SAP HANA SQL Function Tutorial

SAP Hana SQL Functions

SAP HANA Provides following SAP HANA Functions-

  1. Data Type Conversion Function – Data Type conversion function are used to convert one data type to another. Below are list of Data Type Conversion function-E.g. CAST, TO_ALPHANUM, TO_BIGINT, TO_BINARY etc.
  2. Date Time Functions – Date Time Function are used to convert Date/ Time in a different format. E.g. – ADD_DAYS, ADD_MONTHS, ADD_SECOND, etc.
  3. Fulltext Functions – Fulltext Functions is used for text search. E.g. – SCORE etc.
  4. Number Functions – Number Functions take a numeric value, or string with numeric characters, as input and return numeric values. E.g. – ABS, ROUND, POWER, etc.
  5. String Functions – String Functions take a string as input, process them and return value according to function. E.g. (ASCII, CHAR, CONCAT, etc.)
  6. Window Functions – Window Functions let user divide result set of a query into groups of rows named window partition. E.g. RANK (), DENSE_RANK (), ROW_NUMBER (), etc.
  7. Miscellaneous Function- There are some more functions, which are used for the miscellaneous job. E.g. – CONVERT_CURRENCY, CURRENT_SCHEMA, etc.