8 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Tool: Send Bulk Messages

WhatsApp is surely the most effective social media application to reach your audience, build connections, and promote your brand, products, and services. It also helps you to communicate with your audience in real-time. However, WhatsApp does not support advertisements of any kind.

Thus, it is necessary to use other mediums like WhatsApp marketing software or WhatsApp business API to broadcast a message to the larger audience at once by keeping the existing laws in view.

Here is a curated list of Top WhatsApp marketing software with popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software

Name Free Trial Starting price Link
👍 WhatSo Yes $29/ per year Learn More
Zoko No $24.99/ per Month Learn More
Vepaar Yes $ 0.01 per message Learn More
Twilio Yes $ 0.01 per message Learn More
WebEngage Yes Custom Learn More

1) WhatSo

WhatSo is a WhatsApp marketing application which allows you to automatically send bulk WhatsApp messages to thousands of customers. It helps you to send bulk messages with attached images, documents, PDF & more.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Automatic customization
  • Easy fraud detection
  • Customizable sender ID
  • Multiple contact storage
  • It helps you to import all contact details from Excel, CSV, TXT files
  • Supported platforms: Windows


  • You can import numbers from any of your existing files, such as Excel.
  • Allows you to send announcements, promotions, news, and updates to your audience.
  • Allows you to send custom messages with greetings like the receiver’s name.
  • It helps you to send fast promotional messages using the software’s bulk message sending feature


  • Offers very limited features or free version

Pricing: Three Pricing plans 1) Standard $29/ per year. 2) Professional $39/ Lifetime 3) Enterprise $59/ Lifetime.

Free Trial: Yes

2) Zoko

Zoko is a WhatsApp marketing tool that helps scale your WhatsApp number to drive more revenue. It allows the generation of tickets to different agents depending on the query type.


  • Zoko offers free incoming and outgoing messages
  • Grow Your Business on WhatsApp
  • It provides personalized conversations
  • Improve team communication and accountability


  • An affordable solution for your business
  • You can send WhatsApp messages with response buttons that allow users to interact with the message
  • It enables you to create WhatsApp chatbots where users respond to bot messages with specific numbers of keywords


  • It does not offer much support and integrations
  • New conversations stay in a queue until a team member transfers them to Chat Mode

Pricing: Four Pricing plans 1) Starter $24.99/per month 2) Team $54.99- per month 3) Pro-$24.99/per month 4) Business-$54.99- per month.

Free Trial: No

3) Vepaar

Vepaar is one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools that help you create a customizable broadcast list and send relevant messages to groups depending on their category. This bulk messaging software also helps you to efficiently communicate with your business contacts, manage your sales pipeline, run polls, and even helps you to build an e-commerce store.


  • Autoresponder templates
  • Contact management
  • Campaign creation, monitoring, and scheduling
  • Message reporting
  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Campaign creation and scheduling


  • WhatsApp-based ticketing system.
  • It provides the shop function.
  • Quick replies with single-click technology.
  • It offers a Powerful dashboard to save media and messages.
  • Fully-fledged CRM management for sales funnel.
  • Helps to build strong customer engagement.


  • You cannot customize it.

Pricing: Four pricing plans: 1) Free Plan, 2) Basic plan – $4.99 per month, 3) Pro – $14.99 per month, 4) Agency – $29.99 per month

Free trial: Yes

4) Twilio

Twilio API is one of the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software. It allows you to update your phone menu on-demand. It also provides complete control of your phone tree and routing logic. It allows you to create custom greetings and DTMF input, and all with pay-as-you-go pricing.


  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Application Development
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Audio/ Video Conferencing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Blended Call Center
  • Call Center Management
  • Call Logging and Call Recording
  • Call Routing/Call Scripting and Tagging


  • It helps you to see your team in one place when they log in and out and what call status they are in.
  • It is a user-friendly tool to log in and out of work activities.
  • This is one of the best WhatsApp bulk senders that offers excellent services and support.
  • Call and SMS facility over a large number of geographies.


  • It is not supported in all the countries.

Pricing: $ 0.01 per message

Free trial: Yes

Link: https://www.twilio.com/whatsapp

5) WebEngage

WebEngage is a data platform and WhatsApp marketing tool that helps make user engagement simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises.


