13 Best Penetration Testing Companies (2024)

Penetration Testing Companies

A penetration test helps you find critical security vulnerabilities that hackers could use to hack, steal data, or inject malicious code into your systems. It’s essential to perform a proper pen test on your applications on all levels to mitigate any vulnerabilities in your system.

It also helps you to perform vulnerability tests on software, servers, networks, and machines. These pen tests uncover critical vulnerabilities and security issues. They help fix all these vulnerabilities and ensure your apps and services’ proper safety and security.

We have a list of top penetration testing companies to choose from. They will help you find and fix software and networking security vulnerabilities.

Best PenTest Companies & Service Providers

Name Year Found Headquarters Demo Links
BreachLock 2019 USA- New York, EU- Amsterdam Free Demo Learn More
Raxis 2011 Atlanta, USA Free Consultation Learn More
Intruder 2015 London, England 14-Day Free Demo Learn More
Astra pentest 2015 USA 7-Day Free Demo Learn More
CYBRI 2017 New York, NY Free Demo & Scoping Learn More
Acunetix 2004 London, England Free Demo Learn More
Invicti 2018 Austin, Texas, USA Free Demo Learn More

1) BreachLock

Best for Fast Penetration Testing Services across Full-Stack Systems

BreachLock, the leader in Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and advanced Penetration Testing Services, offers the power of Human-Validated AI Penetration Testing Services, including a comprehensive vulnerability assessment, with integrated DevOps remediation to accelerate patching of critical vulnerabilities with expert customer support.

BreachLock is a full-stack Penetration Testing Services Provider, offering an on-demand, comprehensive Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) to help you identify security risks and meet compliance requirements.



  • Human-Validated AI Penetration Testing Services
  • Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) for continuous penetration testing and on-demand pen testing services
  • Complimentary Vulnerability Assessment
  • Secure Cloud Platform
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • RATA and DAST Technology
  • Manual, Automated, and Hybrid penetration testing methodologies mapped to NIST CSF and OWASP Frameworks
  • Comprehensive, Compliant-ready Pentest Reports, Free of false positives, conducted in ½ the time at ½ the price of alternatives
  • Secure Cloud Platform Engineered for Advanced Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management
  • Integrations: Jira, Slack, Trello
  • Clients: Conteneo, Fond, BrainFights, DeskYogi, SpotHero, DNV-GL, Viking, Netlink, Foley, Kingsgate Logistics, Commerce West Bank
  • Services: Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS), Application Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, API Penetration Testing, Mobile Penetration Testing and many others,


  • Start a new pen test in 1 business day, in ½ the time at ½ the cost of alternative pen testing companies.
  • Affordable full stack penetration testing services to comprehensively test systems for security and compliance at scale, including pentest reports for audit-readiness and attestation.
  • 1-Year of access to the BreachLock Client Portal with customer support, free web rescanning and monthly reports to validate security and remediate critical updates.


  • Does not offer on-location pen testing.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing
Free Trial: Free Demo
Headquarters: USA- New York, EU- Amsterdam
Year Found: 2019
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

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2) Raxis

Best Full-Service Manual Penetration Company

Raxis, a boutique pentesting firm that uses 100% U.S. citizens based in the United States, is recognized for both their PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service) and traditional penetration testing services that can be customized to fit the needs of small local companies all the way to large corporations.

Raxis is best known for qualified testers who use the proprietary Raxis One web application to communicate with their customers throughout each engagement. Excellent reporting both in PDF format and within Raxis One are also provided with their engagements. Raxis includes retesting with their traditional penetration tests, and their PTaaS models provide continuous network testing and on-demand application testing throughout the year.



  • Powered by Raxis One, a secure web interface for all Raxis services
  • Network testing: Internal, External, Wireless, IoT, SCADA
  • Application testing: Web, Mobile, Thick Clients, API
  • Customized Red Team testing
  • Fully capable of working with cloud providers and content delivery networks such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Akamai, hybrid cloud, and SaaS solutions
  • Predictable timeline for the assessment
  • Exploitation, pivoting to other in-scope systems, and data exfiltration in scope
  • Executive debrief conference provided, if desired
  • Remote internal & wireless network access option available via Raxis Transporter
  • Optional re-test to validate remediation
  • May be combined with Social Engineering for a customized solution
  • Annual PTaaS available for all traditional testing services. All PTaaS services utilize human testers from the same team that performs traditional penetration tests.
  • All Raxis tests are based on the MITRE ATT&CK penetration testing framework
  • Meets or exceeds requirements for NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171/CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, ISO 27001, and SOX compliance
  • Available as a one-time service, multi-year agreement, or continuous monitoring

Key Specs:

Pricing: Contact Raxis for scoping and pricing
Free Demo/Consultation: Yes
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Year Founded: 2011
Human Testers: Yes

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3) Intruder

Best for fast and accurate results

Intruder is a cyber security company that helps over 2500 organizations reduce their attack surface by providing continuous vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services. Intruder’s powerful scanner is designed to promptly identify high-impact flaws and changes in the attack surface.

