.
  • Fast application development: With Xpoda, you can develop software applications easily and quickly using pre-built components and data integration options. It also includes several drag-and-drop tools that let you design applications without coding.
  • Creating reports: This tool combines advanced-level BI (Business Intelligence) options to provide a result-oriented and meaningful reporting experience. You can easily include charts, maps, and lists in the report using the drag-and-drop feature. The visual interface helps you graph, filter, and analyze data smoothly.
  • Designing intranet applications: You can design different applications using an intuitive user interface while adhering to the latest security protocols. Xpoda features numerous tools for you to implement while designing the applications.
  • Supported platforms: This no code development platform works in mobile (Android, iOS) and web (PC) environments.


  • More than one user can work simultaneously.
  • You can design a dashboard to measure and analyze your data.
  • It enables you to develop CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


  • The free developer package is available only for a single user.
  • Xpoda Assistant is not available for the Small Teams package plan.

Free Trial: Xpoda offers 30 days of free trial policy to users.

Link: https://www.xpoda.com/

4) Softr

Softr is a low-code software development platform that enables you to build your application without code knowledge. This app enables you to upload data from a spreadsheet and also helps you to configure dynamic and easy-to-use forms.

It is one of the best low-code platforms that help organizations efficiently control and automate important business processes and workflow.



  • Data connectivity: Using this feature, you can connect to different data sources like SmartSuite, Google Sheets, Airtable, etc. Extracting data sources from REST APIs will be introduced shortly.
  • Clearly defined permissions: Softr comes with flexible permission options that allow authorized users to modify and access the appropriate data kept safely in the database.
  • Functional pre-built blocks: With these functional, pre-built blocks, you can design an app quickly without needing expert developers. You can use the drag-and-drop facility to include tables, calendars, lists, forms, charts, and maps in your design.
  • Easy integration with tools: This platform lets you easily integrate with all the tools that are necessarily required to manage your workflow. Whether you want to integrate with Google Analytics, Hotjar, or other apps like Mailchimp, Stripe, and Zapier, this no-code development platform makes the process seamless.
  • Security and compliances: Speaking of security, Softr collaborates with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store the data. This approach ensures the best level of security measures and adherence to the latest compliance certificates.
  • Supported platforms: Softr apps can work on both iOS and Android platforms.


  • This tool enables you to centralize your business workflow.
  • You can develop both mobile and web applications.
  • You can enter data from a PC, phone, or tablet.


  • You get only one custom domain with a Basic plan.
  • Only 1000 records per dynamic block for the free plan.

Free Trial: It offers lifetime free basic plan. As Softr is presently undergoing an A/B test, they offer 30-day free trial and a Combo Trial that will automatically start a 7-day reverse trial upon signup.

Visit Softr >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

5) Simplifier

Simplifier is a web-based configuration framework for creating IoT (Internet of Things) applications. It is one of the low-code development platforms used to develop mobile apps and provides a real time update of changes for you to review.

This tool helps you accelerate application development with reusable components. Simplifier provides pre-designed elements to create a uniform look and feel for improved user experience.



  • Uniform approach: When developing an app using Simplifier, you take a uniform approach that follows the best guidelines, practices, and methodologies. This ensures efficiency, consistency, and best quality across different phases of the app development life cycle.
  • App-in-app and easy deployment: While using Simplifier, you can access all the native functions and active support. It also offers easy deployment with any compilation or release procedures.
  • Perfect rendering: You can easily add any rendering to any area within a page. This tool also lets you access every rendering tool available. For any syntax highlighting, there is a markdown editor that is easy to use.
  • Easy reusability: With Simplifier, you get unlimited options to reuse any pre-built content as well as ready-to-use apps, connectors, etc. You also get access to the entire set of content available on the Simplifier marketplace.
  • Platforms supported: This no code development platform supports iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.


  • Templates provided by this app can be reusable.
  • You can test your application in the browser or Simplifier mobile client.
  • Existing systems and data sources can be easily connected.


  • New users may find this tool complicated at times.

Free Trial: Simplifier lets you create applications in your instance for a trial period of 2 months.

Link: https://www.simplifier.io/en/

6) PMG

PMG is a low-code development platform that helps you to automate the digital process. It is one of the best free low-code platforms that enables you to update your product as its requirements change quickly.

This free low code development platform helps you to quickly build and deploy applications effectively. PMG is one of the best low-code, no-code tools that offers a “form editor” for building dynamic forms to manage data. This tool also provides a dashboard for personalized work.



  • Portals as home screens: PMG comes with easily configurable web pages that can be used as home screens for different services and business apps.
  • Feature-rich dashboards: You get a feature-rich and perfectly intuitive dashboard that reflects summaries of your work progress. It highlights a summarized version of work management screens and analytics pages that help with enhanced productivity.
  • Speed and versatility: Offering low code requirements, fast-paced implementation, and a rich set of forms that support real-time data processing, PMG makes it easy to develop apps quickly.
  • Intelligent integrations: Working with PMG, you can access the pre-built connectors that offer no-code integrations. However, if there is a requirement, it also supports generic actions integrations.
  • Data security: This no code platform is HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II data safety compliant and meets the security standards for designing and operation effectiveness.
  • Platforms supported: Apps developed using PMG support devices working on Android, Mac, and iOS.


  • Reports can be customized without knowledge of SQL database queries.
  • You can create an API with ease.
  • It helps you drag and drop elements to design a workflow.


  • No direct chat support is available.

Free Trial: Please get in touch with support to request a free trial of this tool.

Link: https://www.pmg.net/

7) BP Logix

BP Logix is a no-code software that helps develop quick application solutions. It helps you to manage business workflow and can be used to design a product without writing code.

