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In agile development, the emphasis on building the right product as per customer needs. Therefore, the agile testers needs to monitor their project constantly. There are many tools available for this purpose. Here is the list of Top tools with its features and download links.

1) Zephyr

Zephyr is the #1 selling test management tool, providing end-to-end solutions for agile teams of all sizes. Get the flexibility, visibility, and insights you need to release better software FASTER

Key Features:

  • 1-click Integration with JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Bamboo, and more
  • Cloud, Server, and Data Center Deployment Options
  • Advanced Analytics and DevOps Dashboards
  • No Annual Commitment Required

2) TestRail

TestRail provides scalable, customizable, web-based test case management.

  • Efficiently manage manual and automated test cases, plans, and runs.
  • Get real-time insights into testing progress with informative dashboards, metrics and activity reports.
  • Boost efficiency with milestones, personal to-do lists and email notifications.
  • Install on your own server or choose our cloud-based/SaaS solution.
  • Enterprise edition designed for large teams & mission-critical projects.
  • Integrate with tools in your CI/CD/DevOps pipeline including JIRA, Bugzilla, Jenkins, TFS and more.

3) JIRA:

JIRA is a defect tracking tool which is used for Agile testing as well as project management. This tool is not only used for recording, reporting but also integrated with code development environment.


  • JIRA Query Language helps to create quick filters with a single click
  • Estimations help your team become more accurate and efficient
  • Reporting functionality gives team critical insight into their agile process
  • Extensive reporting functionality gives your team critical insight into their agile process.
  • Allows creating custom workflows of any size which is helpful to build, test, and release software

Download Link: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/try

4) Soap UI:

SoapUI is an agile testing tool for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and REST. Its functionality includes web service inspection, invoking, development, functional testing, and load testing.


  • It is open source testing tool
  • Drag and Drop Test Creation
  • It allows reusing functional test cases and security scans in just a few clicks
  • It Supports Data-Driven Testing
  • Multi Environment Support
  • Allows service Simulation
  • Static Content Mocking

Download link: https://www.soapui.org/downloads/download-soapui-pro-trial.html

5) Jmeter:

The Apache JMeter application is an open source agile performance testing tool. It is used to load functional test behavior and measure performance of the website.


  • Ability to load and performance test different applications/server and protocols
  • Full featured Test IDE for fast Test Plan recording
  • It offers complete portability and 100% Java purity
  • Data analysis and visualization plugins offers great extensibility
  • Functions can be used to offer dynamic input to test or provide data manipulation
  • Easy Continuous Integration using third party libraries for tools like Maven, Gradle,and Jenkins

Download link: http://jmeter.apache.org/download_jmeter.cgi

6) Selenium WebDriver:

Selenium WebDriver is an automation agile testing tool. It aims to mimic the behavior of a real user, and as such interacts with the HTML of the application.


  • It is a compact Object Oriented API
  • Support for different languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and Java script
  • Selenium server initializing is not required
  • WebDriver finds any coordinates of any object
  • It is easy tool for a WebDriver to build a keyword driven framework

Download link: http://www.seleniumhq.org/download/

7) Appium:

Appium is free to use open-source Agile testing tool. It is helpful for automating mobile web, iOS, and Android and hybrid applications. Native apps are those written using Android, iOS, or Windows SDKs.


  • Easy process setup process
  • It supports Safari on iOS and Chrome or the built-in 'Browser' app on Android
  • It can automate Native, Hybrid, and Web mobile applications
  • It supports programming languages like- Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.
  • This agile testing tool allows native, hybrid and web application testing on physical gadgets as well as on emulator or simulator.

Download link: http://appium.io/downloads.html

8) Bug Shooting:

Bug Shooting is a useful tool for software developers as well as agile testing. It provides an easy way to create screen captures and attach them to items of bug tracking or issue management system for reporting bugs.


  • Support for Intelligent capture mode
  • Create professional graphics by adding effects to screenshots
  • Easy and fast access to frequently used tools
  • It can automatically store the captured screenshots

Download link: http://www.bugshooting.com/Download

9) Usersnap:

Usersnap is an Agile testing tool that allows web developers to get screenshots of bugs. This tool helps testers and developers communicate bugs easily.


  • Runs on every known web browsers
  • Connects users with clients and colleagues
  • Does not impede website speed
  • Get visual bug reports with advanced client-side error recording
  • Supports Single Page Applications

Download link: https://usersnap.com/#signup

10) Pivotal Tracker:

Pivotal Tracker is a tool that helps developers for planning project for software development. It's mainly based on agile development methods. However, it works effectively with all kinds of projects.


  • Support for ActiveResource
  • Ability to get a list of all the projects
  • Project transparency at a glance
  • Move and edit multiple stories at once

Download link: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/signup/new

11) qTest Scenario:

qTest Scenario for JIRA plugin used for Agile testing. It supports both manual and automation test executions.