When new vulnerabilities are discovered, Intruder proactively scans your systems and automatically alerts you, saving you time to focus on what truly matters. Its intuitive platform makes vulnerability management and security testing effortless for companies of all sizes.

Their hybrid penetration testing services help to close the gap between automated scanning and point-in-time penetration testing by augmenting your team with skilled penetration testers who will identify critical vulnerabilities faster.

Intruder’s high-quality reports are perfect to pass onto prospective customers or comply with security regulations, such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. You can try Intruder’s automated vulnerability scanner free for 14 days.



  • Automated as well as manual checks, including continuous penetration testing services
  • Reviews across your publicly and privately accessible servers, cloud systems, and endpoint devices
  • Comprehensive web application tests, including checks for single page applications (SPAs) & OWASP top 10
  • Integrations with major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP), and multiple developer tools (Jira, GitHub, Zapier, …)
  • Network scans and network view to easily search for open ports and services & identify technologies that an attacker can access

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4) Astra Pentest

Best for Reports with Zero False Positives

Astra pentest is a comprehensive no code penetration testing platform provider that is equipped with an intelligent automated vulnerability scanner, manual pentest capabilities, and an all-purpose vulnerability management dashboard that helps you streamline every step of the pentest process – from detection and prioritizations of vulnerabilities to collaborative remediation.

Stay one step ahead of the hackers by tracking the details of the vulnerabilities, their impact and follow suggested steps to fix them within the dashboard. Manage all of it within Slack with Astra’s deep integration with slack. The platform provides the risk score, CVSS score for each vulnerability that indicates the severity of the vulnerabilities. The resolution center helps you collaborate with the security experts.

Astra Pentest


  • 8000+ security tests by intelligent vulnerability scanner that emulates hacker behavior
  • OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 Testing
  • In-depth Pentest by security experts
  • Move from DevOps to DevSecOps using our CI/CD integrations.
  • Follows NIST and OWASP Testing Methodologies
  • Automated and manual pentesting
  • One-click actions for report download, email, and more.
  • Engineer and developer-friendly dashboard.
  • Schedule scan feature and ensure your application is continuously monitored
  • Security test cases that help with SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001 compliance.
  • Publicly verifiable Pentest Certificate after every successful pentest.
  • 7 days trial available


  • Follows NIST and OWASP methodologies for penetration testing.
  • Large vulnerability database based on known CVEs, new intel, bug bounty reports, and previous pentests.
  • CI/CD integrations are possible with Slack, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and more.


  • Does not offer on-location pen testing

Key Specs:

Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing
Free Trial: 7-Days Free Trial
Headquarters: USA
Year Found: 2015
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

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Best for Tech Companies & Technology-Enhanced Entities

CYBRI is a New York-based Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) company specializing in tailored assessments for web applications, external/internal networks, APIs, and more. As a boutique provider, CYBRI partners with tech firms and Fortune 500 entities, with a core focus on web apps and networks. Their expertise extends to DevOps, and each client receives follow-up remediation testing after the initial assessment. The CYBRI team maintains a strong client partnership, ensuring the highest level of remediation.



  • Clear Insights: Easily grasp your security status via custom dashboards and reports.
  • Transparency: Gain full visibility into the assessment process, ensuring clarity at every stage.
  • Compliance: Seamlessly align with OWASP Top 10 and NIST Frameworks, meeting industry standards.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Employ a balanced approach that combines automated efficiency and manual precision for a thorough evaluation.
  • Holistic Security: Ensure thorough examination of infrastructure vulnerabilities for robust protection.
  • Efficiency: Streamline security efforts with consolidated findings, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Real-time Alerts: Respond promptly to threats with instant reporting, enhancing proactive security measures.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned security professionals for informed decision-making.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Customize security solutions to address specific organizational security needs effectively.
  • Services: application penetration testing, external and internal infrastructure testing, API testing, and more.
  • Clients: Healthcare.com, MyPostcard.com, Intus Care, Pangea.app, Cylera, Tristar, Payscale, and others.


