13 Best FREE Heatmap Generator Software (2023 Update)

Heatmap Tools are cloud based applications that allow you to track visitor’s behavior patterns on your website. You can easily visualize how users interact with your website. The information captured by these heatmap tools help you to understand issues related to your website and optimize it for a better experience and conversions.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Heat Map Generators, with its popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and paid heatmap software.

Best FREE Heatmap Software & Generator Tools

Name Free Trial Link
👍 Zoho PageSense: Heatmap 15-Day Free Trial (No credit card required) Learn More
👍 Lucky Orange Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
Mouseflow Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More
Hotjar 15-day free trial (No credit card required) Learn More
Smartlook Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More

1) Zoho PageSense: Heatmap

Zoho PageSense’s Heatmap helps you understand how visitors interact with your website. You can track visitor clicks, how far down they scroll, and which parts of the website they spend the most time on.

Zoho PageSense: Heatmap


  • You can segment reports based on traffic sources, devices, location, or custom defined criteria.
  • Access historical data to compare user behavior over different periods to identify trends and track the impact of changes or optimizations.
  • View your website’s heatmap across mobile, tablet, and desktop from a single window.
  • Their advanced URL targeting option allows you to exclude a set of web pages on your site that you don’t want to track.
  • Heatmaps are a part of their platform. They offer 10+ CRO tools at a competitive price, including Session recording, A/B testing, Personalization, and more.
  • A popular choice for businesses seeking to optimize their website’s performance and user experience to increase conversions.

Visit Zoho PageSense

15-Day Free Trial (No credit card required)

2) Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a heat map software that allows you to see how many people are on your website currently. You can compare historical statistics and see what keywords, languages, locations, mobile users, etc. are driving traffic on your website.

Lucky Orange


  • Lucky Orange is one of the best heatmap software which creates a recording of visitors to your website.
  • Lucky orange chat can be easily integrated with your website.
  • It allows you to search which fields on website forms are causing the most friction.
  • Polls can have multiple queries and can be triggered at just the right time.

Visit Lucky Orange

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

3) Mouseflow

Mouseflow tracks click, mouse movement forms, scrolls, and more. It shows an anonymized recording of the activity from each visitor on your site.



  • Mouseflow of this tool helps you analyze key journeys and checkout or sign up processes.
  • It measures form errors, blank submissions, and more.
  • It allows you to create custom interactive surveys to target a specific audience in a few seconds.
  • You can integrate this tool with HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and more.

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Lifetime Free Basic Plan

4) Hotjar

Hotjar is a free heatmap software that reveals online behavior and the voice of your website visitors. It is one of the best heatmap tools which combines Analysis and Feedback tools to improve your website’s user experience and conversion rates.



  • Unlimited users can use this free heat map software
  • You can target users using URLs or custom JavaScript triggers.
  • The feedback tool is localized in more than 40 languages.
  • You can export responses in XLSX or CSV.
  • It provides multi-device support.
  • There is no limit for collecting responses using feedback tools.
  • You can exclude tracking yourself by blocking your website IP.

Visit Hotjar >>

15-day free trial (No credit card required)

5) Smartlook

Smartlook is a qualitative analytics tool for mobile apps and websites. It is a heat mapping software which allows you to see your business website through the eyes of your visitors. This software provides mouse move heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, and heatmaps for new users.



  • You can record a video of a user session.
  • It automatically tracks every event, helping you make better decisions.
  • This tool helps you to add events in each funnel step and read detailed data about the conversion path.
  • It helps you to filter and group data as needed.

Link: https://www.smartlook.com/

6) Crazyegg

Crazyegg is one of the best heatmap tools which helps you to analyze user interaction for various pages of your website. This tool provides scrollmaps, heatmaps, and many other visual reports that show how your customer is responding to your site.



  • This heatmap software helps you to ensure that your CTAs (Call to action) are being seen.
  • It allows you to place content according to importance to your customers.
  • You can add an additional layer of insights to Google Analytics data.
  • This tool enables you to set a website or page redesign.
  • You can track what’s going on behind pop up forms or login screens.

Link: https://www.crazyegg.com/overview

7) NotifyVisitors

Notify visitor’s heatmap is a tool that provides a graphical representation of the user’s activity on your website. Heatmap software gives immediate visual information of every movement of mouse activity.



  • It offers clicks heatmap reports.
  • It is one of the best heatmap software which provides real-time analytics.
  • You can receive a graph previewed on the realtime webpages.
  • It shows how much average is scrolling upon your page.
  • NotifyVisitors facility of this tool shows lives online visitor interactions.
  • Easy to find where visitors are getting stuck on your website.
  • You can understand and improve a visitor’s behavior.