This low-code, no-code tool provides a faster way to create an automated electronic forms system. Even if you don’t have any computer programming knowledge, you can still use this software platform to design and develop apps.

BP Logix


  • Customized app development: You can develop apps customized to your business or IT needs and include features accordingly. Using BP Logix, you can extend legacy investment, expedite development, and eliminate backlogs to design apps tailor-made for your needs without coding.
  • No specific compliances: With BP Logix Process Director, you experience several effective GRC features and a solid audit tracking option. This reduces the overall compliance violation risks by adhering to major industry regulations.
  • Advanced tasked flows: This platform follows a Gantt Chart-based process modeling approach that allows for the precise handling of task dependencies and sequencing. Such an approach leads to correct execution of tasks, minimizing operational bottlenecks and better efficiency.
  • Better efficiency and speed: Being a low-code application development platform, BP Logix enables users to speed up the deployment operation while contributing to the application development process. This approach helps businesses adapt to evolving requirements and market changes.
  • Automate intricate workflows: This platform can automate workflows like conditional, parallel, and nested approvals. It helps streamline complex procedures, minimize potential errors, and prevent manual intervention.
  • Supported platforms: It is cross-platform dependent, and hence, you can use the created apps in Android OS, iOS, and Mac.


  • It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to improve company project workflow.
  • BP Logix offers numerous related features to search, report, and business activity management (BAM).
  • This low-code platform provides a web-based GUI workflow.


  • It mostly offers basic analytical skills that may need to be more effective in handling real-time scenarios.

Free Trial: You can book a discovery call to get started with the free demo.

Link: https://www.bplogix.com/

8) Webcon

WEBCON is a rapid application development software tool for digital transformation that helps you simplify business process management. This low-code, no-code platform enables you to develop a program for free without knowing coding.

Using this platform, you can create dynamic forms for mobile devices and SharePoint (a web-based collaborative platform). Even if you are not an expert, you can create forms using this platform.



  • Workflow automation: With workflow automation tailored to your requirements, Webcon eliminates repetitive and paper-heavy tasks. It also lets you accomplish business-level governance, visibility, and process orchestration.
  • Charts inclusion: This innovative feature allows designers to add different types of charts in their reports. As a designer, using the drag-and-drop facility, you can include stacked, floating, or horizontal bar charts in your report.
  • Monitor the changes: Whenever you are developing an app, Webcon lets you track the changes for each process, document, and record. As a result, developing even a large-sized app typically takes 4 weeks to get ready and work.
  • Easy integration: Webcon lets you integrate with top-in-line business systems like CRM, ERP, etc., to manage your organization’s business process effectively.
  • Platforms supported: The Webcon BPS app is compatible with iOS 16 and higher and Android 10 and newer.


  • Webcon provides a graphical workflow design facility.
  • It offers services to effectively create a data model (a type of diagram).
  • You can integrate this solution easily in CRM and ERP.


  • Customer service response needs to be more prompt.

Free Trial: Webcon BPS offers you 30-day free trial option.

Link: https://webcon.com/

9) Appery

Appery is a cloud program that makes building hybrid and mobile web applications simple. It is one of the low-code development platforms enabling you to design Android and iOS apps.

This free low code app builder platform provides numerous templates to design apps for mobiles and the web. Even with limited coding knowledge, Appery helps you easily develop progressive and hybrid apps.



  • Top-notch functionality: When using Appery for app development, you can use traditional designing tools without the need for heavy coding. It becomes easier to create applications using readymade templates and pre-set modules and customize them accordingly.
  • Trouble-free integration: Integrating your app is effortless with Appery, which comes with the best quality plugins like JQM and Ionic 5. It offers trouble-free integration of your designed application with different IT systems and databases. The platform also has middleware solutions to convert your services and assets into REST APIs.
  • Easy to use drag and drop: With the help of drag and drop functionality, even the most novice user can design an app using Appery. Pick the UI components you want to use for the application development project and include them using the drag-and-drop option. It also lets you modify the templates as per your requirements.
  • Cross-platform support: You can create apps using Appery that run on multiple platforms without any 3rd party intervention. Appery comes with built-in support for Ionic, jQuery, Cordova, and other popular frameworks.
  • Supported platforms: Appery apps can work on any platform, whether Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.


  • Appery has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop facility.
  • You can connect the software to the database.
  • This PHP code open-source platform enables you to preview your final app.


  • Only 2GB storage is available on the Pro version.
  • Does not offer unlimited app backup in the Beginner Plan.

Free Trial: You get 14 days to try the Appery Pro version for free.

Link: https://appery.io/

What are the Common Features of Low-Code Development Platforms?

Here are the common features of the best free low code platform:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Integration with other tools
  • Automation features
  • Security
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Customizations


Low code is a visual representation of the Software development process. Low code is used to abstract and automate each software development life cycle step to rapidly deliver various software solutions for different business needs.

A Low Code Development Platform is a software tool that has a development environment to create software applications through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and configuration instead.

Low Code Development Platform helps to reduce the initial cost for setup, training, deployment, and maintenance for software development by reducing the efforts for traditional hand coding. It also helps to accelerate the delivery of software applications.

We can create various Software Applications according to our business needs much faster with the help of Low Code Development Platforms. Low code development platforms have visual development support, reusable components, Agile Methodology alignment, and one-click deployment, which makes the software development process much faster.

Top Low Code Development Platforms & Tools: [Open Source/ Paid]

Name Free Trial Platform Link
👍 Zoho Creator 15-Day Free Trial Android and iOS Learn More
Caspio 14-Day Free Trial Windows, Mac, Linux, Web Learn More
Xpoda 30-Day Free Trial Android and iOS Learn More
Softr Lifetime Free Basic Plan Windows, Mac, Android and iOS Learn More
Simplifier 60-Day Free Trial Android and iOS Learn More