  • Specializes in application & network penetration testing
  • Fast onboarding


  • Does not offer onsite services.

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6) Acunetix

Best for Scanning for all vulnerabilities of your application quickly

Acunetix provides fast and accurate security services that scan and uncover vulnerabilities. They help rectify misconfigurations and put in place improvements in various areas. You can also test Single Page Applications, HTML and JS websites, complex URLs, multi-level forms, and more. Acunetix also checks SQL injections, database exposures, XSS, server misconfigurations, etc.

Acunetix takes advantage of many use cases, advanced scans, and security features for complete safety, making it the best penetration testing company. Its automatic security features check, protect and fortify over 2300 companies across the globe.

Their penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and security assessments give extensive insights to developers. These insights help developers swiftly resolve security issues. It integrates well with Issue Trackers and WAFs and is available on Windows, Linux, and the Web.



  • Supports on-premise or cloud deployments
  • Excellent API to build your integrations
  • Provides automated vulnerability scan as well as in-depth manual penetration tests
  • Integrations: Centraleyezer, CyberArk Workforce Identity, Dradis, GitHub, Imperva CDN, Imperva DDoS Protection, etc.
  • Services: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance Reporting Functionality, Web security, etc.
  • Clients: AVG, American Express, Cognizant, AWS, US Air Force, etc.
  • Network Security: Yes

Why is it best to scan for all exposures of your application?

This pen testing company scans servers, sites, applications, and databases for vulnerabilities. They use advanced scripts to automate scanning in password-protected or difficult-to-reach locations. This firm helps ensure proper checking of every corner of your app, website, or server.


  • Provides training and documentation for putting in place the best cyber security solutions.
  • Helps identify the majority of vulnerabilities and cut false positives
  • Scans every single page built on JavaScript, HTML, or RESTful API


  • Doesn’t allow making changes to your plan or the number of applications permitted after purchase.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing
Free Trial: Free Demo
Headquarters: London, England
Year Found: 2004
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

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7) Invicti

Best for Fortifying apps and websites

Invicti provides a fast and reliable application security testing service. They provide pen testing services for a wide range of software. You will also get a data-rich analysis of your security presented in an easy-to-understand representation.

Invicti is one of the top penetration testing companies supporting the scanning of apps built with NET and PHP.. Their proof-based scanning checks automatically verify vulnerabilities and suggest steps required to correct them.



  • Defends Cross-site Scripting and SQL injections in Web Applications and APIs
  • Allows creating custom scans for some specific area to do an in-depth scan of that region.
  • They also allow for scanning password-protected areas of web applications through necessary credentials
  • Integrations: GitHub, Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, okta, etc.
  • Services: Penetration Testing, Website Security Scanning, Web Vulnerability Scanning, etc.
  • Clients: Verizon, Cisco, NASA, NFL, Ford, etc.
  • Network Security: Yes

Why is it best for fortifying apps and websites?

Invicti enables enterprises with complex apps to automate their web security easily by providing security teams with in-depth scanning capabilities.


  • Available locally on Windows and as an online service
  • Allows automating security tasks and routine checks easily
  • Integrates effectively with development tools and workflows, guaranteeing optimal security.


  • Initial configuration and setup could be time consuming

Key Specs:

Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing
Free Trial: Free Demo
Headquarter: Austin, Texas, USA
Year Found: 2018
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

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8) Pentera

Best for Safely testing all cybersecurity layers

Pentera helps businesses perform security testing using vulnerability scanners to check security issues. Its independent validation lets you check your security readiness at any given instant. You may maintain maximum resilience and reduce your cyber exposure by doing daily, weekly, and monthly security checks on various parts of your apps and services. They help mitigate all risks by creating a risk-based remediation roadmap.

You can gather information about the latest tactics and methodologies used by hackers, which can be used to test your systems and mitigate security concerns from your apps and services. They provide security validations and hardening for your company’s in-office and remote employees.



  • Test for diverse real-world malware and ransomware exploits from MITRE ATT&CK methods
  • Allows emulating real-world offensive attacks with safe exploits
  • Integrations: ServiceNow, Vectra Cognito, Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus, Emerge Cyber Security, CyberArk Conjur
  • Services: Pentesting, Compliance, cybersecurity, Pen testing, Securing Networks, Vulnerability Assessment, Ethical Hacking, etc.
  • Clients: Deloitte, Exabeam, IDB Bank, Leica, Mini-Circuits, etc.
  • Network Security: Yes

Why is it best to safely test all cybersecurity layers?