Link: https://www.notifyvisitors.com/product/heatmaps

8) Matomo

Matomo is all in one web analytics platform that provides accurate data reporting of your website. It is one of the best heatmap tools using which you can evaluate the user experience, conversion, optimization features.



  • This heat map software provides Sessions Recordings, Funnels, A/B Testing, Goals, and more.
  • You can evaluate the action of individual users.
  • You can combine reporting from more than one website.
  • It helps you to embed third-party tracking codes to your website without accessing the backend of your website.

Link: https://matomo.org/

9) Inspectlet

Inspectlet records videos of your visitors. It allows you to track, mouse movement, scroll, and keypress on your website. This software helps you to understand the mindset of users and also increases the conversation rate.



  • It has filtering capabilities using which you can find the exact people you like to watch.
  • This heat map application has conversion funnels that show you where and why visitors are dropping off.
  • Inspectlet works with AJAX, HTTPS, single-page websites.
  • It allows you to tag your sessions.
  • You can see how individual users are using your website.

Link: https://www.inspectlet.com/

10) Plerdy

Plerdy is a comprehensive conversion optimization tool. It is made for agencies and professional online marketers. This heat map software enables you to improve website performance and increase conversion growth.



  • This heatmap software helps you to find website design bugs.
  • It has a scroll map that shows the scroll depth of long texts.
  • It helps you to analyze website layout having dynamic interactive solutions.
  • The software helps you to understand the effectiveness of hyperlinks.
  • It allows you to analyze how effective your website pop-ups are.
  • Plerdy has an indicator that search mouse hover over the website objects.

Link: https://www.plerdy.com/heatmap/

11) VWO Heatmaps

VWO heatmap is a tool that helps you see how people browse or visit your website, which elements distract them, and what catches their attention. You can check user clicking elements, selecting options.

VWO Heatmaps


  • You can select multiple areas on your page and compare clicks between them.
  • This heat map application records user information on the live state of the website.
  • You can add an Observation and VWO will save your observation with the exact state of the heatmap where you noted the behavior.
  • Cross-platform performance tracking
  • Download and share the exact state of heatmap and share it with others.

Link: https://vwo.com/insights/heatmaps/#skip_hero_section

12) Capturly

Capturly tool helps you to view the users’ decision-making process. This heat map software also allows you to know how far your website users scroll on any website.



  • It has session replays that enable you to explore website user engagement in a qualitative way.
  • You can track traffic page by page.
  • Receive visualized data about the visited pages, your web page load time.
  • It allows you to view what sources devices and you are getting traffic from.
  • You can create and track custom events on any website.

Link: https://capturly.com/features/heatmaps

13) Fullstory

FullStory is a digital intelligence platform that helps you to understand and improve your digital experiences. By leveraging FullStory’s analytics, you are able to reduce website user struggle.



  • It enables you to export data to CSV or JSON format.
  • You can discover heatmaps using session replay.
  • Support various devices like HD desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • This heat map application enables you to see webpage load time, and the number of users visited your website.
  • You can manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.
  • You can segment information by screen size.

Link: https://www.fullstory.com/features/heatmaps/

14) Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer is a heat mapping software that offers a summary of your user’s scrolls and clicks without writing any code. This free heat map software allows you to track mouse movements on the interactive portion of your website.



  • It is a free heatmap software that allows you to track how users actually scroll and click on any website.
  • You can get consolidated heatmaps for web pages having identical template designs.
  • Automatically identify device types and generates proper heatmaps for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • It helps you to compare two versions of the website.
  • Get a summary of visitor’s clicks and scrolls with no extra code.

Link: https://www.freshworks.com/marketing-automation/conversion-rate-optimization/heatmaps/


❓ What is Website Heatmap?

Website heatmap is a data analysis software that allows you to track visitors’ behavior patterns on your website, such as clicking on links and buttons, hovering, or scrolling. You can easily visualize how users interact with your website and optimize it for better experience and conversions.

🚀 Which are the Best Heatmap Software?

Below are some of the Best Heatmap Software:

🏅 Which factors should you consider while selecting Heatmap?

You should consider the following factors before selecting Heatmap

  • Easy to implement.
  • Types of reports provide.
  • License Cost, if applicable.
  • Quality of Customer support.
  • Support and Update policy of the tool vendor.
  • Reviews of the company.