  • Cap Notification Frequency
  • It allows you to leverage dynamic templating
  • Provides abandoned cart saver
  • Offers action management
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Auto-responders
  • Campaign management and segmentation
  • Channel attribution


  • Make each message a personal note.
  • It provides enriched messages with data from your systems.
  • This one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools allows you to track conversions to measure success.
  • It helps you to conduct A/B test campaigns and send winning variations automatically.
  • You will get complete insights into WhatsApp as a channel.
  • The customer care team is more well-versed with in-depth product knowledge.


  • The CRM requires to be made more compatible with Shopify.
  • The drag-and-drop email can be enhanced a little.

Pricing: Four plans: 1) Solo Plan, 2) Band Plan, 3) Choir Plan, and 4) Orchestra.

Free trial: Yes

Links: https://webengage.com/whatsapp-marketing/

6) NetCore

NetCore is a WhatsApp marketing tool that provides an in-built preference management solution. It allows you to deliver differentiated experiences through WhatsApp to only those who have chosen to receive communication with the help of this channel.


  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Channel attribution
  • Channel management
  • Cohort analysis
  • Contact database
  • Content analytics
  • Contextual targeting
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Drip campaigns
  • Dynamic content


  • Get started with the use case-specific template.
  • Helps optimize your customer journeys.
  • It allows you to deliver personalized communication at scale.
  • You can use a data-driven approach to gauge performance.
  • Manage user preferences.
  • Send personalized messages based on your user’s demographic, geographic, and past behavioral data points.
  • Allows you to adopt a data-driven approach.


  • The list needs to be manually refreshed.

Pricing: Not mentioned

Free trial: Yes

Link: https://netcoresmartech.com/channels/whatsapp-notifications

7) Message bird

Message bird is a WhatsApp marketing software that allows you to notify your customers and provide support with ease. It is one of the best WhatsApp bulk sender software that offers contact management, 2-way messaging, and mass texting. This tool also provides message personalization, MMS, mobile keywords, mobile coupons, polls/voting, etc.


  • Contact management
  • Message personalization
  • Keep track of your agents’ status, current tickets, and more
  • Send tickets to the right agents.
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Scheduled messaging


  • It helps to interact with the customer using SMS, live chat, and WhatsApp.
  • It provides insight and reporting on interactions.
  • Gives great customer support for business.
  • It helps you to communicate with customers on WhatsApp for Business.
  • It helps you recognize the topic and language of a ticket and assign it automatically.
  • Machine learning and AI support


  • The starting price is high

Pricing: $50 per month

Free trial: Yes

Link: https://www.messagebird.com/whatsapp/

8) Omnisend

Omnisend is one of the best bulk WhatsApp message software that is built specifically for eCommerce websites. It helps you to combine multiple marketing streams like SMS, email, and social media into one platform. This tool also offers redefined visitor workflows like cart abandonment and product purchase.


  • 2-Way messaging
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Contact management.
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Drip campaigns
  • Dynamic content
  • Event-triggered actions
  • Customized landing pages/Webforms
  • List management
  • Message personalization


  • It allows you to send the relevant message to the right customer.
  • It helps you to track sales performance using different channels.
  • It helps you to create flexible segments based on shopping behavior or other criteria.
  • You can collect visitor information with customizable forms.
  • It helps you to alter your subscribers into shoppers.


  • There are not any customizable themes for holiday marketing available.
  • You should input data from scratch every time you launch a social media campaign.

Pricing: $16 per month

Free trial: Yes

9) User

User is a single workspace WhatsApp marketing tool that provides you with easy-to-use yet robust tools for marketing, sales, and management of your team. It offers enriched visitor tracking and detailed user timelines.


  • It helps you to turn numbers into performance events.
  • You can assign and notify tasks.
  • Offers lead to progress in an overview to keep an eye on all potential clients.


  • It helps you to upgrade your brand’s communication with a more personalized and customized journey in all channels.
  • It provides a bot that processes your net promoter score.
  • It offers a plug-and-play library of suggested solutions.


  • It does not support enterprise file-sharing solutions.

Pricing: Full plan – $299/month

Free trial: Yes

Link: https://user.com/

10) Slick text

Slick text provides a feature-rich WhatsApp marketing platform that is unlike any other in the industry. This WhatsApp software is combined with a customer service team that is ready to serve.