Pentera helps augment real-world attacks and tests all security layers for you. They use automated security validation to make a repair roadmap for fixing vulnerabilities. It tests all layers of cybersecurity safely and accurately.


  • Helps focus on vulnerabilities based on actual risk and their potential impact
  • Straightforward and fast tools that allow efficient testing, analyzing findings, and fixing threats.
  • Shows visual analysis of all “kill chains” originating from discovered vulnerabilities


  • No API key is available

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Free Demo
Headquarters: Petah Tikva, Israel
Year Found: 2015
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

Link: https://www.pentera.io/

9) Nessus

Best for Vulnerability scanning and assessment

Nessus offers unrivaled thorough penetration tests that help identify the most crucial regions. These regions are then targeted aggressively in manual pen testing. They collaborate deeply with their active community and use many data sources.

Their penetration test identifies software flaws, missing patches, malware, and misconfigurations in systems. The company provides tools that help you to reduce the effort and time needed to manage your security. Nessus allows exporting scan data into easily understandable reports that give you a better idea of the current risk levels.



  • Advanced API allows creating automation and custom workflows to manage all your security needs
  • Provides real-time analytics, monitoring, reporting, and risk evaluation available through customizable reports
  • Accurate and continuous network monitoring ensures the earliest notification of any security threat
  • Integrations: ServiceNow, IBM Security, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Services: Penetration Testing, Website Security Scanning, Web Vulnerability Scanning, etc.
  • Clients: American Eagle, Virtustream, World Wide Technology
  • Network Security: Yes

Why is it best for vulnerability scanning and assessment?

Nessus uses a vastly experienced penetration testing team that includes security experts and ethical hackers who help quickly discover new vulnerabilities. They scan for all vulnerabilities for you and provide a detailed assessment.


  • Excellent plugins for scanning every vulnerability
  • Options to buy advanced support and on-demand training to understand the working/usage of Nessus better
  • Visually pleasing and easy to understand reports available in PDF and HTML formats


  • Generally, more time-consuming compared to other penetration testing services

Key Specs:

Pricing: Plans start at $3390 per year
Free Trial: Yes – 30 Days
Headquarters: Columbia, Maryland, USA
Year Found: 2002
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

Visit Nessus >>

10) Defendify

Best for Providing many layers of security to organizations

Defendify is one of the most popular penetration testing services for all-in-one cybersecurity solutions. They provide you with data-rich reports, alerts, recommendations, and guidance to improve your security. This penetration testing service uses some of the most well-trained ethical white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities.

You can use their incident report plans to help you take action against any security threat. They generate cybersecurity awareness through training videos and graphics. Their cybersecurity expertise ensures proper penetration testing for networks, applications, and endpoints. They also provide relevant recommendations for mitigating all discovered risks.



  • Stolen password scanner checks for your credentials leaked on Dark Web and reported them back to you.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Contextual Prioritization powered tools to scan for network and system-level vulnerabilities
  • Services: Cybersecurity Risk Assessments, Technology, and Data Use Policies, Penetration Testing
  • Network Security: Yes

Why is it best to offer many layers of security to organizations?

It is the best security provider with many layers of protection. This pen-testing firm protects you against many advanced threats with features like Cybersecurity Assessments, Technology & Data Use Policies, Incident Response Plans, Ethical Hacking, Threat Alerts, Phishing Simulations, etc.


  • Training and awareness videos help employees better detect any security threats on their own.
  • Allows training for defense against phishing scams
  • Improves security by implementing many securities layers


  • No API support for creating integrations

Key Specs:

Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing
Free Trial: Basic Free Trial Plan
Headquarters: Portland, Maine, USA
Year Found: 2017
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

Link: https://www.defendify.com/

11) Detectify

Best for Ensuring accurate scanning and extended security

Detectify is one of the best penetration testing companies for domain and web security services. They help you efficiently perform automated or manual web application penetration testing to find the vulnerabilities in your web applications. You get priority remediation guidance and a full report to assist you in promptly resolving the issues.

Detectify’s cloud-based penetration testing services allow for breach and attack simulation (BAS), creating the most realistic ethical hacking attempts to test your apps. They check for all vulnerabilities from OWASP top 10, CORS, Amazon S3 Bucket, and their moral hacker network to ensure your safety from all newly discovered vulnerabilities.



  • Helps stay protected from the latest vulnerabilities discovered by their 200 handpicked cyber security researchers
  • Detectify’s Deep Scan efficiently simulates real hackers and ensures accurate penetration tests
  • Integrations: Slack, 6clicks, Trello, Wufoo, etc.
  • Services: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, etc.
  • Clients: Spotify, Trustly, Photobox, Grammarly, Smartbear, etc.
  • Network Security: No

Why is it best to provide precise scanning and ample safety?