  • Connect user stories, tests, results and defects with complete traceability
  • It offers complete supports from test creation to test execution
  • Bring testing further up in the process
  • Increase tester productivity
  • Become more focused on the end user
  • Scale Test-First methodologies across your organization

Download link: https://www.qasymphony.com/qtest-trial-qascom/

12) QMetry:

QMetry is an open source agile testing tool. It allows developers to build, manage, and deploy their software in lesser time. It also reduces the release cycle time by bringing agility and higher productivity into the entire testing process.


  • Create & reuse modular test cases
  • Collaborate test cases with the help of JIRA Capture, HipChat, & Confluence
  • It supports gradual step by step evolution of the test cases
  • QMetry Wisdom helps to enhance real-time reporting & trending analytics

Download Link: http://www.qmetry.com/

13) QAComplete:

QA complete offers enterprise-level capabilities. It is flexible enough to fit with any modern development methodologies like Agile and DevOps. It also allows linking manual and automated tests to detects, requirement and tasks.


  • Allows to prioritize testing effort and identify high-risk issues
  • SSL and Single Sign on for Enhanced Security
  • Determine test coverage and ensure tests exist for all requirements
  • Schedule automated Test Runs
  • Integrates with Jenkins, JIRA, Selenium, and 40+ tools
  • Set and monitor Service Level Agreements

Download Link: https://support.smartbear.com/downloads/almcomplete/

14) Enterprise Tester:

Enterprise Tester is quality and test management platform. It is preferred by some the world's most recognized organisations. It offers complete coverage and traceability, powerful reporting for management.


  • Built to integrate JIRA & Confluence
  • Offers full coverage for requirements & defects
  • Allows team from Waterfall, Agile, and Cascade project templates
  • Quickly organize projects in the tree navigator
  • Forecast risk before developing test cases
  • Track and visualise risk from project inception to close down

Download link: http://catchsoftware.com/Enterprise-tester

15) BugDigger:

BugDigger is truly helpful tool to create truly helpful bug reports at the push of a button. It allows detecting bugs with ease.


  • Get consistent bug reports
  • Capture all the useful information
  • Integrate with bug tracking solution
  • Browser add-on for unlimited numbers of users
  • Screenshot annotation editor
  • Collect bug reports via RSS/Atom feed or submit to a custom URL

Download link: https://bugdigger.com/

16) TestFLO:

It is JIRA Test Management tool which offers end-to-end Agile testing process. It is designed to help enterprises to deliver top performance.


  • Get consistent bug reports on a click of a button
  • Capture all the useful information
  • Associate web site with a JIRA project
  • Add comment attachment to Steps directly
  • Create Defects within steps immediately

Download link: https://testflo.com/

17) LICEcap:

LICEcap captures short recordings of the screen into a gif so that user can upload them into their agile test management.


  • Allows moving screen capture frame while recording.
  • Support for pause and restart recording, with option for inserting text messages
  • Adjustable maximum recording to allow throttling CPU usage
  • Allows basic title frame, with or without text
  • Record mouse button presses
  • Show elapsed time in the recording

Download link: https://www.cockos.com/licecap/

18) Snagit:

Snagit is a popular screenshot capturing tool. It provides powerful tools to edit, annotate and share screenshots. It can also be used to submit and push screenshots directly.


  • This agile testing tool offers complete features for screen capture and video recording
  • Capture videos with a simple, intuitive screen recorder
  • Capture a website, record an online meeting or send feedback in an email

Download link: https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html

19) Versionone:

Agile testing is a testing tool developed version one. This requirement management tool simplifies product planning with easy backlog management. This tool provides stakeholders with a centralized view of the backlog and a drag-and-drop interface.


  • Simplify backlog management with an online, centralized repository. It allows users to prioritize stories and defects using the drag-and-drop functions.
  • Manage Business Initiatives with Portfolio Items
  • Allows to group Items by Theme
  • Provide result according to Business Goals
  • Capturing all Feature Requests in One Place
  • Helps users to ensure alignment between corporate objectives and product deliverables

Download link: http://info.versionone.com/v1-trial-free.html

20) PractiTest

PractiTest is an Agile test management tool. It allows for full visibility and control over the sprint cycles and a deep understanding of testing results. A common meeting ground for all project stakeholders to collaborate – such as R&D and management, for quick and successful releases.


  • A vast array of third-party integrations with common bug trackers, automation tools, and robust API for the rest.
  • Fully customizable & flexible for the ever-changing needs of QA teams: customize fields, views, permissions, issue workflows and more
  • Reuse tests and correlate results across different releases and products.
  • Unique hierarchical filter trees - organize everything and find anything quickly.
  • Never work twice - with anti-bug duplicates, permutations, step parameters and call to test
  • Visualize data with advanced dashboards and reports
  • Fast professional and methodological support

Download link: https://www.practitest.com/

Above are the most popular tool for Agile Software Development.