  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Channel attribution
  • Contact management
  • Contextual targeting
  • Drip campaigns
  • Offers dynamic content
  • Support for email marketing
  • Engagement analytics
  • Customized Landing pages/Webforms
  • Location-based marketing


  • Powerful and easy-to-use software.
  • No contracts.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Awesome customer service.
  • Text message scheduling.
  • Extended length messaging.
  • Adjust your plan at any time.
  • It helps you to build automated marketing sequences that people flow through.


  • Too many complicated functions

Pricing: Four pricing plans: 1) Basic – $29 per month, 2) Step up – $49 per month, 3) Lil Bro – $79 per month, 4) Big Bro – $139 per month.

Integration: Zapier, Facebook, Shopify.

Free trial: Yes

Link: https://www.slicktext.com/pricing.php


❓ What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp Marketing tool helps your business send bulk messages to the customers on WhatsApp without saving their contact details. This tool also allows you to send text, images, documents, and videos with personalized messages.

🏅 Which are the Best Whatsapp Marketing Software?

Following are some of the best Whatsapp Marketing Software:

⚡ What are the important WhatsApp marketing software features?

Here are important features of WhatsApp Marketing Software:

  • Allows you to send bulk messages
  • You will get quick replies from your targeted audience
  • The targeted search feature helps you to find the right audience
  • It helps you to enhance customer engagement
  • It helps you to track the location of your target audience and send them localized suggestions
  • Most of these WhatsApp Marketing tools are cross-platform compatible

🏅 What makes WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Software an Effective Marketing Tool?

What’s app marketing is an effective method as it offers the best features like:

Brand Positioning:

It helps you improve your customer base and your brand’s position in the market by making your product more visible.

CRM Management:

It helps you to manage customer relations through CRM and makes your brand more customer-friendly to improve sales.

Customer Engagement:

It helps you get enhanced and improved customer engagement as it makes it possible to reach many people.

Tracking Location:

It provides location-based analytics of your customers, which helps you geographically target the customers. You can also share the location of your business to let customers/clients reach the destination in a hassle-free manner.


It is important to understand whether a client or customer has read a particular message or not. For that, WhatsApp marketing software provides advanced analytics and conversion tracking to better optimize your marketing campaigns.

👉 What are proven WhatsApp Marketing strategies to grow your sales?

Here are some proven WhatsApp Marketing methods which help you to grow your sales:

  • You can use WhatsApp for Business App instead of the normal WhatsApp app.
  • Create an appealing Brand Persona for your business.
  • Build a contact database.
  • Provide content for customers.
  • Deliver swift customer support.
  • Conduct consumer research & feedbacks.
  • You can take the benefits of the WhatsApp status feature.
  • Share promotional codes and flash sale offers to your customers.

🚀 Is WhatsApp Marketing legal?

Yes, it is legal, but there is one limitation that you can only send out broadcast messages to 256 users and not more than that using the WhatsApp application. However, using WhatsApp for sending bulk messages and unsolicited marketing messages to the people who haven’t opted in may put you in legal trouble.

❗ Can I send bulk messages with the help of a bulk WhatsApp sender without saving numbers?

Yes, you can do this without adding those numbers to a customized message list. It also allows you to create multiple accounts using the WhatsApp Marketing tool. You can also send messages to multiple WhatsApp users from all those multiple accounts.

💥 What is a broadcast list on WhatsApp?

Broadcasting a message on WhatsApp means sending out a message to multiple recipients at once. A broadcasting list on WhatsApp is a list of recipients who will receive the broadcast message. Therefore, you don’t have to select the recipients every time you send out a message.

💻 Can WhatsApp be used for official communication?

Yes, WhatsApp can be used at the professional level for official communication to advertise your existing products and launch or promote new products.

❓ What is the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is an application that helps businesses to communicate with all their potential customers using WhatsApp. It allows creating a business profile on WhatsApp to broadcast messages and have two-way chats with customers.

⚡ What content can I share with customers on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp marketing software helps send text messages along with images, videos, audio, and documents. You can also send business cards, real-time coupons, and audio information as well.

👉 Can I send messages outside the 24-hour window?

Yes, WhatsApp allows sending out messages outside the 24-hour window. It also allows you to send relevant notifications such as appointments, orders, etc. However, such WhatsApp messages must use an approved template.