Detectify uses white hat hackers and trusted sources to map out the entire attack surface to uncover anomalies and detect the most recent business-critical vulnerabilities in no time. The ethical hacker network ensures accurate scanning.


  • Provides detailed exclusive research documents with many cyber security testing companies solutions and best practices.
  • Scans for more than 2000 vulnerabilities for all web applications
  • Allows in-depth manual testing as well as continuous automated security testing


  • Insufficient metrics and reports available

Key Specs:

Pricing: Plans start at $50 per month, billed annually
Free Trial: Yes – 14 Days
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Year Found: 2013
Vulnerability Scanners: Yes

Link: https://detectify.com/

What are pen test companies?

Pen test companies provide penetration testing services and a platform for pen testing. These pen-testing providers perform authorized simulated attacks on applications and systems to check the strength of their security.

Such companies use the same techniques and software as the attackers to evaluate the security system and discover vulnerabilities.

The pen testing companies check all the forms of possible attacks that could occur in your servers, apps, network, and devices. This help you can determine how robust the systems are and acquire information on how to fix the vulnerabilities.

According to our review, the top penetration testing companies are BreachLock, ScienceSoft, and ThreatSpike Labs.

Services to look at while choosing a Penetration Testing company?

Here’s how you can choose the right penetration testing company:

  • Types of testing: The pentest company you choose should offer various testing types, like on-demand and continuous testing. It should also have different types of tests like back, grey, and white box testing and manual, automated, and hybrid testing.
  • Penetration test report: Make sure your reports include a bird’s-eye view of overall vulnerabilities and threats and a management summary for non-technical individuals. It should also offer a priority-wise organized threat report and personalized, detailed remediation information.
  • Scoping penetration test: The penetration testing service provider must offer a scoping document so that you are fully aware of what is being tested. It should also have answers for how, why, who, when, and where it is being tested.
  • Integrations and support: The penetration testing service providers must seamlessly integrate with useful apps like Jira, Slack, and more. Top pentest companies also offer reliable and quick support for any technical assistance.

According to our review, you can use services offered by BreachLock, ThreatSpike Labs, Astra Pentest, Intruder, and others.

What are the different types Of Penetration Testing?

Here are the different types of penetration testing services:

  • Internal testing: This type of evaluation lets the tester accesses an application from behind the secured firewall and simulate an attack as an in-house attacker.
  • External testing: In such a testing scenario Penetration testing service provider targets the assets of the organization that is available on the company’s website, email, DNS, or web application.
  • Targeted testing: Using this penetration testing service, the engineer and the security team or personnel can work together to find vulnerabilities and keep each other informed in real time.
  • Blind testing: In blind testing, the best pen testers are provided with the name of the targeted enterprise. This offers the security team a real-time view of what an actual attack will look like.
  • Double-blind testing: It is performed without informing the security team, just like in a real-life scenario.

Benefits of penetration testing

The benefits of penetration testing are:

  • Identify vulnerabilities and real risks: Pen test companies help in identifying the existing vulnerabilities so that you can create a more robust security system. It also shows the true risks and allows you to understand how an attacker could exploit it.
  • Business continuity: Using penetrating testing services, you can ensure that your business will run smoothly, as it will help you take care of the possible threats before it occurs.
  • Compliance: With the help of pen testing companies, you get a complete report on your complaints so you can steer clear of penalties.
  • Protection for delicate information: Businesses have several confidential data which can affect everyone associated with the company. Thus, penetration testing services provide security to all clients, employees, and stakeholders’ data.
  • Reputation: When you do regular penetration testing, you can keep up a good reputation as it builds trust among the clients and others associated with your company.


A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a security exercise where experts run various tests to find vulnerabilities in a computer system. The best penetration companies run advanced non-hostile planned penetration attacks. These penetrations help identify and report possible security threats to a system. The reported security threats help in strengthening the firewall of that system further. A penetration test can check APIs, applications, frontend, servers, databases, and more.

Finding the right penetration testing company, especially the top pentesting companies, isn’t easy. Here are the best penetration testing services:

There are many reasons to use penetration testing for a business. The main goals that you execute through the top pentesting companies are:

  • Find vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in applications, servers, machines, networks, etc.
  • Uncover areas hackers could use to get into the system, steal data, or change critical software codes
  • Take measures to improve security and tackle all those vulnerabilities.