How To Create an Infoarea in SAP BW/BI

What is an InfoArea in SAP BI/BW?

Info areas are the branches and nodes of a tree structure used to organize info cubes and info objects. Each object is assigned to an Info Area. Info-Area can be thought of as a folder used to hold related files together.

How to Create an InfoArea in SAP BI/BW

Following is a step by step process on How to Create an Infoarea in SAP BI/BW.

Step 1) Go to transaction code and Click OK Button

  1. Go to transaction code RSA1 to go to the Data Warehouse Workbench.
  2. Click the OK button.

Step 2) Create an InfoArea

  1. Navigate to Modeling ->InfoProvider
  2. Right click in the Workbench and Create an InfoArea

Step 3) Press the Enter button

  1. Enter the Technical Name
  2. Enter the Description
  3. Press the enter button

Step 4) Congratulations! Info Area created

The Info Area created appears as shown below.